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  1. is this going to be digital only or is there a physical?? Can't wait to plat this
  2. Dragon Quest Heores PS4 edition... w/ deluxe liquid metal slime usb cover...
  3. I paid 550 shipped. Did NOT go through play asia
  4. >_> no1 linked this one.. let me drop this here... (the one i own xP)
  6. only time.. unless its in the storage case then...
  7. Neither except for liquid metal slime. That was with the DQ PS4. I found the shiny liquid medal slime in hobby shop once, the other two my bro got it from japan when he went. I have 2 or 3 mroe slimes somewhere. One is from DQ V ds preorder, one is from DQ Heroes, and m 3rd is hiding in my shelf somewhere . DQ vita just arrived in the mail today though
  8. A Wild slime appears!
  9. love the curry, hate the puu
  10. Ultimate Gundam Dynasty Warrior DW: Gundam Reborn.. finally...
  11. LE sorta? I was told only 4 of the gold exist but the standard LE has the game, OST, a marquee, the box, and the ost vinyl.
  12. not really bought.. but won from PSX raffle . got 2 copies now.. and don't know what to do
  13. something is wrong... almost all the titles on sale on the vita i already own
  14. shh... jago came in the mail too