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  1. Just a quick question on something I found confusing. When looking at the trophies I noticed the easter egg trophy for the DLC was 9% completion, significantly more than what it was for the base game easter egg trophy. However, when I did the math for the percentage based on how many people have the trophy and own the game (as well as own the first DLC in case it was only based on those owners). The percentages for both of those calculations were significantly less then what is reported on PSNprofiles. Just wondering why this is the case if anyone knows
  2. Yeah just found it actually. Was just searching up random nouns that start with Q until I found a platinum trophy lol. Speaking of which what happens if we get an UR and post it here then it falls out of UR?
  3. Just curious, Is there no platinum for Q. You seem like a pretty hardcore hunter and to not have any but to have UR in almost everything else makes me question.
  4. If you are having trouble doing it as a jungler my advice would be to try and doing it in solo lane with a high pressure warrior. If you get really far ahead you can just keep killing the enemy solo over and over again, even under tower, and being a warrior makes you extremely safe.
  5. Ok here is my list, bold are ultra rare ~ 100% Completion (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) Awarded All Trophies (Minecraft) Braniac (Psychonauts) C D Evolve Platinum Trophy (Evolve) Full Moon (The Wolf Among Us) Guacamelee! Platinum Trophy (Guacamelee) He Went Commando (Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando) I Just Another Day At the Office (Modern Warfare: Remastered) Kingpin (Saints Row IV: Re-Elected) L Madden NFL 16 Master (Madden 16) Noble Achievement (Infamous: First Light) Omnipotence (Apotheon) Platinum (Call of Duty: Black Ops III) Q Ripto's Remorse (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage) S The God of Gods (Smite) Unlikely Bandit (Sly 2: Band of Thieves) Virtuoso (Rocket League) Worms Elite (Worms: Battlegrounds) X Y Z Non-English: 18/29 with 5 UR
  6. Very cool idea, may get me to go through some of my un-played backlog. Will look through to see what I have.
  7. No body plays this game, so the ranked trophies are borderline impossible legit, especially the damage related ones. Does anyone know if it would be easy to boost these by just having two people search for a match at the same time?
  8. I dont know for sure but I’m almost certain that they dont
  9. Haha, yeah that bonus chance for psychonauts is definitely not going to happen. First chance Ill get at one will probably be seasons after fall.
  10. Wow, surprised at everyone's disdain for The Show. Id probably have to go with For Honor or sonic mania.
  11. Going to add fifa 15 to my list for Boxing Day. Highly doubt ill be able to finish it but it will help incentivize me to get around to playing it.
  12. Do you mind elaborating on how you get and use them(just like an overview) or point me to a thread where there's more info? I'm curious.
  13. Also a few updates to fill out my game list. Bioshock for Xmas, Call of Duty WWII for Kwanzaa, and seasons after fall for the solstice and Evolve for New years if I can switch it.
  14. Can I move something I had on a previous holiday that I didn't complete to a later one? I drastically underestimated how much studying I had to do and how long evolve would take lol.