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  1. Pretty sure random order as it counts you having completed each mission by mission on vet without dying. You definitely don't need to complete the whole game in one life.
  2. Update: 1. The Last of Us 2. Metal Gear Solid V 3. Assassin's Creed IV 4. Assassin's Creed II 5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 6. Metro 2033 7. Life is Strange 8. Furi 9. Metro Last Light 10. Resident Evil 11. Wolfenstein: The New Order 12. Transistor 13. Rainbow Six: Siege 14. Call of Duty: Black Ops III 15. Heavy Rain 16. Resogun 17. Uncharted 2 18. Arkham Knight 19. Sleeping Dogs 20. The Evil Within
  3. I don't think it's that risky. Your name isn't censored or hidden in real life. Sure, someone could stalk you but they could do that if you work in the same place or go to the same school. You can see much more than someone's real name on Facebook anyway like when people comment on public posts such as PlayStation's so I think it's better to keep everything on social media secure in case someone were to look you up.
  4. Update: Blacklight Retribution: 0%>>>>>> 87% Farpoint: 36% Also played and got 100% in Pac Man and Lucky Lizard as unexpectedly on sale and free easy 100% games. Currently working on Farpoint's co op and multiplayer trophies and finishing off Blacklight as well and then will get back to finishing off Uncharted 3 before starting Bioshock 2. That is the plan anyway.
  5. About 48 million I think
  6. I had no clue about God of War as I haven't played it. I think I guessed 65,000,000 which may be too high? For Fifa I did total sales at start of January multiplied by the psn percentage of each bronze trophy.
  7. This game is surprisingly really awesome. Just got in the Top 10 score in the leaderboard! Really fun addictive gameplay with a really cool soundtrack. Would recommend!
  8. Sure some (very few I would say) games have bad trophy lists where you don't need to beat them but I would say in general getting the platinum means you've at least finished the story with common trophies being complete all upgrades, find all collectibles, beat on all difficulties etc, showing you've made the most of the game. Without trophies and a platinum it is harder to define finishing a game. Also you have 112 platinums, do you not find trophies rewarding?
  9. Well I love trophies. I feel it adds another dimension to games and gives you an end goal to work towards. I also think it's a nice way of measuring when you have finished a game and allows you to feel properly satisfied when you get 100% particularly if you get a series done and is also cool to show off and look back on. I don't know why I'm explaining why trophies are good on a trophy website; I see people with hundreds of trophies complaining about a trophy/acievement system. Well anyway I think Nintendo should implement some kind of system. It makes a lot of sense from a business practice as well; think of all the games and dlc we've bought just for the trophies (or where trophies have been a factor) and it's cost Sony (presumably) next to nothing.
  10. Nevermind. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FQjiwTgI8e3W9ABRSUl92LjSRZXj8xQGHkT3v35n07U/htmlview
  11. Just came across the rarity leaderboard: https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/rarity and wondered how the points are measured.
  12. Ah yes. Forgot about that. Haven't played it but heard a lot of bad things.
  13. Ones that haven't been mentioned would be PSVR worlds, Farpoint, Infinite Warfare which I thought was harder than BO3 (I did both solo). As for 100% or DLC I would also say Broforce, Dishonored DLC, Uncharted 4 DLC and Resogun DLC. I have done all these games except for Farpoint which I plan to get back to so they're not that hard. I would say they're around 8/10 difficulty; not as hard as other games mentioned but hard in a good, challenging and fun way is what I would say.
  14. I'm vegetarian and have no problem killing animals in video games (providing it isn't set up in an emotional way) because it's not real although I don't go out of my way to do so, only for crafting materials, self defence or if there's a trophy.
  15. How is a $40 season pass for a 5 year old game a deal?