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  1. Since you have already created 2 threads on games you are playing with unobtainable trophies, why don't do you do it for all games on your profile? I see you don't have all the online trophies for NBA 2K12...why not do that one too? Honestly, what a waste of time on 10 year old games...
  2. Yes you can. However you need 4 players to start a match that will count towards these kills and hardly anyone plays the dlc maps so it would be pretty difficult without boosting for it.
  3. It's not glitched. People are still obtaining it now. I got it myself only a few months back.
  4. I think Hitman 2 now has the most trophies if you include the additional expansion lists that aren't able to fit in the main lists.
  5. You are on the home stretch. The quickest way I found when our group was doing the XXV boost was Santa's workshop on mayhem using sentry guns and make presents for an hour or so at a time. But before you do that, do a quick run of election day on normal in stealth for the 20% xp boost. Should give you 7mil an hour roughly with your bonus xp boosts from the infamy board. Then rotate some other heists like cook off on mayhem for an hour and jewelry store which has good xp on death sentence and you can finish in about 6 mins stealth. Either way, it's a massive task.
  6. Mate, you are doing an awesome job. Your contributions to this site and the trophy hunting community in general (the discovery of downgrading digital games to 1.0) have been amazing. Couldn’t care less if sly made this site - he’s doing nothing for it for ages now and never even acknowledges all the stuff his paying customers (premium members) and the non paying customers (who generate revenue for him through ads) have written in that feedback section. Not even a post. Dont listen to some of those negative comments that have been written. Some people just don’t appreciate other people’s contrbutions unfortunately. If you ever make your own site, I’d be happy to be a paying member. I’m sure a lot of people would fuck this place off as well if they saw you do something like this of your own just because they might get an update or two from the dude who owns it. That’s all people want in a community like this. Some communication.
  7. You, @HusKyare a legend! You have added the single biggest additional feature this site has seen in years. Thanks man, appreciate it.
  8. As has been said in 100s of these disputes, they don't want impossible timestamps on the leader boards - whether by accident or on purpose. All the poor people who got flags in cod or gta when playing online because a hacker popped trophies for them have been told that they shouldn't have synced the trophies have had to hide the game and the flag has stuck. This situation is no different. Time stamps are impossible in normal circumstances so the game should be hidden and the flag should stick. Otherwise all those other people are just getting hard done by and not treated equally.
  9. If you can't win, the best thing to do is to finish, and finish last. Keep making your stats rubbish so you get matched with worse players.
  10. You gave it a shot, and I commend you for it. But given a week has passed and there hasn't even been acknowledgment, I doubt anything will come of this.
  11. I did ranger hardcore in my first play through after revisiting this game after 3 years so I had pretty much forgotten everything and it wasnt too bad at all. I then did a separate playthrough for shadow ranger which was difficult, but not too bad as all the maps were fresh in my mind.
  12. Yea I got all other trophies. I just started my hardline playthrough through and it popped after I completed the prologue... wtf. It did glitch for some weird reason then I guess.
  13. So I just completed the campaign on veteran difficulty which unlocks hardline difficulty for your second play through. However, the trophy for beating the game on officer difficulty didn’t pop. Do these trophies not stack and you need to do 3 play throughs? Or has it glitched on me?
  14. Although all these ideas are great and would add value to this site and community, sadly I don't think many, if any, will ever get implemented. And for quite a while now this site has had the best layout and stats on display for tracking trophies etc, but it's stats are woefully outdated with the current broken auto update system that we have been getting told for ages now, "is getting fixed". Yet people have no where better to go unfortunately, so they are stuck with broken stats. Some of these ideas such as white listing go back years and there has never been official word as to whether this is actually being worked on in the background. The chat just goes around and around in circles and it comes up with nearly every dispute thread made on a cod game or gta for the last couple of years it seems. What should happen is sly should come out and write a post with these 8 ideas and write 'yes' or 'no' next to it and with the ones that are yes, give a time frame for a go live date so people have something to look forward to. It would put an end to a lot of this mindless chatter that goes on. Half the time I think this place gets so toxic is because there is all talk and no action and people are just getting jack of it.
  15. Thanks for the fan mail guys but sadly I doubt it will ever get up.