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  1. Rainbow Six: Siege - Me and a friend thought we'd try it since the beta was free. I knew the the game was a pretty hardcore multiplayer focused game so I didn't expect to like it too much and was never considering buying it. After playing I thought it was amazing; a very tense and addictive game that has a very different and unique game design to other shooters, at least on console. I then did buy it and got the platinum which I had a lot of fun with. Furi - A PS plus game I thought I'd try. Didn't know quite what to expect and found it incredibly difficult to start with. The more I played, the more I got better and the more rewarding and fun the game got and eventually fell in love with it. I really enjoyed Furier difficulty too; it was a huge step up from normal difficulty so even after mastering normal which was really challenging in itself I then had to re-master the game as the bosses have a lot more, different and faster moves that were a lot harder which is how I think difficulty should be, as opposed to taking more damage and dealing less damage which this game didn't do which I thought made it feel really fair as the challenge was based on your skill rather than the game working against you. The soundtrack is amazing as well. Resident Evil - Another PS plus game. I'm not much of a fan of horror games or zombie games but thought it could be fun. Similarly to Furi, when I started it (on very easy difficulty) I died a lot and found it very difficult, probably because I'm young and don't play many of those sorts of games. But as I stuck with it and eventually mastered it, it became one of my favourite games as well. The game design, sound design, atmosphere and puzzles are amazing and really enjoyed the replay value that it had. Really cool game and I'm looking forward to starting RE4 for the first time soon. Transistor - PS plus game too. While not difficult, it's basically the same story as RE and Furi in that I don't play this sort of game and fell in love with the mechanics, atmosphere and soundtrack making it one of my favourite games. Contrast - A launch PS plus game for the PS4 which I originally wasn't going to bother with but then thought I may as well give it a go seeing how it was free. This was when I was just getting into video games as a proper hobby as I had gotten a PS4 for my 13th birthday. Anyway I played it and really enjoyed the puzzles and atmosphere the game had with a good soundtrack and interesting story. Really cool game as well.
  2. I don't think I will finish my spring backlog challenge because I've been busy with work recently so will have to put a couple of games from that. I have made good progress with my backlog though which is nice and I should have more time during the summer. Games: Bioshock 2 Resident Evil 4 Uncharted: Golden Abyss Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Titanfall 2 Blacklight: Retribution Farpoint (All 0% except Farpoint at 25%) A tough list for me to get through in 3 months but at least it's a good challenge.
  3. I upgrade from disciple to veteran. I have 7 plats.
  4. Update: The Evil Within - 64% --> 100% Rime - 4% --> 36% Assassin's Creed Revelations - 0% --> 100% Resident Evil 4 - 0% Bioshock 2 - 0% Uncharted 3 - 30%
  5. Yeah I got one for calling someone a retard although thankfully it was just a warning so you do have to be careful. They were fine with all the sexual talk in the same chat which was weird. Maybe you aren't allowed to call people names?
  6. I really enjoyed BO3 campaign. The gameplay and look/feel was great and it had a lot of replay value, especially compared to IW and Sledgehammer CODs. I also really liked going for personal decorator trophy; a lot of fun and a great challenge. If this is true I won't buy. Very disappointed.
  7. I reckon AC3 will be remastered at some point maybe October at the earliest and maybe AC1 at some point as well. I'm not so sure liberation will. I think it would be nice to have all the AC games on PS4.
  8. The Evil Within - 56% --> 64% (got the platinum!) Rime - 0% --> 4%
  9. Any Assassin's Creed game as the aesthetic is what makes games looks great, not necessarily resolution, particularly the Italian games as renaissance italy is beautiful.
  10. Update The Evil Within - 11% ---> 56% Just akumu for platinum then will start dlc Uncharted 3 Remastered - 30% Resident Evil 4 - 0% Bioshock 2 - 0% Assassin's Creed Revelations - 0% Also adding Rime (0%) I have some time off so hopefully I can make new progress.
  11. I didn't mean for it to be snappy and sarcastic. I just personally believe that practise is the key to getting good scores at something and that's what it boils down to. Maybe that post wasn't helpful but I don't know why everyone's getting all upset. People are way to serious on this site. I've seen people write long essays why someone was wrong to e-mail a developer and someone above thinks I need to be banned because what I said might not have been helpful; It's just silly. Give your own advice instead of criticising others and let OP look through to see what helps.
  12. Yes tips and strategies can definitely help especially if you're new to something but there's no way if you put a good amount of time into something you don't get better. There will be some things that a teacher may not teach that you learn by yourself. You can't just be good at something if you only rely on other people. It's ultimately down to you.
  13. I wasn't being a jerk. Practising is the best way to get good at something. The more you do something the more your subconcious mind and muscle memory will adjust, the more you will learn about the game such as what works and what doesn't and eventually it will click.
  14. I like difficult single player trophies that make you work for them, easy multiplayer trophies, I don't like most collectibles trophies where you have to follow a guide and they're missable and worthless and I like trophies that make you play a game in a different way to how you normally would such as to use every weapon, maybe melee or stealth only and to force you to really master the game and be good at it.