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  1. This is just wishful thinking from a trophy hunter perspective. In reality Sony has clearly made their mind about DLC trophies by calculating their rarity based on total number of game players. That also perfectly coincides with another Sony’s decision to include and treat DLC trophies as part of 100% game completion. It is kinda amazing that there seems to be unconditional acceptance of the latter as is, but with regard to the former people tend to speculate how Sony should have done that differently than they did. I know. Hence the smiley.
  2. @dmland12 Oh no, I’m not advocating to go back to the old system After all, it suffered even more from that same inconsistency I mentioned above. On the contrary, my personal preference is number of DLC owners = number of base game owners. And while generally speaking you can’t please literally everyone, that’s true, I believe in this particular case it might still be possible to find a way to introduce 2 (3, 4?) different options representing views of every group interested in the subject. @mekktor Yes, it should. Because everyone with Grounded trophy also has Survivor trophy, but not everyone with Survivor has Grounded.
  3. Yes, as a base game player I indirectly affect rarity of DLC trophies through sophisticated math formula. On the other hand, when it come to calculating individual stats PSNP decides to count all DLC trophies as if I own every DLC for every game I played, which affects directly my games and overall completion percentage, average completion, game ranks, etc. Yet, according to PSNP, Grounded mode is three times more common than Survivor, which looks especially bizarre in case of Remastered version on PS4 with every DLC built-in. There might be. TrueAchievements, for instance, allows users to select in personal settings how they would like stats to be calculated: including all DLC, only owned DLC, or without any DLC. Why not to develop and implement something similar (or even more diversified) here on PSNP and settle this DLC controversy for good?
  4. With that kind of logic DLCs shouldn’t also affect game completion percentage. For example, if I haven’t touched any Uncharted 2/3 multiplayer DLCs on PS3, platinum trophies should give me S rank and 100% completion then Otherwise it is inconsistent: currently I’m not counted towards stats of a DLC I haven’t played, but a DLC I haven’t played counts towards my stats.
  5. I think, there has to be something more to justify a flag than just “it was done by using saves”. Because the only way to get trophies for multiple incompatible choices and (or) endings close to each other and without replaying the whole game from scratch is also by using save files, and those aren’t flagged.
  6. And who’s to determine what allowable order of trophies is in thousands of games? E.g., it’s possible to earn almost any GTA V single-player trophy, except for 100% game completion, as the very first one. So if somebody for whatever personal reason wanted “To Live or Die in Los Santos” trophy for completing the final mission specifically as their first one then the rest story trophies backwards, and was able to explain how to do it perfectly legitimately, should it warrant a flag no matter what?
  7. Idk, it is pretty easy to do with just one hand: hit left Ctrl + Shift with little finger and R with forefinger. Using the same pattern for Ctrl + F5 while is feasible too, requires much more strain and I bet most people won’t find it very handy.
  8. Though it requires 100% more hands as compared to CTRL + Shift + R
  9. If by any chance your profile with KH2 trophies is still on your friend’s PS3, you’ll be able to sync that trophy list and restore the original timestamps.
  10. Sometimes changing game title is necessary though. Like in [Prototype] games case, for example, or removing from title different useless symbols such as ®, ™ etc.
  11. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to scrutinize your trophy list Just wanted to illustrate that Social Club data is far from correct very often. My personal MP3 stats are even more of a mess, most likely due to a poor internet connection on my part I believe.
  12. Unfortunately, R* Social Club web site stats aren’t absolutely reliable source of information. Even your own checklist, for example, shows that only 83/84 golden guns and 64/65 clues were found, as well as 2 out of 17 chapters don’t have completion time for New York Minute mode, while corresponding trophies “A License To Kill”, “An Echo Of The Past” and “A New York Minute” are all unlocked.
  13. Please, refrain from spreading misinformation if you don’t understand how it works. Vita email app is first party software by Sony itself.
  14. What’s the point then in having public disputes, if useless and destructive things (ie mockery) generally are tolerated here, meanwhile someone with a possible valid explanation what could’ve happened to a helpless gamer is shushed and forced to present his position behind closed doors?
  15. That’s incorrect, blank accounts work with digital titles too.
  16. No, there is not. It was suggested not so long ago though:
  17. Because CFW is somewhat scary for the general public, good for fear-mongering, and the question as it’s formulated by you implies removing from the leaderboards everyone who earned their trophies in region-restricted games by playing said games as most legit gamers do.
  18. I vaguely remember this one. Still aren’t the trophy timestamps what determines who was the original save-file owner (not flaggable imo), and everyone else with the same stats subsequently are flaggable copycats?
  19. Doesn’t all this stuff have to match with the timestamps in a particular way nevertheless? Like specific patterns and so on.
  20. Elaborate, please, what kind of situation you’re talking about?
  21. Please, read the full sentence, not the short intro part, and you’ll see what is allowed or not:
  22. It’s not what “Se7en says”, it’s what is written in flagging rules, word by word. If you have a problem with current wording -- please, just say "I don't like the rules, and I propose change ____" instead of arbitrarily interpreting the rules to expand the range of flaggable situations the way that suits your point of view. If someone for leaderboard purposes likes the idea to forbid any access to region-locked Vita games -- fine, propose that to be specifically included into the rules and move on. Because everyone can have different opinion on what the rules mean, but at the end of the day we should stick to what they literally say at the moment. And considering custom firmware the rules are very clear: Which explicitly means playing the game normally is a key requirement.
  23. Please, don’t lie. They are playing games to earn trophies. If (and only if) you have evidence CFW was used to unlock trophies instead of playing within the game environment then it is flaggable according to the site rules.
  24. That’s why people shouldn’t be removed from leaderboards ipso facto they played on jail-broken Vita, but only if there’s irrefutable evidence the trophies in question are earned illegitimately according to this site rules (impossibly out of order, unreasonable time frames, unobtainable after servers shut down, etc. -- the usual stuff). Please, not this “unfair advantage” fig leaf: anyone with team account, more spare time or money on their hand has an “unfair” advantage over hundreds of thousands other players. There is nothing fair about leaderboards currently, trophy hunters aren’t competing in the same controlled environment with equal conditions for everyone.
  25. Except that I’m right and it was proven experimentally, I can quote myself from PM discussion about GTA V disputes you were part of as well: