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  1. Saints Row 2.
  2. I got the platinum early this morning. I read what other people did on a message board that worked out for them, so I followed what they did: I fast travelled to someplace that had those machines where I can change my weapons, effectively abandoning the mission; when I got there, I changed my weapons to the most basic ones--basic handgun, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. That did the trick for me.
  3. I got the platinum early this morning. What I did was change my weapons to the most basic ones--basic handgun (top of the weapon wheel), shotgun (left), assault rifle (right), and sniper rifle (bottom).
  4. I got this glitch. I deleted and re-downloaded/re-installed the game, but the same thing happens.
  5. I read a trophy guide that said you have to complete Normal, then Survivor and Action Movie become unlocked. I also saw gameplay on YouTube, where the player unlocked Survivor and Action Movie difficulty modes after completing Normal. When I started up the DLC, Survivor and Action Movie were already unlocked, so I completed my first playthrough on Survivor. Did this happen to anybody else, or was the DLC glitchy for me?
  6. I completed Normal difficulty for my last playthrough. I really enjoyed Action Movie difficulty.
  7. For the contract, you're supposed to kill every overseer and blind witches then strap Brother Cardoza to the chair. I did that, but the contract is not showing as complete, so I went around trying to find overseers and witches I may have missed, but I didn't find any. What am I doing wrong? Is there any secret rooms I don't know about?
  8. The Connections trait is the trait that would let you skip to level 4 after joining a career for the first time. In the PC version, if you bought the Connections trait from the Rewards store, I read that there was a bug that won't unlock the rewards you would normally get for completing career levels 1-3.--this bug is the only reason I haven't bought the trait. Did they fix this bug for the PS4 version?
  9. The witch that was imprisoned that I freed mentioned something about a key on top of a giant painting that will unlock a restricted area. Anyone know where this giant painting is? Maybe this restricted area is where we can get the remaining kills?
  10. Thank you.
  11. How do you do a spin shot? A trophy requires me to score a goal using a spin shot.
  12. According to one poster here, the answer is no.
  13. I want to know the answer to this. I played over 100 matches, but no trophy. Also, I played every single match type, but no trophy either (i.e., "Expert in the ring" trophy). Do you have to play every single variation of each match type as well? For example, under the "One vs. One" match type, there are variations--there is "Normal", "I Quit", "Inferno", etc. Do you have to play each of these variations as well? I didn't. I only played each match type and not all the variations.
  14. I seem to have a problem getting into the Outpost game in the Battle of Kyrat multiplayer. Every time I tried, it would go into the loading screen as if it was going to start the game, but it just stays there and won't proceed. Anyone have this problem? (Looks like I might not be getting the platinum for this game because of this.) :-(