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    A little about myself:

    I was born and raised in Porto lived here all my life.
    My first job was as an english teacher in the holidays of 2010.
    I Was in Palma de Mallorca and taught there for a month.

    I graduated from school in 2004 to become an engineer but things didn't turned out the way I wanted so I took a degree in Tourism.

    Then I worked for 2 years in an electrician/construction company in an office.

    I'm finishing yet another degree in the electricity field.

    I always loved school but i also loved playing games and hanging out with friends. I always chose to hang out with friends if there's that option otherwise i'll probably be gaming...

    I love to write, I used to play tennis a lot, I have one cat a dog and an aquarium.

    I own a motorbike and i ride motorbikes since I was nine years old.

    What got me to gaming again was the Ps3 and the great games that came out.

    Some of the very first games I got for the Ps3 were the metal gear collection, metal gear 4, Fifa 13 and uncharted .

    What else... I like rock, its the main thing I hear.

    I like traveling.

    I love gaming when its raining and that's about it for now about me . Cheers and Happy Trophy Hunting or Gaming in general.
    As someone out there says "Game the F##K ON!!!!"

    Games I really enjoyed or still do:

    Metal Gear Series
    Pro Evolution Soccer
    Age of Empires and Mythology for PC
    Warcraft Series for PC
    Populous for PC
    The Monkey Island Series
    The Souls Series
    Duke Nukem for PC
    Final Fantasy series specially IX and X
    Street Fighter Series
    Sonic And Mario Side by Side :)
    Tetris for Gameboy, I still have the copy from When I was a kid
    Fable Series ( I recently got an Xbox and an Xbox 360 and those were the first games I picked up )
    Halo Series
    Devil May Cry Series
    GTA series (I played the first on PC and It was awesome at the time)
    Castle Crashers
    Gears of War
    Tomb Raider series (also played the first one on the Sega Saturn)
    Dragon Ball series ( I left at 97% completion in Dragon Ball Budokai 3 for the PS2)
    Earth worm Jim on the Saturn
    Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Shinobi were the first games I played on the Mega Drive or Genesis and I love them at the time

    For the PS3 and the ones I recently got into :

    Mafia Series
    Metal Gear Rising
    Infamous Series
    Folklore (although I do not have I think its an excellent game)
    Elder Scrolls Series
    Ni No Kuni
    Mortal Kombat
    Red Dead Redemption
    L.A. Noire


    I have recently started to collect for some systems now, but I'm focusing on PS3.

    As for Consoles I have a PS3, PS2 and a PS1.
    A Wii, a Gameboy, a Gameboy SP and two Nintendo DS.
    An Xbox 360 and an Xbox.
    A Sega Saturn although It is broken I don't have a way to plug it in, it's just the console.
    The next console/handheld I'll try to get is probably a PSP or a Gamecube.

    [EDIT] I got a PSP And A VITA NOW :) YEAH MF!

