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  1. I just got it mate, I think it was fixed in the latest update, I tried loads before but without success. I played on default to run through and had Ocelot Armor, a whip and 3 corrupted seeds as my artifacts.
  2. Just spotted this in the UK store (£3.99) as well? How random, several years after they closed it down. I just need the royal flush trophy for 100% but I don't think I'll bother. Spent long enough trying to do that about 10yrs ago.
  3. Thanks for the welcome messages, much appreciated. Loving the features here, very impressive! Ha, cheers mate. Good to see ya, hope you're well. I'm back in Northampton now, nothing has changed lol. It was epic dude!
  4. Hello all! Just found this place, nice site, real slick and with great features. Well impressed. I'm funkyweed, you may well have seen me in various different locations on the net. Pleased to meet you all, and to those behind the scenes, keep up the good work