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  1. Argh! After saving alot of Immortalite stones this didn't pop for me. Damn it.
  2. Hmm do the stats you get from the debug room retain even after the latest patch? I want to keep it as my backup incase my main save file gets corrupted and dont want to repeat a normal playthrough. EDIT: Nevermind. I'll just wait for the patch and get trophies after. I hope by then any chances of getting my save files corrupted would be zero.
  3. Have you gotten the chests too? I think that is required for the trophy. I didnt have any problem with his at all. It just popped randomly for me after smashing a crate at the last area of the game. EDIT: I don't think chests are required. I popped the trophy before I opened the hidden ones at the Keep and Catacombs.
  4. I finally did it guys! That took a long time. Thanks for the messages and time!
  5. I found two guys looking for a game as well. We were stuck waiting for 1 player for like 30 mins until we gave up. This is so frustrating.
  6. What are the peak times?
  7. Hello! is there anybody here still playing multiplayer on DOOM? I can't seem to find any games at all. I have changed my regions but have yet to find a game. I just want to get the online trophies that's all.
  8. It's good now guys I just needed to join a non warm up game.
  9. I already finished the trials. I'm trying to join warm up games. It gets around 7 players and then they disappear.
  10. Hello! I was just wondering, does Survival games counts towards Get in the Game Trophy? Does it also count the revives as well? I'm having a hard time trying to find matches on multiplayer. I figured that I might have better chances of finding Survival games cause it only requires two more people. Plus, I love that kind of game mode.