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  1. Don't downgrade - git gud. They will take some practise but all those license times are doable. BTW, I saw your post the other day saying this is easier than 5, sport and 7. I'd say 7 is the easiest of the bunch to be honest. In terms of difficulty and the grind time. But again, just my opinion. Difficulty is subjective to everyone.
  2. How fitting you revive this thread after our crew just started homefront revolution. The parallels to this place (and what's happened in this thread) and the setting in that game is uncanny 😂 Anyway, looking forward to joining you on this journey, as always, on some of these games. Especially destiny 2. What an epic ride that is going to be. How this epic master piece is free, I'll never understand. It's been so far so good.
  3. Seeing as this is a trophy website, I will almost guarantee there will be a thread on it with said trophies on that games sub forum. I don't know off the top of my head as I did the game nearly 6 years ago and the trophies changed probably around 2 years ago now I'd say.
  4. Yea. Most of the Rainbow six siege list changed from its original list. There have been others but this one springs to mind.
  5. Glad your back 😘
  6. The new tracks are coming in a free DLC update later this year. They didn't have a chance to add them to the base game due to covid.
  7. I think the best thing the CRT could do to get this white list implemented (if that's what the 4 of them want?) is for all of them to just quit. Since sly makes all the decisions, yet never shows face or comments publicly on these matters, he will be forced to either: A: make the change since the other 4 are the ones who do all the work and cop all the brunt of this stuff when they don't deserve it. B: do all the stuff himself - which he won't because who would want that job. C: leave the leaderboards to be covered in cheated trophies as his whole CRT team has stopped working (for free) because he is too stubborn to do anything about it when an overwhelming majority of the users on this site would like a change. Seems like that would be the only way to make a change on this place.
  8. Don't really care what you do mate. I called him out, so you can ban me from the site if you wish. The original posts that your colleague deleted from this thread were instigated by him sticking his nose in and trolling anyway so as far as I am concerned he gets everything that comes his way. I'm always going to stick up for a mate and call out this kind of garbage. The real issue is if this is a separate user of this site trolling on alt, you should call them out for it.
  9. Interesting to say the least. All those other accounts I listed that are used for rep farming and the like, you can almost guarantee are his. I can think of one other person this is most likely to be. However, I do believe you guys should always name and shame these trolls that use alts; rather than deal with it behind the scenes. If people are called out public for the idiots that they are, they are probably less inclined to behave the way they do. Or, they will leave the site and make it an overall better experience for everyone.
  10. Good to hear you still enjoyed it given the massive grind. I'll get it done by 2028. No free speech in PRNK. PSNP is a similar acronym with similar results so it makes sense.
  11. Thanks for posting this my man! This is one of my favourite games of all time. I'll enjoy watching this! Thank you.
  12. Me either. I struggle to spell words once, let alone 10 times... Power on son, power on. My advice, go the figure 4 leg lock if you son disobeys again. It's far less destructive to surrounding furniture.
  13. So pointless I noticed you aren't on them anymore. Such a shame as I was enjoying your meteoric rise. Usually it's the cousin, maybe it's your son though in your case. Best of luck. 😘
  14. And yes, @The Devils Reaper is making amazing progress towards his goals this year. Has completed some things I could only dream of really.
  15. I played this with my (then) 8 year old. It was heaps of fun doing a couple of word searches a day and educational for her at the same time. Find a young relative to play together, and work through it slowly without a guide. Will be a far more enjoyable experience.