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  1. You are better off heading to this thread: And asking about it there. You are more likely to see some sort of implementation.
  2. Some of the collectables that you get in the coop missions are behind doors that need lock picking skill 3 from memory. So you will need to progress quite a bit of the main game to get get this skill to get access to these collectables that can only be obtained in coop.
  3. Probably because they wanted to get people playing just before 2k20 launched but they put all their resources into 2k20 and just stopped doing the trivia and dodgeball for 2k19. So those 2 trophies became unobtainable shortly after the player base had a large increase. I've done a few 2k games but after that I decided never again.
  4. They did this last year at about this time with 2k19. Within 4 weeks, there was 2 unobtainable trophies. So just be prepared for that to happen again.
  5. I finished with the same points as dovi as well. But I backed up my save before this happened. I reloaded the save, the result was different and the trophy popped. You need to win it outright; even though you had more wins, it doesn't count unfortunately.
  6. Maybe being in someone else's game that already has the trophy and then interacting with the terminals and going into the room to leave the dark zone triggered it? Might be worth testing.
  7. Have it installed. Just cleaning up some backlog first before I start it
  8. 39. Can't wait to play this game.
  9. It really isn't that hard - I did it with a broken r2 button which I only found out was broken after the fact and giving me 90% throttle. What's harder is trying to buy toilet paper at the moment. That's a 10/10 - in Australia at least.
  10. I wonder how many more of these threads you can make. Keep going, son! I believe in you!
  11. Grab the gold edition - I believe that has everything you need. As far as difficulty goes, no there isnt anything too difficult. All dlc trophies are essentially the same just with different maps and targets. Except for the 3 sniper maps which you will need a coop partner for on 1 trophy for each dlc. Mrfreeze does great YouTube guides for everything you will need if you get stuck.
  12. Battlefield has some of the best single player campaigns for fps games there is. According to your profile you have only done battlefield 4, which I believe is one of the best. You didn't even do the campaign in battlefield 1. The only campaign that battlefield fell short in was probably hardline, but I still thought it wasn't too bad. Everything else I've done so far in that series is fantastic.
  13. Since you have already created 2 threads on games you are playing with unobtainable trophies, why don't do you do it for all games on your profile? I see you don't have all the online trophies for NBA 2K12...why not do that one too? Honestly, what a waste of time on 10 year old games...
  14. Yes you can. However you need 4 players to start a match that will count towards these kills and hardly anyone plays the dlc maps so it would be pretty difficult without boosting for it.
  15. It's not glitched. People are still obtaining it now. I got it myself only a few months back.