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  1. Hey, I noticed your post regarding the Catherine platinum. Congratulations. Does the PS4 version allow you to play co-op online?

    1. Eli_bloodthirst


      I think so, do you require help regarding the challenges?

    2. GarciaFever


      Well I don't have the PS4 version yet. I just wanted to know if it is possible since I want to eventually get the game. Shame that they didn't think of doing this on the PS3 version, as the only thing I am missing for the platinum are the Babel stages.

    3. Eli_bloodthirst


       all four of them or? if you get a ps4 i'll help you :)

  2. Injustice 2
  3. #91 Catherine: Fully Body WHOLY DAMN I DID IT BOIS. AFTER THIS BAD BOY CAME OUT I JUST KNEW I HAD TO GET MY THIRD CATHERINE PLATINUM. So it was one hell of a rollercoaster for me, lots of work, rough time IRL and this saving grace took me through all of it. I even got world #1 for pair axis mundi and I at the time maintained the top #20 times for my runs on the babel challenges. It's one hell of a ride but I'm so glad to have done it. A Full-Bodied Wine Toast - 1.88% 36th Achiever on the site! Difficulty: 8/10 - Not gonna lie, this is by far one of the harder games I play and despite my absolute skill and time sunken into this masterpiece, it's not without its draws. It's hard, it's time consuming and I enjoyed every second of it. Broke me to tears completing it. Not for the faint hearted, especially since I have completed the story 15 times since release. Enjoyment: 10/10 - This is my favourite game, period. It has its flaws year but there's just something about this game that makes me come back for me, again and again. I even broke the left analog stick for my controller because I had been using it so much for this game but you know what? It was fun. Good times had by all. I've even said to friends I'd happily duo with them on babel to help them out because I love the game that much. FUN. I can't wait til christmas where I am going to be getting a japanese copy of this game so I can platinum it a fourth time... Really.
  4. > guide comes out > just about finished. Typical haha.
  5. Just got el dorado to do. Which means I only have the remix playthroughs to do haha.
  6. Two controllers makes it easier than altar on single player. Also just finished rapunzel, I love the game but 128 levels is monotonous.
  7. I mean yeah, altar is beyond easy. I think the obelisk was a little easier for me but no idea could have been a fluke. Axis mundi I got to 221 on first attempt, I mean it's definitely possible but I was like heck it worked on two controllers. Which I smashed the time with two controllers and got first. Definitely just easy depending on prior skill.
  8. Rayman origins
  9. Legeandary Climber - 1.15% Clear the final stage of babel, Axis Mundi. Casually just beating this with two controllers on my larry getting world #1. I disappoint myself.
  10. Thanks I realised that after I'd gotten stuck in. How have you found the babel challenges?
  11. For some of the requirements I'd agree but going off of the old ones I'm having a field day. Babel stages haven't broken me a sweat, 5 endings in, saved everyone. Somehow missed the drinking ones and Rapunzel I've started.
  12. Yo it's worth it. Do it twice even
  13. They were skippable anyway after you beat it on hard
  14. Way easier than the og EU version, gonna have a field day.
  15. #88 - CTR - Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled Welll bois, I said I did it, me and a mate were racing to try and beat oxide with each other, unfortunately I lost out by 3 hours whilst I was working but I still got this amazing bad boy of a platinum, very good that I've gotten it. Difficulty: 7/10 - Now to be fair, most of this game is easy and I don't think it's that bad but one thing got me, it really got me. The n trophy times. Not even the oxide, I just couldn't do it at first and I was chipping away chipping away. Then I got it and oxide was a lot easier, with exception to crash cove for some reason and dragon mines which omg was so hard. Enjoyment 5/10: Fun for the most part but the servers are terrible and the time trials made me want to pull my hair out and some sheesh. Next game I'm working on should be DMC 5, at least my second playthrough and the odd trophy sweepup.