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  1. Thanks guys, I will check it out!
  2. I forgot to mention that it always is in BT area on Standard order
  3. On a few Collection missions so far I end up mission 1 item. I am scanning the whole circle but 1 item is still missing. This makes it impossible to get "Legend of Legends" rank on those missions. Am I missing something obvious here or is it bugged?
  4. In this case I was wrong, I would give this game 10/10. (And I include, no bugs, no craches and only framedrop once) If I compare this game to RDR 2 and Days gone, those games are 4/10. Much due to the endless bugs crashes and crazy framedrops)
  5. i can't see a single player game get 10/10
  6. 82 matches
  7. I totally regret buying "Agony". I'll rather play "Dying: Reborn" and even that was total horse...
  8. Maybe I was lucky, took me a few tries to win against Achilles but my advice to you would be good old Youtube and try to imitate
  9. I keep reporting players to Sony due to all the hate messages I keep getting from the survivors on Rank 1-3
  10. So, a simple 10h game and then scratch it. Nice Naughty dog. Why did I preorder?
  11. When i preordered the game it said "1 Player", Thats why I wondered. But if it is confirmed its really nice. I loved the MP in TLOU. Thanks EcoShifter
  12. Yes, it craches from time to time. 4 times so far
  13. I would think so. I played vs AI, picked max laps and did the good old rubber band into a wall