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  1. As of Version 1.03 the game will no longer allow you to play any of the four audio records at any point in the game by pressing the directional buttons. As a result, in order to unlock Sunflower you must now interact with the record player in the château that is near Evelyn's bedroom (the room in which Neverr, Eyes in Pyramids and HoneyMooner are unlocked), on the second floor in the hallway across from the staircase. It seems that only interacting with this record player will pop the trophy, as the other three record players on the map will not unlock it.
  2. As of Version 1.00, it seems as though the following trophies are bugged, or otherwise don't pop when you complete the corresponding task/play the related cassette player: * Hearts & Minds - Investigate A Cenotaph * Degna Won - Enter The Château * Hidden In Plain Sight - Enter Fathers’ Office In addition, it's currently unknown how to unlock the final trophy to complete the game as there is seemingly no proper ending to the game. The trophy may require unlocking all of the other trophies in the game, which currently appears to be impossible. * Flowers Do Die - Complete Flowers Are Dead All of these trophies currently sit at 0.0% rarity on PSN. Since the game is relatively new, it's possible that there may be obscure means of reliably unlocking these trophies, but in the meantime if you're a trophy hunter, it would be advisable to stay away from this title until a fix (hopefully) comes out. EDIT: All trophies are now unlockable as of Version 1.02.
  3. Yeah, that trophy seems to be glitchy and doesn't unlock in the manner you would expect it should. I whipped up a demonstration/speedrun video of how all of the trophies in the game can be unlocked in about ten minutes. In the video's description I also shared a bit of extra info for trophies which are unclear from their trophy descriptions, since this game has a few quirks and specific cues for how to earn trophies and how to progress between the maps.
  4. Version 1.02 recently just came out, which includes fixes for the aforementioned trophies. All of the trophies are now unlockable and the game can be 100%'d.
  5. Version 1.01 released on January 10th. The game is now capable of being completed, as you can now reach the final section of map which allows you to play the final cassette player and roll the end credits. As such, the following trophies are now attainable: * Hidden In Plain Sight - Enter Fathers’ Office * Flowers Do Die - Complete Flowers Are Dead However, there is seemingly no fix to the other two trophies referenced in the original post: * Hearts & Minds - Investigate A Cenotaph * Degna Won - Enter The Château According to the developer's Instagram, they've been able to unlock the trophies in their own QA testing and confirmed the trophies should be working in both the former or current versions of the game. However, the 0.0% rarity on PSN would suggest they're indeed glitched since the developer also confirmed that the means to unlock them should be no different than how they're described (by playing the cassette player by the cenotaph, and by being teleported to the château map). The developer said they'll look into it, so hopefully they'll report back and be able to either push another update to fix them, or otherwise explain specifically how these trophies can be unlocked.
  6. It appears that the Instagram post linked above was edited, with the date for the update having been pushed back to December 6th. EDIT: The post was edited again to December 16th. EDIT: Edited yet again to December 26th. 🤔 EDIT: Again to December 29th, and now again to January 3rd. I won't be updating this post anymore since this has gotten ridiculous (as if the state the game launched in wasn't already ridiculous enough).
  7. According to a post on the developer's Instagram, there will be an update coming out on November 29th which "includes minor and major fixes that affect gameplay. Fixes address Lighting, Cassette Prompts, Trophy Clarity and Game Ending Issues." Let's cross our fingers that it will fix the current issues with the game and its trophies.