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  1. For anyone looking to still do this trophy, there is checkpoint manipulation for the big ramp. If you miss it, keep riding until you get to the curve into the final stretch before the finish line. Jump off that curve towards the big ramp and die and it should spawn you directly in front of the big ramp. This way you can keep trying the trick over and over again without having to go around the whole track.
  2. Saw a bunch of people on here and on reddit were having issues with some of the drop zones not popping and getting "stuck" at a certain percentage on some mountains. I also had this problem in part to the guide for this game being slightly outdated, as not all the drop zones have remained the same (mont blanc air balloon). My problem ended up being that I hadn't completed all the mountain stories, which were preventing me from unlocking some drop zones that weren't mentioned in the guide. Just posting this here in case anyone else has the same problem, make sure you check to see if you've completed all teh mountain stories.
  3. Quite a long time honestly. Assuming you can get the garden ops trophies in 1 or 2 hours, the grind in multiplayer will probably take you at least another 30-40. Spend all of your money though on the packs that get challenge tokens. I didnt start doing that until a bit into my playthrough.
  4. Pretty sure its impossible to get rn, last achiever was 2 weeks ago.
  5. Check to make sure you are doing cross platform matchmaking instead of just ps5/4
  6. Ive followed a semi-blind guide, where Im looking at certain deadlines for confidants and basically just going for confidants whenever they are ready. Also clearing the palaces in the least amount of days which so far has been pretty easy on normal difficulty.
  7. Ok thx, I figured that was the problem but wanted someone to confirm before I retried
  8. Normally I like to just play a game without going for any trophies and then replay if I have to. Anyone have any idea how much longer it would take me for the plat if I just played through on the first playthrough without going for any trophies?
  9. I personally like the list. A little grindy for sure but I need a mindless grind game to play occasionally. Wont get the plat any time soon but I'm sure it will come eventually. Gameplay is solid enough.
  10. I think thats the majority, what did you hate about it so much?
  11. Is anybody else having trouble getting the bows on solo? I have built all 4 twice now in a solo game and gotten kills with each and have still yet to get the trophy. Can anyone confirm its possible in solo? Normally I switch between steps of each bow instead of doing 1 completely 1 by 1 until all 4 are complete. I wonder if this is the problem but not sure if its possible at all. Playing on PS4 version.
  12. does it have to be from a friend? I thought that you could like the official ea sports post
  13. Anyone else think that this installment of zombies is actually ... pretty good. Ive been playing since WaW and this is some of the most fun i've had. It has that good balance of complexity for hunters and simplicity for people just trying to casually play with really good atmosphere and tight controls. Wonder if I was the only one on here who thought that because often people just write off all the non-black ops zombies.
  14. They could add a rarity average to your profile front page, that would be cool.
  15. Ik this thread has been beaten to death, but heres my somewhat original 2 cents. The game is realistically probably a 8-9% plat, but because of the fact that its a ps-plus, isnt a very good game, and difficulty doesnt stack its about 3.5%. For anyone whos looking to go for it, if you are somebody who likes to have a game to just grind with the audio off while you watch a movie (or something else) like me, than this game is perfect, because the flaws of the game are overlooked while you are mindlessly consuming it.