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  1. It appears that the Instagram post linked above was edited, with the date for the update having been pushed back to December 6th.
  2. According to a post on the developer's Instagram, there will be an update coming out on November 29th which "includes minor and major fixes that affect gameplay. Fixes address Lighting, Cassette Prompts, Trophy Clarity and Game Ending Issues." Let's cross our fingers that it will fix the current issues with the game and its trophies.
  3. As of Version 1.00, it seems as though the following trophies are bugged, or otherwise don't pop when you complete the corresponding task/play the related cassette player: * Hearts & Minds - Investigate A Cenotaph * Degna Won - Enter The Château * Hidden In Plain Sight - Enter Fathers’ Office In addition, it's currently unknown how to unlock the final trophy to complete the game as there is seemingly no proper ending to the game. The trophy may require unlocking all of the other trophies in the game, which currently appears to be impossible. * Flowers Do Die - Complete Flowers Are Dead All of these trophies currently sit at 0.0% rarity on PSN. Since the game is relatively new, it's possible that there may be obscure means of reliably unlocking these trophies, but in the meantime if you're a trophy hunter, it would be advisable to stay away from this title until a fix (hopefully) comes out.