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  1. That’s why I asked you to copy and paste the reason given with your flag. Paraphrasing it or telling how you feel about it generally doesn’t help to dispute flagged games. Not correct for GTA V: “Full Refund” trophy was unlocked 11th Feb 2018 12:13:51 AM, then 1 second later platinum popped 11th Feb 2018 12:13:52 AM.
  2. I don’t see anything warranting flag for your GTA V trophy list. Please, copy and paste the reason this game was flagged.
  3. That’s OK if you’re still to get access to the third island (Shoreside Vale). There’re 2 thresholds for criminal rating in GTA 3: no matter what it doesn’t exceed 3521 points before Salvatore’s “Last Requests” mission unlocks Staunton Island and 4552 points before Donald’s “A Drop in the Ocean” mission allows to visit Shoreside Vale.
  4. GTA Advance is set in 2000, just prior to GTA 3 events. 2004 is the game release year.
  5. Sure, I was just a bit lazy to do both PSN and PSNP rarity mock-ups
  6. I like the idea. Could be implemented something like this:
  7. Correction: generally either Welcome to Los Santos or Off the Plane is the first unlocked trophy in GTA V, but this is not obligatory.
  8. I agree on that there’s a resemblance in trophies “A Lot of Cheddar”, “Multi-Disciplined” and “San Andreas Sightseer” popped simultaneously. So despite being barely possible to do it legitimately, seeing that happened for at least three different people might affect benefit of a doubt, sure. Though I’d rather wait till the disputer himself explains how he did it.
  9. This part of the report is absolutely incorrect. Keeping in mind option to quick save game whenever and wherever you like during free roam in GTA V, 2 minutes time frame between Waste Management and Close Shave is very much possible. It also might be possible to obtain some other mentioned in the report trophies simultaneously under certain conditions, which we discussed in PM last year. The only thing I find difficult to explain is trophies Show Off and Waste Management popped at the same time. First, I'm not sure it is productive for this dispute to bring up unrelated to disputer's GTA V list facts about other people trophy lists. Second, story related trophies in GTA V are missable when using Skip option during corresponding missions. I suggest this kind of information should be put somewhere on the flagging team knowledge base so that PSNP doesn’t have erroneously approved flags and unnecessary disputes for that matter.
  10. You are right. Though it is still possible to manually update tracked data without actually registering on PSNP.
  11. I already posted it as the reply to @B1rvine in another thread and I still stand behind this suggestion: it won’t take a lot of site resources not to approve reports that meet certain whitelist criteria. How it might be done: 1. Make comprehensive list of whitelisted games (up to 5 currently if I’m not mistaken) and their affected trophies. 2. Put that list into separate bullet point under “Things that are not flaggable” section of flagging guidelines. 3. Flag team won’t approve nor reject any reports that will fall under aforementioned new rule. Reports stay pending until further decision. My point is, we shouldn’t blindly punish everybody because right now this site don’t have enough resources for dedicated system of removing hacker victims from leaderboards without a penalty strike against them. When the time comes and Sly eventually finds necessary resources, he’ll be able to implement more sophisticated methods instead.
  12. There aren’t auto-unlocked trophies in disputer’s inFamous trophy list though. And the truth is that particular rule was implemented primarily against save manipulations people doing to make their way to the top of fastest achievers list, not cases like this one. Of all the people who deal with flags and disputes I believe you know this better than anyone else.
  13. My guess is it won’t take a lot of site resources not to approve reports that meet certain whitelist criteria, which can be formulated and added as a bullet point under section “Things that are not flaggable” here. Any cons? By that definition leaderboards are already meaningless, as you can never remove all CFW users from there. The question is: how far are we as a community ready to go to pursue that goal? For me personally refuse ”protecting a few innocent players” is the line I’d like not to cross.
  14. I fully agree with you on that matter. Just pointing out modded lobbies in Red Dead Redemption as the example of a totally different treatment from the flagging team, which somehow hasn’t drastically devaluated leaderboards after all.
  15. The truth is it is NOT permanent. As ProfBambam said earlier, modded lobbies in RDR are completely avoidable. This is a known thing, that going to online portion of game from freshly loaded Story Mode through private lobby allows everyone successfully avoid modded effects, including: dead NPCs, invisible players, different sorts of connectivity problems, etc. And the reason to put leaderboards above innocent players is…?