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    A little about myself:

    I was born and raised in Porto lived here all my life.
    My first job was as an english teacher in the holidays of 2010.
    I Was in Palma de Mallorca and taught there for a month.

    I graduated from school in 2004 to become an engineer but things didn't turned out the way I wanted so I took a degree in Tourism.

    Then I worked for 2 years in an electrician/construction company in an office.

    I'm finishing yet another degree in the electricity field.

    I always loved school but i also loved playing games and hanging out with friends. I always chose to hang out with friends if there's that option otherwise i'll probably be gaming...

    I love to write, I used to play tennis a lot, I have one cat a dog and an aquarium.

    I own a motorbike and i ride motorbikes since I was nine years old.

    What got me to gaming again was the Ps3 and the great games that came out.

    Some of the very first games I got for the Ps3 were the metal gear collection, metal gear 4, Fifa 13 and uncharted .

    What else... I like rock, its the main thing I hear.

    I like traveling.

    I love gaming when its raining and that's about it for now about me . Cheers and Happy Trophy Hunting or Gaming in general.
    As someone out there says "Game the F##K ON!!!!"

    Games I really enjoyed or still do:

    Metal Gear Series
    Pro Evolution Soccer
    Age of Empires and Mythology for PC
    Warcraft Series for PC
    Populous for PC
    The Monkey Island Series
    The Souls Series
    Duke Nukem for PC
    Final Fantasy series specially IX and X
    Street Fighter Series
    Sonic And Mario Side by Side :)
    Tetris for Gameboy, I still have the copy from When I was a kid
    Fable Series ( I recently got an Xbox and an Xbox 360 and those were the first games I picked up )
    Halo Series
    Devil May Cry Series
    GTA series (I played the first on PC and It was awesome at the time)
    Castle Crashers
    Gears of War
    Tomb Raider series (also played the first one on the Sega Saturn)
    Dragon Ball series ( I left at 97% completion in Dragon Ball Budokai 3 for the PS2)
    Earth worm Jim on the Saturn
    Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Shinobi were the first games I played on the Mega Drive or Genesis and I love them at the time

    For the PS3 and the ones I recently got into :

    Mafia Series
    Metal Gear Rising
    Infamous Series
    Folklore (although I do not have I think its an excellent game)
    Elder Scrolls Series
    Ni No Kuni
    Mortal Kombat
    Red Dead Redemption
    L.A. Noire


    I have recently started to collect for some systems now, but I'm focusing on PS3.

    As for Consoles I have a PS3, PS2 and a PS1.
    A Wii, a Gameboy, a Gameboy SP and two Nintendo DS.
    An Xbox 360 and an Xbox.
    A Sega Saturn although It is broken I don't have a way to plug it in, it's just the console.
    The next console/handheld I'll try to get is probably a PSP or a Gamecube.

    [EDIT] I got a PSP And A VITA NOW :) YEAH MF!

