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  1. The Last of Us had both the best singleplayer and best multiplayer I've ever experienced. Glad to see they acknowledged how popular the MP was and that they have future plans for it so fingers crossed.
  2. They said it had shut down months ago and appeared the same to me then although had a later date for hong kong on it's ps store. Don't know why it got delisted either.
  3. 5000 trophies. Pretty cool I guess. I mean I'm not bothered about milestones but I suppose it's sort of interesting to see when you reach different ones. I know people here are a lot more into them and even plan most of them but that's something I'd never really do although I dunno about 100th plat, might at least make it a game I'm fond of. Still about 2 years before I'm due to reach that but yeah, 5000 trophies. That's quite a lot if you think about it.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice! I try to make mine something I like, at least. The few that weren't planned, I wish I could change. :/

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Nice milestone! 

  4. The statement in the article only mentions the delist in the british summer time time zone
  5. The dlc is included in the game updates as far as I know but if you have the licences for everything then you should be good although it's best to check in game if you have everything unlocked. In terms of other games, yes; if the game is in your library but delisted from the store you can download it anytime although is not always the case as seen with P.T. Driveclub is a bit of a mess with it's dlc system in my opinion and as said, you need to start the game and check but if you actively "bought" something then it will be accessible.
  6. I think I have everything. I checked a few days ago and had one or two free dlcs I needed to redeem in game and there was a bunch of cars that also had the shopping cart icon that were free that I got. Don't have anything that says coming soon right now so I think I'm good. Good thing I checked early. Sony is pretty bad in this sort of thing I mean following on from Fight for Fortune and stuff they kind of screw you. You can't blame the people as while it isn't the wisest to leave it this late to buy the dlc they still followed the statement which CLEARLY said the 31st at 23:59 BST so I would complain to them.
  7. Mass effect. Pretty good game so far.

  8. My first status update; will see if this becomes a thing. I got 2 platinums today which is very rare for me to do.


    One was Far Cry Classic and I got it before I went to bed. I like this game. It is kinda poorly optimised with its draw distance, some framerate issues in certain parts and it crashed a few times but it didn't really bother me that much as I took it for what it is. What I liked about it was the way some of the guns felt, the interesting level design which makes you feel like you're in an open world but you're not (it's linear in terms of structure (its just missions, one after the other)), I liked the tagging system and the thermal vision which were both useful and not annoying like in other games and the process of managing and switching between weapons which was simple but tactical aswell. The world was colourful with nice green bushes, blue sky and orange sunsets so kinda pretty in comparison to some native ps3 games which look like they're set in a bin. It was very refreshing to not have collectibles to worry about and just nice to have large areas which was a change of pace, more so in feeling and presentaion compared to a lot of corridor shooters I play like Call of Duty so yeah going back to old games is always very interesting. Platinum very easy. Took 10 hours, I played on normal and was the first time I cheated in just playing the last mission on hard to get the hard difficulty trophy as I didn't think it would really be worth spending a bunch more hours on the game. I felt like I was done and happy/satisfied once I unlocked every other trophy and I'm kinda fed up with difficulty trophies these days in shooters as they're not very captivating anymore unless you die in like one bullet or something.


    Second game was Rise of the Tomb Raider. I was at 99% for ages with just the survival difficulty playthrough remaining but left it half way due to losing interest, similarly to what I just talked about actually. I have been meaning to finish this for ages and today I finally thought I'd just do it and I only had a few missions left anyway. I thought this was a good game but was disappointed with it in comparison to the 2013 reboot. The combat and encounters weren't as fun and very sparse and the pacing wasn't as exciting and things didn't feel as intense. Everything was well made. Graphics nice, gameplay fully functional with different mechanics and variety and features and uprgrades and stuff but I felt like it lacked something that made it special or memorable which is the sort of game which should feel like that. Maybe story little weak, kinda cliché, forgettable characters (aside from Lara). Yeah, can't think of anything else to say. Other than I played the Croft Manor DLC in VR which was a lot better than playing it in 3rd person on your TV. More atmospheric and immersive in VR and pretty cool exploring and solving puzzles around the manor in VR. Makes me want to play Resident Evil 7 in VR although I want to complete all the other RE games first and only done the first one (amazing game btw). Anyway so yeah if it's your sort of game I'd recommend, it's just missing something, maybe it's identity.

  9. It's in my backlog (I only recently got a PS3). I'm just saying it seems very doable and a 9/10 means it should be basically impossible for the average player. I mean it shouldn't be anywhere near something like the super meat boy platinum for example.
  10. Far Cry: Blood Dragon was the first one I played back in January. Yeah, I have a lot of catching up to do
  11. I got all the trophies legitimately by myself except for rank 100 which I boosted given I was only rank 50 after I unlocked all the other trophies. The only problem you should have is finding games for some of the DLC as it was a little tricky at times back when I did it. To grind for rank 100 is a bit grindy but very straightforward, just need some people from a boosting session and a rubber band helps. Everything else should be easy as long as there are enough people playing the game so if that's the case then you're definitely good to go which is likely as it's a 4 year old AAA current gen Star Wars game. You can get people to boost if have any problems anyway. You should be fine.
  12. This worked. I thought I didn't have a code. Thanks!
  13. Furi is my favourite indie game I've ever played and certainly didn't get the reviews it deserved although it does have it's fans. It's very difficult, a boss rush game with excellent controls/gameplay and music. Transistor did come close to being my favourite as well. And I would also very much recommend Contrast; has great atmosphere and is a simple puzzle game where you transition between 2D and 3D gameplay in the world. Also really underrated.
  14. I'm happy with this month. These are games I would play but I will most likely leave them for now for backlog reasons. PS plus games seem ok for the moment, I think there are just months where there isn't something for everyone and you just have to accept that.
  15. If it has over 16,000 platinum achievers then it really can't be a 9/10 can it