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  1. Yeah, I really enjoyed the game. And it was that short the second time because I specifically did only what I had to to progress. I think 1 to 2 hours will be the average for people once there's a guide out to follow, depending on how much side stuff they click on. As for the second piece of cheese you'll need to use it to distract the French guy. But there's a trick to it. Don't offer the cheese to the Frenchman first or he will shoot it and turn it into Swiss cheese. You'll need to go back to the ship to get a frog (which is a puzzle in itself). When you get your frog, stick the cheese to it's back and then use that to distract. He will have his henchman do something...unpleasant to it. Then, you'll need to talk to Jones and ask him if he has cheese and another frog. (This is where the trophy pops) Then, offer just the cheese, he will shoot it, then stick the Swiss cheese to the frog to progress.
  2. Yeah, once you know what you are doing the game is supremely fast. Since I missed the "Bubbles!" trophy at the very end of the game, I had to go back and replay from the start. It only took me 34 minutes to go from start to finish to grab it.
  3. The screwdriver is in the engineering area, in a toolbox, next to the fenced in area. You can take that screwdriver into the living quarters to open up the locker to get a replacement motor for the Beagle. But if you just take the screwdriver to Jones instead, he will use its motor, which is much more powerful and will get you to the French camp.
  4. The last episode of Game of Thrones on the PS3 was darn near unplayable it was so laggy and buggy. I don't specifically remember any issues with Tales from the Borderlands on the PS3 though. I realize the PS3 is showing it's age these days, but it's not as if Telltale is trying to downgrade Uncharted 4 to run on a PS3. Google some glassdoor reviews of what it's like to work at Telltale. It would appear they have no interest in actually fixing the issues that have plagued their games since TWD. Quantity over quality it seems. I agree though; I'll be holding off on the PS3 versions until I know they are at least reasonably playable.
  5. Reinstalling didn't fix the problem when I tried it. Froze at the same spot. I just hope the fix isn't starting all the chapters again...
  6. Yep, I've got the exact same issue on PS3. I finished the PS4 version just fine, (I did have the eye/lip bug though) but the PS3 freezes at the map when you walk over with Lucius. It's amazing to me that Telltale releases these games for phones,but can't even get them to run properly on a console. I know playing their games on Vita was a nightmare, I can't imagine what it's like on phones. I sent them a support email, only to be told some nonsense about restarting the system when you get performance drops; no acknowledgement of my actual issue. I really love Telltale games, it is such a shame they can't seem to make their simple games run smoothly.
  7. Took me about 4 hours to get them and these types of trophies really make me question why I'm a trophy hunter in the first place. The most pointless, mind numbing, stupid trophy I've gotten in a while. No skill, no thought, just mindless grinding. I really hate trophies like this and it really added nothing to an otherwise fun game.
  8. I just imported Uppers and was amazed to find that it actually includes a game manual. I can't read Japanese very well, so it doesn't serve much purpose, but it's a rather detailed manual that appears to give you all the basics as well as some tips on the first few missions. It's such a shame that games these days don't include manuals; this is the first Vita manual I've ever actually seen. I rarely ever looked at them much, but I still find myself missing them now that they're so rare.
  9. I'm not quite to this point yet, but I was dreading having to grind this trophy out. Thanks for this!
  10. I have it downloaded, but I haven't played it yet, so I'm just speculating here. The Jack the Ripper DLC is separate from the main game, as it takes place years after. The Last Maharajah DLC takes place during the game and is therefore more akin to the "bonus missions" like the Darwin ones. This is why they would just show up on the map. As far as the other stuff popping back up, yeah I'd assume it's probably not supposed to happen. Did they even add trophies for this DLC?
  11. I just finished my first playthrough of the PS3 version of ME1. I played the 360 version when it first came out, and I will have to agree with the OP, the 360 version did run a little better. I had my game freeze 3 times during my PS3 run, twice when I was just running around on the Normandy. That being said, there is no reason to shy away from this game for any reason. I actually own the trilogy on 360, PC, and now PS3 as well. PC is far and away the superior version, particularly with some amazing community mods. But, if your only option is the PS3 version, go for it. The series is amazing, and I personally, think the games have aged quite well. Remember that ME1 is nearing a decade old and I still enjoy it as much as I did when it was released.
  12. Yeah, they really need to work on the engine for the game. I played the game on both the PS4 and PS3. The PS4 version was a bit laggy at times, but nothing beyond what I've come to expect from other TT games like TWD or WAU. That being said, chapter 5 and 6 on the PS3 became nearly unplayable for me. At one point, all the sound cut out but background noise, I tried to exit to the menu and it just crashed my system. As far as people wanting other sequels, I'm sure, given it's success that we will be getting another Tales from the Borderlands, and TWD is a certainty as well. WAU seems the least likely, but at least it had a complete story, so we're not left with a cliff hanger that we never get resolved. They definitely need to update their engine though. I can't believe that these games are so taxing that they should be causing so much lag and generally jacked up performance. Hell, I remember TWD being janky on my gaming PC way back when ffs. No reason it should still be this bad.