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  1. Another 300 hours yay!
  2. In my opinion it's definitely worth £25. Don't pay anymore tho
  3. Monster Hunter World (Iceborne)
  4. If I wanted a perfect account id just start again. Yes we should be able to delete psn account trophies.
  5. Hi All @Sly Ripper, i dont understand why this website is having these issues. Im very angry. I bought a premium membership at the start of using this website and have been enjoying the site. i change my psn name and that premium disappears okay its a fault with the site so wait weeks for it to get fixed but in the mean time a friend gifts me the premium membership again okay. so effectively i have premium twice. log in today and no membership again. what is going on please fix this and sort it out. M-C83 to MCromarty to MikeCromarty This Thanks, Mike
  6. Totally agree. But supporting the website with a renewed fee. Why not? If we get improvements I'm happy to pay again. I hate the damn ads. I would have liked more honesty and a clearer picture from the start of these issues though. We all make this site what it is today. Thank You
  7. Just a quick thought. Disclaimer I haven’t read through the process to get this trophy. but is it not something that could possibly be manipulated with by using a VPN? (Connecting to different regions) Ignore me if it’s just another stupid question. My apologies. Cheers.
  8. M-C83 - MCromarty - MikeCromarty

  9. I don't think we're ever see this corrected. Be prepared people
  10. M-C83 to MCromarty

  11. I think our cats might be related!

  12. Hi how many players are needed? 4?
  13. I was confused myself. I made a post.
  14. I managed to answer my own question. I can confirm trophies don’t pop for hitman 1. I have been having troubles getting hitman 1 to work dlc seems to install but not be playable. I’ll get the disk I think.
  15. Hi all, I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I have looked everywhere and can’t find an answer. Like the title says. Do these trophies pop? Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards Mike