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  1. You won’t get flagged for RLTW if the bounty on your online character was set before April 11, 2017. Not necessary.
  2. There is a list of Activision games here on PSNP too:
  3. Did you manually save the game after those 5 hours? If you were AFK, auto-save wasn’t active, so closing app without manual save could reset the stats.
  4. Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account platinum-less games with lots of DLCs, like Warframe, Hitman 1-2, some pinballs, which are on pages 1–4 and further.
  5. @HusKy Thanks again for the great script, keep it up! I’d like to offer a minor suggestion concerning recent update: to rename new ordering option "Time to Finish" to "Completion Time". Maybe it’s just semantics, but "time to finish" feels like game isn’t finished yet and that what this option does is orders incomplete games by time [necessary] to finish them. 😕 Also it orders 100%-ed games and doesn’t work on platinumed only, even if specifically select filter "Platinum, not 100%" (?completion=platinum-only) in profile. And I do have a question. Not so long ago noticed "dlccount" data in exported json. Do you have any plans to make this information visible, like guides and sessions, in our backlogs in future updates? Small icon with a number of DLCs or something?
  6. If you mean your GTAO characters, then no.
  7. Thanks for the update, @HusKy. The point is (at least for me) not to have constantly up to date information about game sessions every time Backlog list is opened, but to have ability to retrieve that kind of information when choosing what game to start next, and to be able to follow the link with all upcoming sessions for that game right away without bothering to open all sessions page and rummaging through tons of filters.
  8. Well, the links themselves are permanent and consist of game ID and title, there is no need to scrape that information from site over and over. The number of upcoming sessions is another thing though. I suppose it might be updated not in real time but on the same principle as checking trophy guides availability works right now. Or might not be shown at all, if it was still too much to hit the site.
  9. Speaking of gaming sessions, would you add to Backlog and to Profile sections icon + link for each individual game sessions (e.g., for GTA V, for RDR 2, etc), just like you did for trophy guides in Backlog? Maybe even show the number of upcoming sessions if it’s possible.
  10. flOw (PS4) should be part of the series
  11. Fortunately, you’ve done very thorough job Just one more thing: Don't Starve (8th January 2014) is yet another cross-buy title. Although PS Vita ( and PS3 ( editions were added to PSN much later than PS4 edition was available to subscribers, those with PS+ Don't Starve in their library were able – don’t really know if they still are – to get these stacks free of charge as well.
  12. @mekktor Great work on that PS+ JSON. Just a few things to correct/add: Resident Evil 5 (10th October 2012) should be for PS3, not PS4 Pinball Arcade (23rd January 2013) is cross-buy title, so PS+ subscribers were able to get the game for both PS Vita (included in JSON) and PS3 (missing) Virtue's Last Reward (10th April 2013) should be EU list, not NA Haven’t checked years 2014–2019 yet.
  13. PSN version of the game should be renamed Hydrophobia Prophecy and linked to this IGDB page:
  14. Couldn’t find the original game series announcement thread, so will bug report here. Words PLAYSTATION SERIES in series page header (e.g. PLAYSTATION SERIES › YAKUZA) are linked to some Japanese player profile which I presume was not intended. P.S. Still think that series section on game page would be better looking with a header similar to the other right-hand blocks
  15. Please, never speak on behalf of everyone and claim that’s in fact. If you individually have such a low opinion of PNS rarity that can’t think of any scenario how option to have the data might be interesting or useful for someone else among millions of players, you could’ve easily disabled it completely in your own browser by now and moved on instead of derailing the thread about different issue with false and off-topic statements.