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  1. From my experience trophies are not glitched. You get them at the end of a match/mission and some have specific requirements which you can see under progression.
  2. Yeah I mean just in terms of game design it seems that more thought was put into the different components of the game and it had more of a vision. Just seems as though it was made with much more experienced team that knew exactly what they were doing.
  3. Yeah well they are quite different. Uncharted is more cartoonish with its humour but I think the characters and writing give it a lot of personality and depth along with great level design and pacing. TR is more serious and has deeper gameplay in terms of leveling up and unlocking things and Lara is a much more solitary character so it would be a preference thing although I would argue Uncharted is better in an objective sense and that Naughty Dog has way more talent. The fact that Tomb Raider is brought up less in Uncharted discussions than the other way around kind of shows Uncharted is strong enough for players to look at it on its own rather than in the context of its competitors and the wider market.
  4. Yeah I quite like the puzzles and climbing but it seems like it was built as an Uncharted game but then took off in a weird sort of way where the combat sections make very little sense. Still I will get it in a couple years time as it looks good enough. Just the first one? How? I did used to think the reboot had better gameplay until I played Uncharted on Brutal
  5. Ah so just extreme survivor from the last game. I'm sure the climbing will be fine as people complained about that in RotTR but I didn’t have problems as I found you just had to be slow and precise with it. Probably not the sort of game you play for a challenge then; I don't know why they cut down on enemies as it was perfectly fine in 2013 so then why bother having them at all? Seems like an identity issue.
  6. Is it more challenging than Rise? Been playing it at the moment and currently towards the end on my second playthrough on survivor and I haven't died once (I did on first playthrough experimenting) and it's probably my main concern with the game as it demanded very little from the player with the skill tree pretty useless although I still had fun. Also did you notice the change in developer? How did you give it a 6/10 if you hated everything except her hair?
  7. Some I can think of are Battlefield 1 and 4, TLOU Remastered (haven't got plat but got all mp trophies easy), SW Battlefront, COD ghosts, BO3 and IW, AC Unity and Black Flag, Watch Dogs 1 & 2, Rainbow Six Siege & Killing Floor 2.
  8. Flame over. Hard game from what I remember.
  9. Hi I have Resident Evil 1. Thanks.
  10. I haven't played Spiderman yet but I have had the issue of the base PS4 becoming incredibly loud like a jet and sounding like it would explode. Taking the PS4 apart completely and using compressed air to completely clear the fan definitely helped and I did end up buying thermal paste although not used it yet as it seems quiter now. I think the heatwave in the UK at the time didn't help. But yeah apparently the thermal paste shipped with the console is pretty poor and is what allows heat to escape the console so problems with that would result in the fan over working. I'm sure Spiderman is fine on base PS4 like all games compared to the pro version. Graphics difference would be noticeable but you would get used to it and everything else would be fully functional. I don't know about any issues of UI lag or games not loading but twitter seems to be a good place for playstation customer support as you can get a reply in minutes (at least from Ask Playstation UK).
  11. I don't have a pro but you might need to replace the thermal paste. If you've properly cleaned the dust out and made sure it's somewhere the hot air can easily escape and the room temperature isn't too high then that would be my best bet.
  12. Is this achievement only on xbox? Anyway I always used circle to swan dive after a jump and I'm not sure sprinting makes a difference either.
  13. Black ops 2. Rare, unobtainable and looks fun.
  14. Currently playing through the original for the first time as a ps1 classic on the vita as I was initially dissapointed the remake removed the fixed camera angles which was something I loved about the RE1 remake I played on PS4 last year. I'm like halfway through or something and I'm enjoying it quite a lot, more than any other recent game I played without trophies. I still much preferred the first however which does have the advantage of being remastered and looking gorgeous on the PS4 with a trophy list and alternative control scheme but I did get used to the tank controls in RE2 pretty much straight away as they make sense and work perfectly fine (I don't get the fuss). I'm looking forward to playing the remake now as the same location in a different perspective does seem interesting and of course it looks very pretty and will have trophies and I have decided I will go for the entire series which will take me many years. I watched some gameplay and they have added more stuff like story and cooler zombies and changed some things around and it looks good. But yeah I think I prefer the first game as it leans more towards horror than action as opposed to 2 and I preferred the setting, being in a mansion, isolated in the middle of nowhere giving it a colder, more chilling and mysterious atmosphere and actually takes place in a residence something from what I've seen where only one other game in the series, RE7 takes place which is interesting.
  15. Yeah sure. The mission is pretty vague as I had to look this up as well.