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  1. Yeah it looks like it has the same list as there's only one list for ps3 so you should be good
  2. I think it works perfectly fine and I don't see the need to make it more complicated. Maybe a requirement that if the server for a game closes, the related trophies just get popped when you start the game or just something that reduces unobtainables.
  3. Bikes suzuki No limits Bikes MV agusta Finish line Are these the only ones you need to buy seperately? The rest free or in season pass?
  4. Why does this have to be so complicated?
  5. They asked for this forum thread after I explained it was happening to everyone and not due to being unable to find anyone in matchmaking so just sent them that now. Just keeping you updated.
  6. Hi Oliver, Thanks for contacting PlayStation Support. I've been looking into your case for you. Thanks for your patience whilst I did so. We have investigated into the issue that you have been experiencing. The game is peer to peer and everything we’ve looked into shows the server as active. It may be there are no players for you to match with. Please attempt to see if you are able to find another player. If you are unable to find another player it will appear that no other players are looking to participate in a multiplayer session. I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please contact PlayStation Support by using the contact details below or by replying to this e-mail. Your case number is Thank you, Kelly Player Support Expert PlayStation Support
  7. It's close enough to 1%. Yeah it's a very hard game but there's no bullshit trophies or anything. If you just put the time in and get good then it's very doable. It's probably my favourite indie game too.
  8. Been a while since I've watched them but I remember 1 & 3 being my favourite (probably 1 as the best), 4-6 being my second favourites (I can't remember the difference between them though) then 2 and 7 being the worst. I haven't seen the new one as it doesn't look very good. They're pretty cool movies for a young teen at the time. I thought the killer was pretty interesting and a bit different and I liked the very creative traps/scenarios.
  9. Yeah sorry but nothing really from me. A couple of weeks ago they said they are sorry but are 'still awaiting a response for a solution to the issue from the publisher'
  10. From what hasn't been mentioned by others, some stories/narrative I personally really enjoyed: Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection Wolfenstein The New Order Metro Redux The Last Guardian The Evil Within Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (controversial) Heavy Rain Each of the above I found to be very unique and creative and I really enjoyed them. I also highly recommend Life is Strange and Before The Storm as someone else has mentioned.
  11. Yeah I'd say we're pretty nerdy. I mean with all the graphs and tracking and big essays and discussions in forum posts on this site to outsiders we are seen as pretty crazy and I think some other gamers find trophy hunters quite weird too.
  12. Well it was the opportunity cost more than anything. Yeah I'm not quite sure why people loved TF2 so much with many saying the campaign is amazing/masterpiece, I wouldn't go that far. I mean I had a pretty good time with it, like a low 8/10 for me on a good day but there are much more compelling experiences. I think my main problem was the weak progression system, options and depth beyond the very polished interface. Yeah would've preffered TF3 but due to the huge success of apex there's a lot less incentive to make that kind of traditional shooter.
  13. No I wouldn't say I ever get 'stressed out' from playing a video game. I've done some pretty difficult things to get trophies and found that if you play something for long enough you will definitely get good enough to beat it which is why I think playing games that you enjoy, or more importantly that you don't dislike or get irritated by gives you enough power to overcome any challenging aspect of the game. A lot of things can seem impossible at first but if you get some kind of enjoyment out of it then all you have to do is stick with it. I also find that if you're not making any progress after many hours of playing, just put the game down and don't play it again after you've has a sleep where your brain can process things and and then you'll feel fresh and ready to try again. I also really don't recommend playing/switch between any other games (contrary to what others are saying) when going for something difficult and just purely focus all my attention on the one game as your brain and body won't get confused and be fully adjusted to how the one game plays/works with the more skill the game requires, the more important this is. An example is with need for speed gold prestige; if you were to play a different racing game inbetween you will just mess yourself up and you'll have to spend even more time to get to where you were and you'll just make it harder for yourself. I like to get it over as quickly as possible as you don't want to keep trying and playing the same thing for months or years, you just have to go for it and make it a priority. So yeah I avoid stress by either abandoning the game completely or just leave the game for the day if I'm invested but making no progress. I also tend to play easier games after completing a hard one for a break but only play games I am actually interested in that I can genuinly see myself having fun with.
  14. You can
  15. I'm pretty happy with these games. Was planning on getting MWR at some point and have often heard it's the best one. I guess I'll play the witness at some point down the line aswell. I understand why some people are upset and I hope they do add some more VR games. Still think it's well worth the money at 24 PS4 games for £50 as well as having a large backlog of previous plus games as well as the ability to play online with other benefits like cloud storage and store discounts. I mean 72 games a year for £50 or previously £40 was pretty spoilt even if they weren't all good/appealing to everyone and there were a lot of amazing games I would have never played or discovered without it. So yeah still a great service in my eyes.