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  1. Determined
  2. I turned it off since it broke the controller instantly. Had to trade it in for a new one. Not a fan
  3. Any Magic the gathering game
  4. I would recommend to play coop at the x2 or x3 xp
  5. I did not experience any glitched trophies in either versions, even on day 1. The only thing I experienced playing this game was the 1fps many many times.
  6. 4:58 as of now.
  7. @Jasko_SOA Much appreciated! Thank you! Jasko_SOA <--- check him out 😉 He never give up, true fighter!
  8. ASTRO’s PLAYROOM is amazing in every way shape and form, even the music is great But after playing through the game and 100% it I felt that R2 was not working properly. It was not stiff anymore and I suspect that one of the springs attatched to the R2 has broke or gotten lose. I basically had to return the controller and replace it day 2 .
  9. Yes, hope there aint no glitched trophies like in 60 seconds!
  10. About the game prices. Back in 1992 I remember every new SNES game cost 699 SEK ($81). That means that todays game would have to cost 1023 SEK ($118) to stay at the same price. When I check PS5 prices they seems to cost 799 SEK ($92) So has the prices gone up? Between PS4 and PS5 yes, but if you go a little further back they hasnt really.
  11. SL 65 AMG?
  12. Imo this is the best NFS game by far, I loved this one back in 2010. I guess it's 60fps this time around, otherwise I will simply call this a "re-release"
  13. You could save alot doing it. G2A recommended.
  14. Use a second US account and pay max $59.99
  15. I rather travel to Iran than US, thats me.