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  1. That’s not true. American companies Rockstar and Take-Two had a class action against them over Hot Coffee mod and had to settle it with $20 million payment.
  2. There is vehicle showroom in L.A. Noire menu, where you can see which cars you have and haven’t unlocked.
  3. Steam allows its users to completely delete purchased games from their accounts. Never heard of any class action against Valve.
  4. If you want to see the least popular games, just go to the list of the most popular by owners or just recent players, and then click on the last page, like this:
  5. Actually there is key difference between bounty in GTA Online and those CoD games: in the latter you are instantly getting hacked trophies in your profile without any effort, while having somebody put a bounty on your head in GTAO doesn’t grant you with Run Like The Wind trophy immediately — you still have to earn it normally by surviving for 48 minutes as R* intended.
  6. There is pre-order page on PS Store: US / UK. And now it is confirmed this new content will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as well.
  7. PSP Go was released years ago. Sadly, that console without drive for physical media died even earlier, than declining CDs.
  8. It’s not so viable solution, as PS4 doesn’t allow playing online games without internet connection.
  9. If anyone still thinks RDR2 looks like its PS3 predecessor, Digital Foundry has made detailed analysis of the trailer:
  10. According to Xbox news site there will be new minor bonus content for Xbox One (hopefully, for PS4 and Switch too): Players can also discover new collectible hidden Novel Covers and Golden Vinyl records scattered throughout the world and complete objectives to unlock four new suits, each with unique special abilities. There is one I personally found helpful on Rockstar Games Social Club web site along with LA map. Game synchronizes data with Social Club every time it autosaves.
  11. Something like that:
  12. Good idea. Made quick mock-up for selectable milestones:
  13. Also avoid games with hacked online lobbies, don′t use your own save file backups in case your console dies with multiple un-synced trophies, and it is safe to delete you user profile with un-synced trophy(ies) from console altogether in case of some obscure glitch gives you a trophy(ies) unexpectedly. Because you won’t be able to prove it was a glitch if nobody has heard of it before.
  14. Nah, not for some people. Sorry. If there were more suspicious timestamps on your profile, those things would have been brought up here straight away like FFX or at least mentioned indirectly. Otherwise, if the rest of profile looks clean, it’s like “meh, who cares”.
  15. It might do that, however there’s no (at least yet) possibility for hackers to pop PS4 trophies against your will. So unless PS3 has got the same instant sync capability too, the aforementioned workaround should be still viable.
  16. Would be even better if option to order games not by their total percentage, like it is now, but by base game percentage existed. That way sorting out incomplete games like you suggested and then ordering them by base game percentage would’ve put games with a few trophies away from platinum on top of the list. And as that kind of information is already on the PSNP database it might be feasible for @Sly Ripper to implement additional ordering by base game percentage, I suppose.
  17. Sure it isn’t, I agree. And I’m fine with no any statute of limitations for flagging games, however for rather different reasons than proposed “statute of limitations is for minor offences and cheating trophies is as serious as murder, that’s why we won’t implement it anyway” explanation.
  18. So why using murder (or any other heavy crime without statute of limitation) as an analogy then?
  19. If cheating trophies is considered such heavy offence against leaderboards as murder among real life crimes, so that flagging old games shouldn’t have any statute of limitations -- this is fine. But in that case shouldn’t this “most serious offence” and related flagging/disputing process be treated with all due seriousness and responsibility then? Like demanding from reporters to present more solid evidence, than “I saw someone with the same name at illegal gun dealer’s place save files site”. And implementing responsibility for false accusations -- temporarily revoke ability to report anyone and to participate in dispute threads, if somebody failed to put more thought before wrongly accusing another person of cheating. Besides, I haven’t heard of any murder trial, where prosecutor or jurors said out loud things like “Oh, I looked at your biography and found more suspicious stuff there, so you’ve been reported for that too, you liar and murderer!”, or judge closed the case with statement “This is suspicious. Although there isn’t enough evidence you definitely murdered someone, but you also failed to prove us your innocence. That’s why for cases like this we have the rule: 3 murders and you’re life-sentenced. First time it is just 1 year probation, so enter into plea bargain and move on”.
  20. Reason for “Show Off” trophy auto-popping after transferring character is all stunt jumps were done online. There are two separate counters for them -- one in Story Mode and another in GTAO. While it is necessary to do half of 50 jumps in single player for 100% completion, IIRC, I found it more convenient to go for that trophy in GTAO since you can call mechanic and request different cars and bikes depending on jump location.
  21. Actually, it’s not a problem. Keeping and reloading mid-game save files before every karma choice mission can allow evil/good trophies to be unlocked in hell of a lot of different variations. It might not be very time-efficient to mix good and evil choices during a consecutive play through, but doesn’t definitely indicate any wrongdoing. Seems like he got Back With Trish, Evil Intentions and Good Sphere in one run, and later reloaded save files to get the opposite choices. But they don’t have to be in new complete play through and strict order, so it’s fine.
  22. Well, as it has been pointed out, save file really might have been the disputer’s own. So even though this doesn’t matter for flagging purposes, sarcastically accusing someone of lying still isn’t helpful and polite manner to discuss the dispute.
  23. @Stay-Pationt Do you know, what happens with trophies and timestamps if you complete on a blank account the same game which has been on your regular PSN profile already (partially or fully completed), and then login into that blank user with the main account? Or vice versa complete game at first on blank account, then re-play it again on the main one, and afterwards login into that blank account.
  24. Thanks mate, I know, since followed the development of L.A. Noire quite closely back in the day. I mentioned R* Leeds, ‘cos sending some people to help finish the project doesn’t necessarily mean Rockstar had acquired the complete source code, meanwhile porting the entire game to another platform, like PC, does.
  25. Rockstar Leeds was the studio that brought L.A. Noire to PC, so Rockstar for sure have all the source code of the game.