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  1. J--SILK Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 I have two console for boosting Super Meat Boy I'm being the fastest achiever in some of my games most notably is 2k15. I don't see being fast is a problem plus I been practicing smb in moths before I plain my account. Unfortunately I still can't finish the fastest in leaderboard Downwell I just played the game it supposed to be play. I don't why that happen. I don't even know what CFW means
  2. Apparently the game doesn't glitch me. I used a wrong guide txt guide to be precise.
  3. Late synching is fine but hiding the trophies is borderline disgusting. We all know who has a legit 100% and who faking it by hiding. My tip to late synching is just used blank account that way it wouldn't mess up your percentage while you still progressing in the game
  4. I got no solution for this one. Just repeat everything
  5. What special ops pack is needed for the trophy and can it be done in split screen?
  6. Where i can find earthquake juju?
  7. Mine is i went to the exact place but no Vaseline
  8. I finish the game im in 99 percent now only missing this
  9. I used the map and go to exact place and still nothing
  10. The quest giver doesn't show up in frontier pls help
  11. Watchdogs 2 Difficulty-5 Fun7 Time 50hrs including all dlc One one of the best sandbox game in terms of the visual of the city (San Francisco). The Details they put in the city is the selling point this game unfortunately the gameplay and story is just mediocre at best
  12. https://psnprofiles.com/J--SILK/log?order=rarity&type=platinum&dir=asc
  13. Its glitch i already start a new game. The jump won't trigger. The glitch is cause by spawning too many tanks using cheat code
  14. The Rockport harbor stunt jump doesn't register any fix?