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  1. I mean, its not the easiest trophy list. Decent grind and some of the licenses are challenging. Edit: Just checked your profile, you are a legit difficulty hunter, I salute you 😅.
  2. I saw some people were struggling with this trophy even with the guide. I got this trophy in under a minute by loading up Black Forest grindhouse, grabbing the chicken potion at the table right at the start and walking directly into the giant pod of spiders and throwing it. There are about 25 and they are right at the start of the replay, if you don't get it first try, just reload and the potion will respawn.
  3. I just unlocked all 3 after winning my very first lol.
  4. ~ 100% Completion (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) Awarded All Trophies (Minecraft) Braniac (Psychonauts) C D Evolve Platinum Trophy (Evolve) Full Moon (The Wolf Among Us) Guacamelee! Platinum Trophy (Guacamelee) He Went Commando (Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando) Iridium Seal (Stardew Valley) Just Another Day At the Office (Modern Warfare: Remastered) King of the mountain (Steep) L Madden NFL 16 Master (Madden 16) Noble Achievement (Infamous: First Light) Omnipotence (Apotheon) Platinum (Call of Duty: Black Ops III) Q Ripto's Remorse (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage) Super super trophy (Horizon Chase Turbo) The God of Gods (Smite) Unlikely Bandit (Sly 2: Band of Thieves) Virtuoso (Rocket League) Worms Elite (Worms: Battlegrounds) X You Can't Scare Me! (Goosebumps: The Game) Z Non-English: 21/29 with 7 UR Haven't updated this in a bit, but got 2 more letters knocked off the list with stardew valley and goosebumps, and swapped out my K for a new ultra rare.
  5. In gold rn, haven't grinded a ton but was wondering if there was anyone out there who has some tips for ranking up.
  6. Is there a problem with the site? I checked today and see some people are updated but my profile still says 0.
  7. Agreed, aside from the fact that the controls can be a bit wonky and the game looks like a 2000s PC game I think its actually a decent game that i've had fun platting while listening to podcasts.
  8. how do we report our platinums/score
  9. ok so even if we dont have 2000p remaining we can still finish it and get points
  10. so if we have already started a game can we still get points for it as long as the remaining trophies total over 2000?
  11. I've wanted for a long time for there to be an alternate (or maybe primary) leaderboard that factors rarity into the equation. I don't do website design and can't code so I'm not sure how much of an undertaking that would be in terms of computing power but for me its always been something that I see as more interesting. Setting aside the argument for the 30 minute platinums (I myself have MNIM platted twice), I feel like involving rarity into the mix (I saw an interesting method where you subtract from 1 the percent of people on the site who have the trophy and then multiply that number by the value of the trophy (bronze,silver,gold,plat)) would be more interesting as a whole as the leaderboards would not just be a measure of time commitment but skill as well. If someone can plat olioli 2 in under a day then to me they are a better trophy hunter than someone who platted spyro in under a day, and they should be recognized for that.
  12. Damn just saw this, seems like a cool competition will have to sign up for next month
  13. Hard to know what does and doesn't constitute an "Ultra rare" difficulty, but I feel like this one is probably more of a "very rare", I feel like it lines up with some of my other 5-10% plats. Norestart is the only trophy imo that would prevent someone from getting plat, the speedruns are not demanding at all.
  14. These are good strats