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  1. Well I did NOT see that result in Minnesota coming...
  2. PSN: SheriffTupper Have prepurchased FIFA 19 and haven't played in a fair bit. Wanting to build a team, work together and generally have fun. Not a fan of crude language though
  3. Thanks for responding Froopy!
  4. Hey - I come in peace. Just downloaded this today. Haven't played NHL since 15 where I wasn't really impressed that they took out the GM connected. Looking to play with others and get back into NHL. If you fancy helping me get back into NHL I'd appreciate it #gohawks Ben
  5. Morning everyone. Many thanks to Hayabusa85 for taking the time to explain how to get this trophy in simple terms. If I can manage it, anyone can. I managed to block everyone coming through apart from a couple where I used the flashbacks. When I crossed the line I was 11 seconds ahead or Ricciardo. I look forward to hearing your next tip Hayabusa85!
  6. lol @The_High_ground
  7. No problem - let us know when you improve! Be nice to have a bit more traffic on this forum!
  8. Hi bpmotard - Don't be stressed about being off the pace initially in the game. You can only go upwards right? I love my F1, watch it constantly but I actually don't drive myself so they whole R&D aspect I find confusing in previous F1 games. This one is ridiculously massive now! In free practice - I never do the tyre management as it's constantly in the red but I do ok in the others to build up resource points. I've started off as Force India - I know I won't get into the top 6 but I can push for it. First two races I've finished 13th/15th so much improvement to be done. You are correct about the tires, the softer the quicker they lose the tread. US (ultrasoft) have the best optimum pace but don't last very long. When the safety car comes out, make sure that you press circle and change your fuel mix to lean. When the safety car goes back in, put it back up to standard or rich. If you aren't sure what I mean at all, just come back on here and post. Good luck!
  9. I hear your frustration Zanarkand99 - I've just completed the first race of the year in career mode, 50% race distance. When summing up at the end, Anthony Davidson said the safety car made all the difference. It didn't even appear! Tut tut!
  10. Welcome!
  11. Nothing much to add to say 'yes a bug' and I'm sure they are well aware of it (judging by the amount of tweets being sent to Codemasters and Lee Mather). Regarding the engineer being so quiet, yes, annoying so I had to put subtitles on. Already wasted some time because in the first event driving as MV at SPA, it would have been useful if I could actually hear what he was saying about the damn weather! SheriffTupper
  12. I'm gonna go Force India because I love the pink!
  13. Hello everyone, Attempting to get back into gaming and wouldn't mind a buddy to play some Fifa with and maybe other games in general.. I'm not an amazing player but if anyone is looking to play that'll be great! Just list PSNP in the message SheriffTupper
  14. Just bought F1 2016 add me SheriffTupper
  15. Hi, Just bought F1 2016 as it was 20% off. Have you any tips to pass on? I love watching F1 but I don't understand really the technicalities and mechanics of it all so any tips you'd share?!