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  1. “Follow” feature sounds interesting to have, even being limited to only 5 people. Also, I’ve just got an idea to add search input bar somewhere above or below “Recent Players” section, so that you can type in PSN ID and find out, if that player has this trophy list on their profile, maybe their completion progress and a link to open it in new tab. Is it feasible to implement?
  2. Not always. I think, there is (was?) an option to block recording your voice by other party members, as well as broadcasting your voice from party during streaming. Of course, technically friends could still use capture devices to record everyone in the party regardless of those privacy settings, but that’s not the same as the ability to record without restrictions on PlayStation itself.
  3. Sometimes it’s even more misleading, I’ve seen profiles out there that said “Updated X days, Y hours ago • Next update in N days, M hours”, just like it should be for a regularly updated profile. Yet at the same time their latest earned trophy was shown from a few months back (July, August, September). And after profile being manually updated the latest earned trophy was shown from October, of course, and new level was a few dozens higher than one minute before. So yeah, broken auto-updates problem still persists and is trying to hide itself in some cases.
  4. Hey @HusKy ! Thanks again for all the work and this truly remarkable script. How would you like an idea to add Friends List feature to PSNP+ some time in the future? List might be automatically imported from personal PSN link ( ) or manually. And the data could be used for additional section on games pages as well, something like this mockup: Also, every user entry in Recent Players section above has two URLs (on avatar and username), though both are the same and lead to their profile page. I suggest to leave avatar URL linked to main profile page while replacing username URL to lead to the user’s trophy list of that specific game.
  5. Nevertheless Microsoft allows to change region of xbox live account, once in six months IIRC. As well as Steam Store.
  6. @HusKy Could you update the default export file name to template psnpp-export YYYY-MM-DD.json, with current date in place of YYYY-MM-DD part?
  7. Add as the new stage to the WRC series
  8. There is not a word about any exclusive content for GTA V on PS5 in official announcement: The new generation versions of GTAV will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever. — If you refer to further statement — GTA Online will continue on to the new generation with more new updates including additional GTA Online content exclusive to the new consoles and PC. — that is actually akin to GTA Online being constantly updated on PS4 but not anymore on PS3 situation. This is reasonable to encourage online players to migrate on a more powerful and modern hardware and technically improved game to continue playing online with future updates. Just doesn’t warrant excluding everyone else with PS4 version of GTA V from back-compat program. And we still don’t have sure confirmation, can or will PS4 version of GTA V be playable on PS5 at all. So, my point is it’s too early yet to predict numbers or percentages of PS4 games (digital or physical) available and playable on PS5.
  9. Yet enhanced GTA V on PS5 was already announced for second half of 2021, which begs the question will current PS4 game be available as back-compat title right at the new console launch in 2020? Or should we wait till 2021? Will it be the only case, or other publishers might follow the suit and would try to re-package PS4 games and sell once again on PS5 instead of allowing to play them through back-compat mode?
  10. You won’t get flagged for RLTW if the bounty on your online character was set before April 11, 2017. Not necessary.
  11. There is a list of Activision games here on PSNP too:
  12. Did you manually save the game after those 5 hours? If you were AFK, auto-save wasn’t active, so closing app without manual save could reset the stats.
  13. Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account platinum-less games with lots of DLCs, like Warframe, Hitman 1-2, some pinballs, which are on pages 1–4 and further.
  14. @HusKy Thanks again for the great script, keep it up! I’d like to offer a minor suggestion concerning recent update: to rename new ordering option "Time to Finish" to "Completion Time". Maybe it’s just semantics, but "time to finish" feels like game isn’t finished yet and that what this option does is orders incomplete games by time [necessary] to finish them. 😕 Also it orders 100%-ed games and doesn’t work on platinumed only, even if specifically select filter "Platinum, not 100%" (?completion=platinum-only) in profile. And I do have a question. Not so long ago noticed "dlccount" data in exported json. Do you have any plans to make this information visible, like guides and sessions, in our backlogs in future updates? Small icon with a number of DLCs or something?
  15. If you mean your GTAO characters, then no.