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  1. Well if you don't care about being completionist about it, then do not. I've done 1 and 3 on brutal difficulty and yes it was doable but there were definitely few moments that felt ridiculously broken, making me question why I even do this mode as it felt like it doesn't make any sense to be in the game and probably wasn't even tested.
  2. Yeah dude, okay 😂 I laughed at this, sure I've rubberbanded some trophies but this is dedication.
  3. I would not shy away from playing a new game if you know you would enjoy it. You can also choose a game from your backlog maybe the easiest to complete on the side of playing a new game and go from there. You're going to be having less time so just make manageable goals for yourself.
  4. You started Bloodborne, I suggest going back to it and platinum it Gem of a game! Definitely one of my favorites from all the games I've played on the PS4.
  5. Has to be Trackmania Turbo Damn, I'm struggling with that game.
  6. ^Resident Evil Revelations 😄 Still working on that myself..
  7. Final Fantasy XV, working on it myself just know it's a long road ahead still for me to actually get it 😁
  8. PSN ID: Sambe-95 PS Systems: PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Sure why not
  9. The Witcher 3 based on your avatar I guess Amazing game and should keep a completionist like you occupied for a while