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  1. Yes
  2. I've played much worse but I've also played a lot better. 20 is a fair price mate. (5.5/10) for me
  3. You need Rage coins to access the dlc. I don’t think you can buy the dlc on one playstation user then play it on another account because it’s a in-game unlock. I could be wrong though. You wouldn’t be missing a lot if you choose to pass on this game. It’s seriously lacking content, performance etc..
  4. Your dreaming....
  5. Yeah looks like they pretty much copied SGW3 trophies. That game underdelivered. I highly recommend people wait for a sale.
  6. easier than wildlands looking at it
  7. Another 300 hours yay!
  8. In my opinion it's definitely worth £25. Don't pay anymore tho
  9. Monster Hunter World (Iceborne)
  10. If I wanted a perfect account id just start again. Yes we should be able to delete psn account trophies.
  11. Hi All @Sly Ripper, i dont understand why this website is having these issues. Im very angry. I bought a premium membership at the start of using this website and have been enjoying the site. i change my psn name and that premium disappears okay its a fault with the site so wait weeks for it to get fixed but in the mean time a friend gifts me the premium membership again okay. so effectively i have premium twice. log in today and no membership again. what is going on please fix this and sort it out. M-C83 to MCromarty to MikeCromarty This Thanks, Mike
  12. Totally agree. But supporting the website with a renewed fee. Why not? If we get improvements I'm happy to pay again. I hate the damn ads. I would have liked more honesty and a clearer picture from the start of these issues though. We all make this site what it is today. Thank You
  13. Just a quick thought. Disclaimer I haven’t read through the process to get this trophy. but is it not something that could possibly be manipulated with by using a VPN? (Connecting to different regions) Ignore me if it’s just another stupid question. My apologies. Cheers.
  14. M-C83 - MCromarty - MikeCromarty

  15. I don't think we're ever see this corrected. Be prepared people