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  1. Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote and that's due to work, family and lots of random events that have been happening. I was very stressed the past couple of weeks and had some unfortunate "stuff" happening. I can't go into too much detail but I had to quit midway the event. So I think out of 5 games I played 3 the last one was Dragon age Origins which I intend to go back to. I have to say a big thank you for organizing this event to @Hemiak and also @voodoo_eyes for letting me know about this. Having said that gaming is a big part of my life and a passion but I feel I couldn't really give enough attention to this event and the reviews and playtime and so on. I have a Youtube channel and even that is kind of stand by point by now. I just made a couple of videos due to a fan always insisting and kind of cheering me on with comments. Anyway I couldn't read all the posts but some games caught my eye. I can rate the 3 games I Played and I liked all of them but the one I preferred was Tomb raider followed by Street Fighter vs Tekken and then Dragon Age and I would rate them all above 80% so 8/10 as for Tomb raider maybe 8.5/10. I also bought The Last o Us remastered at an unbelieble price of 16,99€ new on FNAC here in Portugal. I bought another for the same price (Resident Evil Revelations 2) not the same level of bargain I suppose . Besides that I did the plat trophy for Dig Dug and played some Virtua Tennis 4 on the Ps3. Again I apreciated the event and apologize for not completing the event (the irony ^^) KYC. I have to make time to maybe arrange at least a beer or coffe meeting with my friend Voodoo . Ok that's all Cheers everyone And good luck on completing your games ^^
  2. What’s up!? I was just joking about the Pokémon cause I was pretty sure voodoo never played them. And yes I have to agree stadium does not count Even so I also have to agree that the mechanic of raising the level of specific team members is kind of dated. Usually these days the newcomers don’t start at level 1 but then again I haven’t played that many newer rpgs. I have started dragon age though and I have to ask “is this considered playing a retro game?” I’m just joking of course but the game was made in 2009 ! Even so I think it aged pretty well and I’m really enjoying the dialogues and gameplay so far. I’ve put in about one hour of playtime and I’m more invested in the story than before ( I had played this on my other account but just a couple of hours, or at least it’s how it felt). It feels similar to the lord of the rings theme and there’s much to do and much to read . Anyway I’ll write a better review on the 18th after playing it more. Cheers
  3. Clearly You've never played Pokémon ! lol
  4. What's up! So its nearing the time to change games and the time to write my definitive Review on... (Quick note on the side : I'm really annoyed today, got fined by the police, The weather is F** Up with all these storms and I had to walk 3 dogs while Rainining :/ What's up with you Life??? LOL nothing too serious though ^^) TOMB RAIDER - Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 STATS 13 of 125 Trophies (3 or DLC that somehow I fell upon) 9% Completion E Rank I have to say the part were I get to sit down at night and play this and other games after Work (Even though I love what I do) is probably the best and more relaxing time of my day. This game I have to say is awesome. I felt like time just flew by while playing it. The completion rate is at 24% (story only of course and I'm not sure if the collectibles count for this). For those of you who enjoyed the First on this New Square Enix take on the World of Lara Croft I think You'll Love the sequel and It's a no brainer: If you have the first get the Latest one Please, its so worth it!!! Just to introduce a little bit to the story this includes some of the characters from the previous game (I haven't played it all) and Lara sometimes remembers conversations or "lessons" that she learned over the past years. I haven't been paying really close attention to the Story but basically Lara is on the Run to find some sort of artifact (This does not spoil the story for you) along with another secret group (the bad guys) and in the process she meets other people who kind of protected this artifact for the sake of everyone. Let's hope it does not fall on the wrong hands (sort of deal ^^). But really I never had a Game were Exploring felt so fun (Never played the witcher soooo.... its on the list though eheh) and were details matter so much. Even the sound of the gun is satisfying to hear, everytime wolf gets in the way. Graphics are up there, I had to take a break because I was feelling a bit dizzy cause I've got a big TV and usually I'm not so concentrated on a game. As you probably know I play a lot of FIFA and it has many pauses in between games and even during games (half-time, corners, etc) I wish I had played more but for some reason I felt a need to start some other games, I don't know why but it happened so let me include a Bonus Game here. I'll Keep it short like Billy Horrible VOLGARR THE (F***ing) VIKING STATS 4 of 21 Trophies 6% Completion E Rank Extremely Difficult No Reward Whatsoever 1 checkpoint during the whole first chapter (Really GAME???) F*** this game for beeing so good and so bad at the same Time (maybe I'm just bad at the game and I'm excusing Myself ... OH well ^^) Cheers ALL and pardon my Rudeness
