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  1. Me either. I struggle to spell words once, let alone 10 times... Power on son, power on. My advice, go the figure 4 leg lock if you son disobeys again. It's far less destructive to surrounding furniture.
  2. So pointless I noticed you aren't on them anymore. Such a shame as I was enjoying your meteoric rise. Usually it's the cousin, maybe it's your son though in your case. Best of luck. 😘
  3. 😂 I know right. I was reading some of the verbal diarrhoea from the w2 milestone yesterday. But I had to stop half way through as I could literally feel the iq points falling out of my skull. And then when I looked at the great Ms Paint work as the profile banner and delved into the profile itself I almost felt sorry for the guy. There is more padding in that profile than the women's sanitary care section of your local supermarket. Still, like you said, he's gotta show who the big man on campus is.
  4. If only we had a crayon font on this site. With all the colours and the construct of the English language, it would all tie in just nicely. And yes, @The Devils Reaper is making amazing progress towards his goals this year. Has completed some things I could only dream of really.
  5. I played this with my (then) 8 year old. It was heaps of fun doing a couple of word searches a day and educational for her at the same time. Find a young relative to play together, and work through it slowly without a guide. Will be a far more enjoyable experience.
  6. Oh, I thought everyone on this site was exactly that... Guess it's just me then. 😞
  7. Your take on gta III is pretty much how I feel about these old games - loved them at the time, but they have ages poorly and border on unplayable; for me anyway. I have that old gta trilogy and have never started them. When I read things like this, I think I'm glad I didn't. So many people say resident evil 4 is great, but the controls are so horrid, I just can't enjoy it and get into it. 5 is just good enough to play for me.
  8. Those sessions are some of the most enjoyable moments I've had on the Ps4. So many memories, and I'm sure more to come. Can always help you get to 80% by completing stuff like... Dying light? Blood boring? 😂 And there is many many more. Anyway, let's not hijack D's thread. He has the wolf 2 plat - that makes me jealous! 👍
  9. Spaz complained non-stop about driveclub and then got the 100% done in a respectable time. I'm sure this will be the same case. Guess I'll just have to download this game and see what all the fuss is about.
  10. Love your profile too, man 😘 And all the good blokes you listed there too.
  11. Whats the best way to make profit now? I've only just started and maybe I'm too late to the party... Sitting on 550 cards with $130k in hand.... I've tried buying contract bundles and splitting. Made some money from it, but maybe only 10k per bundle and they don't always sell so it takes ages. Is there any types of cards I should look at to buy cheap and flip for a decent profit? Seen quite a few post here how they have made millions in a week but I don't see how that's possible at the moment.
  12. I suggest you reach out to some of the f1 YouTube guys like Tiametmarduk. They have a bigger voice and talk to code masters regularly. Maybe if they could go into bat for you it would help? Not sure...
  13. Don't listen to all the negative comments in here. Most of them haven't played the game and are telling you what they have seen or heard so the information is likely false. They probably tried a 2k game on an alt for 5 mins and don't have the time/skill/dedication to go deeper into it. And they are too busy chasing all the bullshit plats to actually sink time into a game. These 2k games improve year after year; I haven't don't one for a while but after playing 2k19 last year it was a massive step up for 2k16 which was the one I did actually plat before this. So overall give it a go; you are in for a treat. Yes, the plat will be tough and time consuming if you go for it but you've already had some good advice outlined for you above if you choose to have a go at it. You have nothing to lose, it's free after all.
  14. So you won't buy what will probably be a great racing game that you want to play because of a trophy? Just play it on another account. But you have unobtainables on your profile anyway so what does it matter? I know I won't be able to plat this but I'll still give it a go down the track. Looks like fun.
  15. Sorry but if you can't get the prologue trophy properly, you ain't got a hope in hell of getting the harder zombie trophies done.