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  1. Does anybody know a way to take my franchise and play it on the ps5 version?
  2. Something similar to Sherlock Holmes. Something with a platinum is much preferred. Mainly something in the Murder/Who done it style game.
  3. Yes
  4. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see a way to continue the story. My current related quest in my odyssey is A Place To Call Home. I guess Brasidas was Supposed to give me 3 quests and I don’t have any of them. I’m missing Bully The Bullies, One Bad Spartan Ruins The Bunch and The kings Of Sparta.
  5. I’m looking for a new platinum to work on. Preferable something I don’t need to follow a long guide for. A game where I can throw on some headphones and grind out collectibles and trophies. Any ideas?
  6. The Sims 3. It’s always been in my backlog of games to play. But never got around to finishing it. Would be a cool platinum to have
  7. Can you Crossplay this between pc and ps4?
  8. I have all other Intel except Judy Walters part 5 if anyone hasn't played this yet can you send me a friend request. So I can get this echo and my platinum
  9. Saints Row Re-Elected. Having never played saints row I have to say I was quite surprised with this one. Really fun and a great coop game.