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  1. I was getting bugged doors using suit #3 and switched back to suit 1 and hasn’t happened again.
  2. Great work, I just started Bugsnax and this will come in handy (or fruit-handy, as the case may be!) - Also checked out your site. Any opportunity for more guides (especially lesser covered games), is always a welcome to the community!
  3. Yeah, there's really no reason to keep with the old level. As we move into this generation, we'll forget about the old system anyways. I don't even remember what level I was at prior to the switch.
  4. yeah, when I change it, it doesn’t change to the number that hovers, so I think there’s something else awry. Same with Sackboy, all show 0% no matter how they’re sorted (my default is rarity for PSNP). EDIT - actually now if I sort by PSNP it will show, but PSN all shows 0% still which isn’t correct.
  5. If I hover, I see some %, but not by default?
  6. Same ! I am trying to have a max of 3 games I am playing at the same time before moving on (meaning I platinum it). I plat'd Astro a few days ago, so I am working on The Pathless (as casual), Sackboy (with fam), and Demon's Souls (as challenge). Once I finish Pathless (i hope a trophy guide comes out soon!), I'll move on to Miles Morales, then Bugsnax.
  7. How often do they update ? to show 0%, but the game has been out almost a week is slightly odd. I wouldn't expect instantaneously, but at this point, some people have earned trophies for these games. And they are fine for the PS4 version: PS5 version: So, i assume this has something to do with PS5 trophies on the server not updating as it's happening with multiple games and not their PS4 versions.
  8. Same behavior here! It's still there as well, must be some sort of odd PS5 server error loading in this title!
  9. I saw a thread for trophy info that was incorrect, and I assume this has to do with PS5 games being new and sync issues, but I am playing The Pathless right now and the % are very wrong (at 0.00%). I wasn't sure if this was a known issue or not, but is there any info / update about when accurate #'s will be coming? Thanks !
  10. Blah. I'll just continue to play on PS4 then. I don't want to have half of the PS4 trophies, then all the PS5 trophies, just looks weird.
  11. It came back - very likely was the trophy server. It's odd they would release the game out without that all being synched.
  12. Meta-quote from another post! So, I think the problem with this was that the trophy data wasn't on the PS servers yet. It has since updated and everything is working great, so could be a similar situation. (The data wasn't even on PSNP at the time.
  13. There any confirmation on this? I'm not through the PS4 version, so it's annoying to have a separate list. I don't want to go through two times and I don't want to abandon the PS4 list where I am at... I wish they would just merge all titles. Stacking is pointless, and I don't get why they can't just update the trophy list to be a single source.
  14. I'm more annoyed that they took away the ability to hide things from your library/purchased items. All those demos, etc. are back that they (not so long ago) let us hide...
  15. It's a very significant increase. The PS4 had a maximum speed based on the hardware. Just like how new phones take advantage of faster speeds due to upgraded wireless chips.