  5. Game #2 Some thoughts on the Game... Rise of the Tomb Raider. I’m doing this on my iPhone so it might not be as good as my previous posts. I’m just waiting and killing some time before getting to work. Now I’ve played this for a couple of hours yesterday after midnight and before going to sleep. I was tired and I think I play better just after dinner or at the afternoons but even so here are some thoughts of the game. For me this is an improvement of the previous 2013 TR. The gameplay seems very similar and I think Square Enix perfected the rpg elements such as crafting. Leveling up and finding collectibles. I will write a better review of this on the 12th but so far I’m really enjoying this game. To me and for now yeah it seems like a better version of the previous game. One thing though and it’s a detail, I really like the sound of the pistol when Lara shoots , the sound effects are very enjoyable. Still I have to try the other modes and also a quick note, I’m going for a survivor run. It’s the second hardest difficulty, I think extreme survivor is the hardest. Anyway I need to play more to form an opinion.
  6. I have also tried to get some xbox 360 exclusives and firstly I got the fable series and the gears of war. Bioshock and mass effect I also bought cause I had them digitally on my PS3. I bought Infinite undiscovery which I think is kinda underrated but I also searched for others that were mentioned here. What did you think of Infinite Undiscovery ? (In case you’ve played it) There’s also kameo which at some point I’ll buy and others but I think you mentioned all. There’s also those compilation games. I got the namco arcade which has some namco old games and Xbox arcade titles. Probably out of all these games I’ll only play Fable cause I really liked that series and I might try Alan wake.
  7. What's up! I've been meaning to write sooner but I've been busy. I'm a Dogwalker which here in Portugal is not a very common job to have. I have to say it's a rare job actually . Anyway I have to accept all the Dogs I can and so far I have 7 Dogs I have to go for a walk and 3 were newcomers so I'm kinda of settleing in trying to do everything and enter some sort of routine. Besides this I work in Tourism and I ocasionally publish some live streams on Youtube. I didn't even had time to chat with voodoo , sorry about that pal Anyway this is my #1 GAME out of 5 this month. Street FIghter X TEkken on the PS3 Just to make things clear I'm a huge fan of Street Fighter and I have very Fond Memories of playing this with my cousin and his neighbour (some rich spoiled kid), anyway everytime we played he would beat the crap out of us because he knew all the special moves (he owned the game of course) and even the Super, Ultra or whatever. So I set my mind to one day beat his ass in honour of me and my younger cousin We would ask him how he did all the tricks and he would never tell us, really smartass this one. So I can't remembre very well but I think I took the manual and started memorizing all the special attacks of Ryu, because he was my favorite character and I felt that If I was ever gonna have a chance it was with Ryu. Anyway I learned all the specials and one day I beat that spoiled kid and after that he started teaching us how to play with other characters. I remember also trying to teach my cousin cause at one point he lent us the game, so he wasn't all that bad eheh, I think he was trying to be the cool kid who beat everyone at street fighter. I told this to my cousin recently and he had totally forgot about him, but I still find myself remembering things nobody else (that were a part of that) remembers. This was just a story of How I got Introduced to the series and the First one (on console) I played was Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Sega Saturn (previosuly I had played on the árcades machines) Getting to the point now this game wants to be a street fighter game and succeeds but it implements some new mechanics that are mainly present in the tekken series, specially tekken tag tournment due to the fact that changing places with your ally while comboing and making all sorts of punches and kicks and even throws pretty much wins you the game. It's a good game the cross arts and supers and the duel super attack you get to do are smart decisions by the makers to really have a mix of tekken with street fighter. Not only the characters but also adding new ways of winning that are (I have to say) really easy to accomplis. For instance one of the Super attacks (at least with Ryu) is basically and Hadouken but instead of pressing just a punch button you have to presse, circle and X. I don't know how good it would be in the perspective of a Tekken Fan but In my perspective, and I'm all about the street Fighter I gotta say this is a really solid Game. Also I have to say I kinda cheated on this one eheh I had played the vita version but really I wanted a reason to play my Ps3 more and even so I had to do everything all over again. A con in my opinion is the art style. I don't like it that much. Also the lag you get in some matches is unfair and so those games shouldn't even be permitted by the game cause when your about to play you never know. I also tried the online and it's decent. I've also completed the game on the hardest difficulty with both Street Fighter Characters and Tekken. But a A rank and I don't think I'll platinum this game but I usually plat games that I'm really interested in and that aren't so crazy diffiicult . My stats I got 17 out of 50 Trophies and A Rank (27%) As for general stats 263 Games 27,81% I also started two games and I'm loving Super Meat Boy The other was Wolfestein which I just wanted to try out. Cheers everyone
