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  1. Stunning enemies by throwing bottles at their head is also extremely useful.
  2. When sneaking up on enemies their head will turn (left or right (can't remember)) so sneak up slightly to the other side otherwise they'll spot you.
  3. I'd make game fullscreen if you haven't already so you can see everything. Take your time, be persistent. Watch out for traps, don't bother trying to disarm bomb traps. If you get stuck, watch a speedrunner (they have best knowledge of the game). Make use of one hit kill items (axe, torch) and use matches to finish off enemies (you'll also get invincibility frames). Make sure you have enough ammo for elevator section on a later level as no ammo spawns at that part. Take advantage of manual saves and always do so when you can. Don't upgrade health as obviously it's a waste. All I can remember right now as it's been a while but it was a great time and a great challenge as well. You've played the game on nightmare so you're familiar enough with the game already so you can just go for it. This is all I can really say or think of right now.
  4. Mine's working perfectly fine now.
  5. I usually do a blind playthrough of the story first on normal difficulty just to get to grips with the game and enjoy the story and if it has multiplayer I'll play a bit of that inbetween. Once first playthrough and multiplayer is done my next playthrough will be collectibles and all micellaneous trophies as I'm familiar with the game and know where to go/what to do before the final playthrough on hardest difficulty as I like to focus on enjoying the challenge. It's not the most efficient way but it's the most enjoyable/stress free, you know, rather than following a guide while playing on the hardest difficulty for the first time, and allows me to make the most out of the game and of course it varies depending on what the game is. I'll also usually play a few games at one time but I try to avoid that as I often leave a couple behind/unfinished when I mean to get back to them for quite a while.
  6. That's so dumb. Why do I have trophies unlocked for things I didn't do?
  7. I think it's a nice idea. I like that you'd be able to instantly see how many ultra rare platinums someone has and that you can compare them to number of platinums and the other one is nice as you can see 'real' games as it eliminates all those trophy whore plats while keeping proper games like Before the Storm which is why I voted for 75% so I agree with the sentiment. Conflicted on where the ribbons should appear though.
  8. Looking good. I like the sound of the direction they're taking. Just hoping it's well made and nothing gets needlessly censored.
  9. Decent games but nothing for me. Nice to see people happy though.
  10. I bought the goty edition ages ago for like £13 and still never played it. I think I'm put off by the length and opportunity cost from a huge backlog as well as that I'm slow at trophy hunting. Don't know when I should start.
  11. I find rarer platinums more fulfilling, especially if it's due to difficulty or that is requires some kind of learning curve but I don't obsess over them and always make sure to play games I think will be (at least generally) fun which is how I'd describe the few hard ones I have gone for. I don't get bothered if a plat is above 5% but the lower the rarity (as an ultra rare) the more excitement I get. I always avoid games I'd play purely for having a very low or very high rarity where I'd be completey uninterested in the game otherwise. I too don't get the appeal for hundreds of platinums and all these easy games and stacking (unless you genuinely enjoy the games of course) as it does seem like a waste of time when you could be playing something better. Maybe some people are just addicted? The ping sound effect has worn off a little over the years for me personally but I still find it so compelling/motivating for getting trophies in games.
  12. My launch ps4 gets quite loud sometimes and I too replaced the thermal paste and cleaned everything out with compressed air (which did help) but it still gets loud. I did try putting it next to an open window yesterday and it was a lot quieter. I do remember it being incredibly loud this time last year when it was hot so part of the problem could very well be to do with room temperature. Make sure it has a fair amount of space around it too.
  13. The Last Guardian The Order 1886 Watch Dogs 1 LIS Before the Storm Any Call of Duty
  14. Looks like a good game. I hope it has hard trophies and replay value.
  15. What was it about the open world that you enjoyed? Yeah, I mean I do enjoy some Assassin's Creed and Far Cry but I too can't play more than 1 or 2 open world games a year and I don't see why they should have made all their IP into open world games. I mean it would be different if they actually put a bit of thought into it and made it a different kind of open world game but it's the exact same thing as everything else, only more bland.