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  1. 2IV68tq.png?1


    1. LeeMcD-


      That eyepat looks stoned. What have you done?

    2. Helyx


      My very best. :pimp:

    3. LeeMcD-


      You know he's underage right? Don't let the body hair fool you he's only 4 pats old!

  2. Hola mi sueño. Can my account be juiced up as well please?
  3. How's your cat?

    1. Platisfaction


      Presumably got run over. :(  Got two new cats though, it's been a while. :) How are you?

    2. LeeMcD-


      Oh, wasn't expecting that 😂 Poor wumpelmumpel, or mumpelwumpel. I don't know.


      I'm doing well. Much better than your cat anyway. No rona around me yet so that's good. I have food, alcohol, and an internet connection so all in all it could be much worse.


      What's new with you?


    3. Platisfaction


      So there are a couple of positive outcomes with this whole corona story - like Lee returning to psnp :awesome: Doing okay myself. I'm at home with the kids, wife is a pre-school teacher though, she still has to go to work to look after kids with parents in essential jobs. It's only a matter of time till she is going to bring rona home. 😷

  4. You creeping my profile eh?



    1. ihadalifeb4this


      @LeeMcD- I would be more cautious if i were you.


      Accidents do happen...


  5. It was a targeted attack by Sly. Just gotta keep using PSNP now won't you
  6. As far as I know you should be able to access the download from your purchase history in the store
  7. If you are using Photoshop you can use the slice tool to make it a little easier to split the image into different parts. The slice tool is in the right click menu on the crop tool (shortcut c). There are two ways you can use the slice tool. The easiest is to draw a rectangle around your trophy card (after you've done all your bg graphics) and photoshop will automatically split the canvas into different sections for you. This is handy but it's not the most intuitive as it sometimes creates more sections than necessary. Using the slice tool the other way is very similar to cropping the image only you can see the boundaries of each section clearly before you save it. The slice tool also lets you save each section as an individual image if you use the "Save for web and devices" option in the File menu instead of the normal save function. When you save it this way it will create a folder in the place you want with each of the images named "mynewsig_01.png" "mynewsig_02.png"
  8. Am I literally named after your cat?

    1. Platisfaction


      Nah, got my cat after I got you :wub:

    2. LeeMcD-


      About time beings started getting named after me <3

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "Faust, Simpo, and Lee; Those merry fuckers three. Assuming it's free, I'd have them do me. ...I'm not great at poetry. " It would always be free for you ;)

  11. I miss the old days :(

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    2. Simpo


      Haha you use to be the King. This site doesn't have the same feel to it now though and not the same lolz. Whats been happening anyway?

    3. Gotakibono


      I miss you, too, Sir. 

    4. LeeMcD-


      Come London some time and we can cuddle <3

  12. Nik isn't a standalone program, it's a plugin for Photoshop (and others). Looking at what is available it seems that it is largely based on actual photography editing but there are two I see that could be put to decent use for somebody wanting to test it out. Silver Efex Pro is for adding a b/w filter and looks like it could be an alternative to the b/w effect layer (I'm out of practice, can't quite remember the name) or a b/w gradient layer. This could give your b/w images a bit of an edge especially when working with larger images. The main Nik plugin that piqued my interest is Viveza. It looks like a great way to work with the colours of an image. The before and after images show a massive difference. Definitely something to consider a test run of. As Demon said though, these plugins aren't essential if you know your way around Photoshop. It's very possible to do everything these plugins do with a vanilla version of photoshop but getting a Nik plugin will make it a whole lot easier.
  13. Fuck.... why couldn't Ireland bloody win? I wanted an NZ v Ireland final

  14. Northern (best) hemisphere vs southern hemisphere this weekend. Only thing I'm sure of is that Scotland will lose