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  1. I started on hard and have not had that much difficulty. I just finished chapter 4 and that was a little tough but not hard, only did 1 restart of the level and 1 restart of the fight. I would suggest to start on hard and change difficulty if you need to.
  2. Thank you for this. I would like to add that I had no anchors when I got to that level but i was able to save all the Anchors from the next 9 levels and made a manual save of the game via PS+ and then used all those anchors on freeze spells for this level. There is NO WAY to 3 star that level without using anchors, in my opinion. I was able to get it the first time after making the manual save but I did verify that you can download the online save and it will override the save you used the anchors on. Good Luck Friends!
  3. Thank you sir! I tried using a link that was posted for the Moles but the pictures are not that helpful.
  4. Good to know,I will have to check on that after work.
  5. That's how I got may large and small Endemic trophy'sin 1 catch. I think this would be the best way to get those.
  6. Took me about 5 days of 2-3 hr boosting with a full team and skipping in game days. I don't know if it is worth it for you after already doing UC 2&3 though. I have no interest in doing those after this game, but my main concern was just to not get locked out of the plat. If you can get a solid group of 8 then I would knock it out but otherwise, I wouldn't worry bout it.
  7. Total Game time for me was 57 hrs. 16 hrs for Hardcore and 41 for the rest of the trophies on Easy.
  8. Yeah, let's pretend that this thread never happened. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
  9. How is a trophy needed for the platinum have a lower percentage clear then the platinum itself? Like you need to have the 150 faction items trophy to get the plat. Is it really like that or am I just really in need of some sleep? Edit: I swear to god that it said 3% before! I should have taken a screenshot I'm not even on drugs! Wtf!
  10. There are not enough palms to face... I am so smart! I am so smart! S - M - R - T! I thank you all for kindly showing me how I derped. Have a drink and a smile on my behalf.
  11. So, my profile on the site shows my last trophy was earned on May 9th for Borderlands 2. I have earned 17 trophies since then on 2 different games on both ps3 and 4 and nothing has updated. The trophies show up on both consoles. Ive manually updated, I've compared trophies with other palyers and still this site hasn't updated. Any ideas?