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  1. what's up?! Does anyone have or would like to play BattleBorn ? I just started the game and I think it would be a great game for us to play either online or against Bots. Voodoo has the game. I'm currently playing it. Anyone else? Also I have to say its pretty good and very underrated. Cheers and Add me if you would like to play sometime.
  2. What's Up Everyone!!! Quick update on my gaming history. I've been playing DOOM from KYC 4 and I'm really enjoying. I tried the multiplayer and I have to say its fun. Whilst its not the focus of the game I've enjoyed it for what it is. Much like the Tomb raider Online I think this one is also not bad. Lots to do and evolve, lots of diversity, really well thaught. As you probably guessed I've also been playing FIFA. I'm switching between 16 (to plat) and 17 (for fun Got the plat already). Also tried King of Fighters and its really good. I'm planning on buying 12, I have the 13 and so far so good. There's a character that I love. Kyo I think, the flame guy. Other than that I've walking some Dogs (part of my Job) and doing some check in's (also part of my other job) BTW have a Merry Xmas and Happy holidays season Cheers Guys
  3. Yes! I have the game but have not tried it yet
  4. I bought a Game for the DS that is more a Castlevania game than these ones. I think its Barn Yarn Blast. Its actually a pretty good game
  5. Ok ! I'm really late for my last review and final thoughts of the games. To be sincere I blame my lazyness here cause I had plenty of time to write and to play more of this. The thing is this game was not what I expected. Its a good game but I expected a more linear and faithful reliving of castlevania. I think it can be considered a 2.5 D game maybe? even so Its an action platformmer side scroller with way too many combat mechanics that kind of confused me. You can attack in so many diferente ways and you have so many abilities that I don't consider this as a Castlevania game at least at its core. I play the lords of shadows on the ps3 and did not enjoyed much although I think I enjoyed this one a bit more. As far as the other Games Go I would rate them ou of 10 : Dark Cloud --> 8.5 and my favorite of the event Kingdom Hearts 2 --> 8.5 (played for 1h30 but I really enjoy this series) FIFA 13 --> 8 Another Fifa Game on the GO DEX --> 8 Have to play more of this Castlevania --> 7.5 This is my opinion just cause I did not felt like it was a Castlevania Game although its a Good Game. As for Gaming in general I think I'll plat FIFA 17 thanks to the precious help of my friend @voodoo_eyes . I've been focusing on that and building national teams. Recently I got a pretty good Colombian team with James, Cuadrado and Falcao I've also been playing a bit of DOOM and I have to say its a great game. I did not enjoyed as much as I did on the previous event but the game keeps getting better and I'm loving it. I also bought The Order 1886 for a nice easy Plat I don't think the game is bad but I do agree its Short
  6. Ok! Enough Postponing! Game #4 --> DEX PS4 What to say What to say, this Game looks and plays well. I enjoyed the time I spent with it but I'm not going to pick it up , at least for now. About the Game: The time and setting of the Game really feels like The movie with Harrison Ford Blade Runner. I mean its Futuristic and there is augments implants you can aquire so I guess It also has a little bit of Deus Ex in that regard. It plays like a Side Scroller action game (which I love) with levelling up and RPG Elements that I think are Well implemented. I think this got great reviews so definitely add it to your wishlist. I think it cost me like 14€ on amazon so now its probably cheaper. What else, the OST is very good and the Game includes the OST which is awesome, and one reason I regretted getting the physical version of Slain Back from Hell was cause It included jack s*** no CD with soundtrack just a stupid link to where you could find the songs, which I would like cause Its Metal. I really don't understand the nonsense of some companies that give you the game, no Manual and your good to Go. I still remember having to read Oblivion's Manual to understand the mechanics when that came out on Pc. Other than that there are little details well made I guess for instance the persuasion option if your charisma or whatever is upgraded, Lockpicking of course and Hacking. One good aspect of the game is that Hacking makes the game less monotonous cause it becomes sort of a Shoot em up with sort of a space ship and you have to fight your way through to get data and avoid virus. I have to say I haven't played all that much cause other games got in between. My supposedly lost copy of Dark Souls 2 arrived on my mail and I was so Happy So I played that. I also finished Resident Evil 4. I have the Ps3 digital version and I'm not buying the PS4 version cause Really I don't wish on anyone to have to go through the Pro playthrough, so I won't do that again I also played Fifa Of course I never thought I could get Neymar on FUT but I got him and I also Got HAzard, Ibrahimovic and some Informs for those of you who enjoy Football. SO I'm getting ready for my last Game which will be Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD . I will probably play more than DEX Also a sidenote DEX's Plattinum is not difficult but almost all of the trophies are missable so a Guide is mandatory and I'm not a huge Guide fan so That's one of the reasons I'll skip it for now. Although I 100% I, Zombie , Resident Evil and Energy Balance my completion dropped its now at 27,88 % as for the event Games: FIFA 13 Psvita - 29% Kingdom Hearts 2 - 0% Dark Cloud - 16 % DEX - 13% So only FIFA came above my overall completion at the start which was 28% ish
