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  1. Popping A and B specs within a few seconds in GT5 resembles undoubtedly save file usage. But it is still very possible (pre-planned or unintentional) by playing on two consoles. And completing two or more difficulty modes simultaneously on multiple consoles isn’t even so obvious case, as there might be minutes or hours between trophies (but still impossible gaps for one person, even the WR speedrunner). If that’s allowed, do you plan on revisiting disputes of all people claiming their children/cousins/friends were playing the same game on another console thus resulting in very close timestamps, and lifting those flags?
  2. Where? Please, would you be so kind to provide a link? Thanks. ‘Cos I was under impression that you didn’t post in this topic after I asked you the question:
  3. Right, your personal effort will be halved, while the overall remains the same. Not necessarily like that. There are other possible ways to share the effort while evading timestamps indistinguishable from trophy cheating. E.g., person 1 plays his part of challenges in the morning, and person 2 plays his part in the afternoon. That’s not up to me to decide what is flaggable here and what is not. I’ve just read the rules and in their current version multiple consoles are okay until timestamps aren’t looking impossible. that is why I want @MMDE to answer my question: is popping trophies too fast with multiple consoles okay and not flaggable? And achieving trophies simultaneously on multiple consoles is also indistinguishable from the save files usage. That’s the point.
  4. And actually, it is incorrect. You shorten time to platinum/complete game, in both cases. The effort is the same, it is just divided between team members with multiple consoles. Which raises another question: why is it flaggable offence to shorten leaderboard completion time by deleting trophies and should be not flaggable to shorten leaderboard completion time by playing same game simultaneously on multiple consoles? Yes, it obviously is. Until timestamps aren’t impossible. Otherwise they are flaggable by current rules.
  5. I’ve read the rules. Unless they will be changed, right now they definitely allow playing multiple consoles until timestamps within a game list aren’t looking impossible.
  6. Well, I’d like to see the answer from the person who will have to deal with the consequences in dispute sub-forum.
  7. So popping trophies too fast with your own save files is a no-no, because “we don’t want impossible timestamps on the leaderboard”, but popping trophies too fast with multiple consoles is okay, right? It looks pretty clear to me: playing different games simultaneously on different consoles is okay. But when you play the same game on multiple consoles and get impossibly close timestamps it is flaggable.
  8. No pictures or videos of people using their own save files will lift the flag though. Because the policy here is “we don’t want impossible timestamps on the leaderboard”, as @MMDE stated multiple times.
  9. I suggest we don’t add anything to the rules, as there is already clause “Any impossible timestamps within a game list can get flagged” under the not flaggable paragraph Playing multiple consoles at once. Exactly. That’s the reason why using your own save files is flaggable too, ‘cos timestamps aren’t distinguishable from downloaded and resigned save files.
  10. Trophy list with icons:
  11. That’s not entirely true. There’re 1080p TVs with HDR support, eg this one from LG and more. They are just less common than 4K models.
  12. Not shut down games, but some online features affecting achievements in Microsoft’s own exclusives:
  13. Any potential customer having to be OK with whatever decision company makes about product this person might be interested in isn’t the kind of “freedom” worth having either. Besides, it effectively denies the lawful right of other people not to be OK with a private company decision to release product they found offensive for some reasons.
  14. There’s whole new feature at the official RDR 2 site on Van der Linde Gang with artwork, quotes and bios for each character:
  15. Yet the question about GTA V list (which one is flagged, btw, PS3 or PS4?) still stands: what is the reason for this flag?