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  1. If you have a brain, you could see that the disputer joined forum an hour ago and this is his very first post here. And I bet, there is still no any indication when making a dispute that it creates forum thread for public dispute with certain rules (like including flag reason) instead of messaging site authority.
  2. First play through started on Feb 28 2010. Looks like leap year bug.
  3. Recently text in “Latest Guides” section at the main page has become over-compressed and poorly looking. There’s css code to fix it: line-height: 1.6rem; height: 32px; max-height: 32px; Current: Fixed:
  4. Might as well be a good idea to make the series section with a header similar to the other right-hand column blocks, like that:
  5. Yes, you are right. Someone like you with over a thousand trophies without timestamps to pick from could have filled all the existing milestones however they like and then profile viewers might find it confusing But how does anyone deliberately skewing their own milestones impact other users in a negative way? Would it really affect me? Or MMDE? Or anybody else on this site, who does care about their personal milestones in the first place? Doubt it. Currently it is Sly’s job to take out the fun for people who planned their 25th platinum and later found out it was gone from milestones. On the other hand, I just have 6 trophies from Vita’s Welcome Park I wish I could place where they should belong to from #88 to #93 -- and that’s it. Guess, I’m not alone out there in that kind of situation, who would appreciate possibility to fix this. So should we turn down an idea that would be beneficial to some site users just because that same thing could also be used in a quirky although harmless way by somebody else? I suppose, all the trophies without timestamps should keep this “Missing Timestamp” warning at the front-end instead of any invented date, that would only be used internally.
  6. That’s why I suggested allowing users to customize manually index number of their trophies with missing timestamps. That should solve any potential situation. They don’t. Well, that is what proposed internal PSNP timestamp for. Currently missing timestamp trophies return 0 from database and sorting all the results has to be adjusted keeping that in mind. Return instead some pseudo-timestamp and voila -- we’ve got data which helps placing every trophy in chronologically correct order. And why should it bother anyone else how others arrange their stats? Currently people plan ahead their milestones and whatnot, so what? Besides, missing timestamps will still be missing. So player won’t be included in fastest platinum/100% leaderboards for that game and potentially can be flagged, if those are online-only trophies and normally cannot be earned without timestamps.
  7. Probable solution I can imagine is to introduce some kind of PSNP internal timestamp for those trophies, which should be 1 to 10 seconds greater than the previous trophy (or lesser than the next one) with known regular timestamp or one with missing timestamp too, that was set as the previous/next by user themself. Use of such internal timestamps would help to sort trophy log and individual game lists in correct order and also fix trophy milestones and level up trophies. At the same time these pseudo-timestamps shouldn’t be taken into account for different time-based stats like amount of trophies by specific hour, day, month, etc. But I’m not an expert in databases by any means, so I can’t say for sure if this scenario is feasible and efficient at all.
  8. Allowing users to assign index number to their trophies with missing timestamps should fix any kind of problem those trophies might cause. That way everyone can set their missing timestamp trophies as #1-10, or #2-5, or #801-805 or whatever they want and have trophies in order.
  9. @ryan32289 And you can see both rarity types side by side if you’d like to: Can be achieved with a custom CSS rule like this or similar: table tr td.hover-show, table tr:hover td.hover-hide { display: table-cell !important; }
  10. Interestingly enough, images of 5 achievements for The Consul’s Car can be found on Rockstar’s own Social Club site: But there are no signs of both new collections trophies though.
  11. Take-Two has its address on official legal page, not in Google. Googling MS or Apple in Russian may probably give their offices in Moscow, doesn’t mean they are Russian companies And in regard to your point: none american company is protected from a class action, neither Apple, nor Microsoft. If sometimes they were able to get away with some shady stuff, the other times they weren’t.
  12. Take-Two is american corporation, please, check your facts beforehand
  13. Nope, buyers of GTA: San Andreas.
  14. That’s not true. American companies Rockstar and Take-Two had a class action against them over Hot Coffee mod and had to settle it with $20 million payment.