  7. Game # 3 Dark Cloud But before... FFXV (Bonus) Can't say much that hasn't been said before. Great addition to the FF series, the story seems as good and FF X (which is still my favourite). The combat is better than the predecessors and the Cooking/Photography etc seems like a nice feature to include (I think there's fishing If I'm not mistaken) Energy Balance (Bonus) I plat this in 2 days yeah me!!! My fastest plat but yeah its a pretty easy game although I bought it because I really like Math and this game was a cheap relieving of my Math Studies I guess. If you enjoy math and a quick Game/Plat then this game is for you. (I did it with no guides and I advise you do the same) Back to Dark Cloud I bought this cause mr @voodoo_eyes told me it was good and... Yes! It is . I'm really glad I got this and I intend to Buy Chronicles/2 on the store once it goes on sale. Really nice Action RPG nice graphics even for the time (PS2) and It aged pretty well. Besides the combat not beeing turn based I really enjoy the additional features and details of the game. The fact that weapons detiorate and water is an essential really influences you and so it weights on your gameplay and its an add on on how you approach the game and it gives space to strategy. So I would say this games envolves some basic strategy elements that nonetheless make this game more appealing at least in my point of view. The collecting is fun and it serves a purpose as you enter a sims mode similar to fallout 4 but way more basic and straitghtorward . For now I would say its a solid 8/10 on my list but off course this can change. I've also been playing lots of FIFA 17 and 'm on my way to plat it. This will be my second PS4 game plat Energy balance being the 1st and I,Zombie being the 1st 100%
  8. Long time no write eheh sorry guys. This time its not cause I've been busy its cause I've been way too unbusy (ok maybe that's not even a word). This past week has been crazy cause I've been having way too much time to game. Things at work have been slow or rather non existent. I work in tourism and this is the low season so I haven't been getting work. Anyhow about my second Game --> Kingdom Hearts 2 PS4 Basically I'm gonna be pretty straight forward Its not worth buying this if you have the Ps3 version. Graphics are pretty much the same, same gameplay no new add ons and actually this Ps4 version had some bugs that I believed were fixed with a patch. For instance the worse of them all , the game would sometimes crash when attempting to save and your data would get corrupted. OPS there goes Disney and Square Enix Big Co-op Game down the toilet. I mean that's the worst that can happen on a game and even worst on a 30+ hour RPG. Other than that I really Love this franchise It might seem like i did not but I do love it. I had both games 1.5 and 2.5 on the Ps3 and decided to trade them for the Ps4 version. I finished the frst game and I really enjoyed it even being a kinda old game. I've played it for more than one hour and for now I'll let it sit. The fact is I got FFXV and I'm not going to swap games but I do not want to play 2 rpgs at the same time so for now I'm sticking with FFXV which I haven't got that far to form na opinion so Bonus Game Maybe ? Also I got the trophy for winning the FUT draft in FIFA 17 so I'm pretty happy with myself . ts a guareented plat now I think.
  9. HI everyone ! I think I said pretty much all about FIFA 13 for the VIta. I think if you're a football fan its definitely worth your time on the go if not maybe just stick with the console version Ps3 or Ps4 FIFAS are good (maybe avoid 16) Now I'll be playing my next game in about an hour so I want to swap the order so it will be and I do hope this is fine: FIFA 13 Kingdom Hearts 2 PS4 DEX PS4 Castlevania PS3 Dark Cloud PS4 Cheers and have fun gaming
  10. GAME #1 FIFA 13 PS VITA This is a follow up the my initial thoughts on this game. Is it worth buying if you have a vita and if you are a fan of FIFA and football ? Yes. In my opinion it's worth it even if you have the console version as well. This is a great game on the GO. My initial thoughts were spot on I think so yes this and almost all FIFA games seem like an updated version or DLC of the previous ones. They update the teams and that's pretty much it. This is why I always wait for a price drop on any FIFA game. For instance this one and FIFA Football for the vita cost me a little over 5 €. Just a quick side note if we're doing Bonus Games I started Injustice Gods Among US and I have to say Its pretty similar to the New Mortal Kombat and it kicks ass. Definitely one of the best fighting games out there and an easy to learn combat method. I'm loving it ^^ Cheers Everyone and Have fun with your Games I already learned about new games to add to my wishlist
  11. I got the opportunity to play at this hour because tommorrow is a holiday here in Portugal and I have the day off So it will be a loooooong night for me. Damn my gaming habits eheh. Right now I'm listening to music while playing FIFA 13 on me VITA
  12. My stats oh no I totally forgot but it was like this I think : 28 % ish I've got 229 Games Played (though I got a ton more that I did not yet Installed) 2776 Trophies In Total. A Quick Note to my First Game --> FIFA 13 on the vita It looks good. Controls are good. Gameplay is good. I don't know why but I have to lower the difficuty compared to the console version. This game is the "living" proof that EA is lazy with the game's bugs and new content after each realease. It seems like a DLC of the FIFA 12 or FIFA Football on the VIta. A big Con for me it does not have the counter offer option when you try to sign a player. I'm at 17% completion on this game and the mechanics behind a player manager career seem good and addictive because you get a notification each time your player (Virtual Pro) evolves on something.
  13. I've played the first one piece game for the ps3 and the only one I prefer more than this is the sengoku basara. It's better than dynasty warriors imo
  14. Greetings Again My Good Completion Friends eheh My list is FIFA 13 (PS VITA) Castlevania Mirror of Fate (PS3) DEX (PS4) Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS4) (EDIT) Dark Cloud (PS4) Cheers ^^ Thanks for another Event @Hemiak Let's make epicness happen
  15. SO my list has to change because I got Resident Evil 7 before I expected and I've completed the story and btw its an awesome game. I actually put down fifa for this one and Its one of the best games I played on the PS4 SOoooo the list will probably be --> (in no particular order) Mighty no.9 (PS4) DEX (PS4) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) FIfa 13 (Vita) Castlevania Mirror something ...?... I got this on the Store (PS3) Cheers and I can't wait to learn new games from u guys and Reading your reviews