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  1. I got The witcher 3 game of the year edition for £14 which is pretty good. No idea when I'll get to it though. I agree with others the ps vita sale is awful with the exception of killzone for £5 which is really good.
  2. That's a shame it sounds easy. Fingers crossed Treyarch brings back Realistic difficulty next year.
  3. 1. Resogun 2. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition 3. Knack 4. Call of Duty: Ghosts 5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 6. Watch Dogs 7. Need for Speed: Rivals 8. Shadow of Mordor 9. Infamous Second Son 10. Infamous First Light
  4. Hi. I'm new to this community backlog challenge thing. Gonna post some targets I hope to achieve by the end of the year; I have a big backlog with not much time due to school work. Targets: Infinite Warfare - Platinum Watch Dogs 2 - Platinum Resogun - 100% on PS4 Uncharted 3 - go back and get platinum with 100% on PS4 Uncharted 4 - go back and platinum + 100%. Already done the dlc though. Heavy Rain - go back and platinum. Start The Last Guardian and get the platinum Start Assassin's Creed Revelations and get the platinum
  5. Never paid much attention to these backlog communinty challenges. Is there ever one that accepts games over 25% completion? A lot of games on my list I need to get back to and finish off. Would prefer to do that before starting all new games.
  6. I enjoyed the first game a lot; my first PS4 game. Hope this one wont be too easy. I like a bit of a challenge.
  7. This was the story dlc, but it became it's own thing. There won't be another one.
  8. Only really been gaming since the release of the PS4 around my 13th birthday but managed to come up with 20. Most of the ones in a series I put in one place as too difficult choosing which is best as well as how they all compare to each installment in other series if that makes sense. 1. The Last of Us 2. Metal Gear Solid V 3. Assassin's Creed 4. Metro Redux 5. Life is Strange 6. Furi 7. Wolfenstein: The New Order 8. Transistor 9. Rainbow Six: Siege 10. Uncharted 11. Call of Duty 12. Heavy Rain 13. Resogun 14. Arkham Knight 15. Sleeping Dogs 16. Tomb Raider 17. Watch Dogs 18. Shadow of Mordor 19. Need for Speed 20. Severed
  9. Is Return to Arkham worth it for £12.50? I have never played and don't own a PS3 and I enjoyed Arkham Knight a lot. The thing is I have loads of games to play already and prefer physical...
  10. Good.
  11. Yeah thinking about it ubisoft have their own uplay points achievement things where it unlocks wallpapers, soundtracks and small dlcs. I mean it's not a bad idea.
  12. Only took me about 3 games. Just have to get lucky and get in a team with other decent players i guess. I suppose u could just boost if it's that much of an issue.
  13. Fuck my name is mayo. I don't want the store being filled with garbage.
  14. I think it would be cool but not necessary; I think having something to work towards is a good idea and would make things a little more fun. I would hope they would keep trying new things in the future to keep trophy hunting from becoming stale say with the PS5 but they should be careful not to mess it up.