  8. What's going On ?! I've played some Street Fighter vs Tekken but forgot to post my stats so here they are (ish) ^^ 261 Games played (265 counting the KYC games) Completion about 28% ( I think before SFVT it was 28,14%) 3184 trophies earned I'll do the review at the end of my play time dedicated for each game but I'll probably write something down like quick notes or opinions (no spoilers involved I hope ) So for Street Fighter a quick note I prefer the way it looks on the Vita rather than on the Ps3. It seems kind of strange the layout of the characters. As for gameplay its a nice variation from the traditional style of capcom's street fighter with the Ultra and Super Combos. Cheers ^^
  9. What's UP!!!!!! I'm also going to switch the order just cause I'm in a Street Fighter Highway to Hadouken!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I recently got Street Fighter Anthology on the Ps2. I used to play a lot Street Fighter Alpha 2 with my cousin so oh the memories ^^ 1 - Street Fghter vs Tekken Ps3 2- Rise of the Tomb Raider Ps4 3- Dragon Age Ps3 4- The Witcher 3 GOTY Ps4 5- Curse of the Monkey Island numero uno Ps3 Do I look like I'm seriously going for the plat on these games? Dudes Check out my completion and You'll see Its dead from the start lol I think Tomb Raider is a maybe though and Street FIghter I'll probably reach a B Rank ^^ Cheers
  10. What's up everyone!? I hope I'm still on time. Voodoo_eyes kept me updated with this event as sometimes I save games for this. I wanted to save nioh but I already started it... oh well ^^ My list is for my own personal purpose of giving myself a reason to pick up my ps3 again so... 1 - Curse of the monkey Island special edition Ps3 (I'll be playing the 1st one of this amazing series) 2- Rise of the Tomb Raider Ps4 3- Street Fighter vs Tekken Ps3 4- The Witcher 3 GOTY Ps4 5- Dragon Age Ps3 I can't play any vita goodnees games cause I lent it to my cousin who is in Poland I'll see you guys soon
  11. I also haven't played that many Ps4 exclusives but I own a few. Is Valkyria Chronicles Exclusive? If it is its a pretty good remaster of the Ps3 game. Also Nioh of course and Bloodborne. I've tried both and they are awesome games. As for GT series I'm not into it. I prefer the arcade racing games with bonus features such as takedowns and rewind and near misses and all that. Don't have Uncharted 4 but Its also a very good game. I played the previous trilogy of Uncharted games and really lked them.
  12. Hi Everyone! Games I completed and I found to be amazing and the reason I bought a PS4: Dying Light - Really enjoyed this one. Killing zombies never felt so good. Resident Evil 7 - Another Zombies Game , but What an amazing Story and Overall Environment, of course its a Horror Game , and I'm not a Horror Fan but for some reason I loved this Game. As for Sports I Recommend Either Fifa 15 or 17. Stay away from the online its absolute BS but if you want to plat it , it takes a lot of patience and you really need to love Football I would say Fighting Game has got to be Mortal Kombat XL (Get the complete edition its worth it) Underrated game I found Zombi to be quite enjoyable again I don't know why but yeah Zombies is a thing Dark Souls 2 I'm pretty close to finishing and Its a cheap and damn good game. As For the Games I have (Watched Gameplay and Reviews) Nioh is amazing I became obsessed about getting it ever since I watch a Let's Play at a friend's house. (Tried it just to make sure it worked) Witcher 3 GOTY is a must have on the PS4 Kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5 if your a fan this is the way to play it Injustice Gods Among us 1 and 2 Dark souls 3 Bloodborne Rise of the Tomb Raider Just to name a few. This is a great thread to learn about new Games so cheers everyone and Enjoy your Trophies Quest ^^
  13. what's up?! Does anyone have or would like to play BattleBorn ? I just started the game and I think it would be a great game for us to play either online or against Bots. Voodoo has the game. I'm currently playing it. Anyone else? Also I have to say its pretty good and very underrated. Cheers and Add me if you would like to play sometime.
  14. What's Up Everyone!!! Quick update on my gaming history. I've been playing DOOM from KYC 4 and I'm really enjoying. I tried the multiplayer and I have to say its fun. Whilst its not the focus of the game I've enjoyed it for what it is. Much like the Tomb raider Online I think this one is also not bad. Lots to do and evolve, lots of diversity, really well thaught. As you probably guessed I've also been playing FIFA. I'm switching between 16 (to plat) and 17 (for fun Got the plat already). Also tried King of Fighters and its really good. I'm planning on buying 12, I have the 13 and so far so good. There's a character that I love. Kyo I think, the flame guy. Other than that I've walking some Dogs (part of my Job) and doing some check in's (also part of my other job) BTW have a Merry Xmas and Happy holidays season Cheers Guys
  15. Yes! I have the game but have not tried it yet