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  1. All through the 90s new SNES games cost 699 SEK ($74,98). But one thing that still bother me is why digital games nowadays usually cost more than physical. Why is that?
  2. In my case I would say Flockers, didnt expect much but boy
  3. Congrats man! I guess you did all the new tasks and contests right?
  4. I would give it 8/10 at max. No difficulty trophies, 30fps and the lack of multiplayer bring it down from a 10. The first game on the other hand is a 10/10, no doubt.
  5. Dang, I get 31700 score and Ruthless 😐
  6. Yes, I played on ps4 pro and it was really low framerate at times
  7. I hope the campaign last 2000h or it will end up like all the other singleplayer games, in forgotten-land after 2 playthroughs
  8. The patch didnt do jack. I still have the contest Weather Conditions in Pedro bay bugged. So if you have a bugged mission dont bother to even start the game. Nothing is fixed!
  9. Why create a masterpiece that only last for 20h when you can add multiplayer and make it last at least 2000h? Singleplayer games comes and goes while great multiplayer games (like this would have been) will stay for a long time.
  10. And people say that they still have much left to play on ps3 and ps4 😆 I cant wait for ps5
  11. Agreed, I start to like the first game more. 60 fps, no bs trophies, better matchmaking
  12. I take any advice
  13. In Single player I have 214/215 In Multiplayer 212/212 I got no clue. broken game
  14. So the update is here. It fixes th broken task in Pedro bay. But for me plat is still unobrainable due to broken contest. As said before Weather condition in Pedro bay do not spawn Scout 800. I guess I have to wait for another update
  15. I had this happend to me, luckely i lost only 3h of gameplay due to the save to cloud. Big thanks to the TS!
  16. I have tried to do everything exept reinstall the game. The scout doesnt spawn and it says something is blocking the spawn. I can check on the map where it is suppose to spawn but its all clear. I still have other stuff to do but I wanted to do everying in Michigan and Alaska. As for the trailer in the woods close by, I found no way to trigger it either.
  17. It's bugged for me aswell. In the list it shows up as "US_02_04_SIDEBOARD_SPAWN_TSK" in Pedro bay. Also in Pedro bay I cant finish "Weather conditions" since there is no Scout 800 to deliver.
  18. 1, 2, brotherhood. You can end there imo
  19. No hardcore trophies, seems easy and fun
  20. Most players play as survivor only. If they mix it up instead and give the killer a shot it would minimize the queue times
  21. Any buttons on the back?
  22. Yes!
  23. Yes, I'v been ready for years
  24. So far I give the dedicated servers 10/10. My ping has been between 50-60 and I have not experience any bs at all.