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  1. For people looking for a rather new game with people playing online I can recommend A Way Out. It's not too expensive and offers two playthroughs (just for the dialouges) to end up at over 10 hours of gameplay. It's not hard to play either so it's newcomer-friendly. Also you can get it and play it with a friend who doesn't own the game (PS+ subscription necessary though).
  2. If someone's up for some "Don't Starve Together", you can add me. I'm from the EU (for time zone).
  3. Someone from EU (West) up for Rocket League? My PSN is my forum name, feel free to add me!
  4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Let's see how I like it.
  5. Just as Neputyunu mentioned, DriveClub is often on sale and there is literally no way I'm paying 25€ to get the digital version "upgraded"..
  6. Someone up for Rocket League when the servers are back up again? I'd prefer people from Europe since we could play on EU (West) servers.
  7. Absolute fair trophies if you ask me. A lot of things you can miss by not playing the game but if you play there is a chance you'll get all the trophies.
  8. Scalebound, Uncharted 4, the new Tomb Raider game, Final Fantasy VII Remake and a new Tennis game!
  9. Tiger. I have no idea why but I can't stand Lions. Sunrise or sundown?
  10. You could go for a Fractal Design R4 or R5 as well. It's much more minimal when it comes to looks. The design is pretty much timeless.
  11. Just like everyone else I don't know who will take the cup home but I really think Juventus will do so. It'd be nice to see the "underdog" win the Champions League. I'm excited to see how Bayern destroys Barca tonight
  12. Shadow of Mordor - it's incredibly fun. Can someone who has also played the Batman-Games tell me if the mechanics are the same?
  13. NBA. Bundesliga or Liga BBVA?
  14. Blizzard I think Windows or Linux?
  15. Hey guys, I'm still looking for people from Western Europe to have a chat with or play some games. I'm looking forward to get the Borderlands Collection next month. Currently I'm playing FIFA 15 sometimes and Killzone: Shadow Fall (Chapter 9). PSN ID is my username.