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  1. I had no issues. if you follow the guide it will let you know what you need to do each chapter. a bit of a grind at the end for AP to get the 65 abilities , but if you equip the moogle charm when you get it early on that’ll help you level easier to get the AP. Also, if you go back to chapters, always get the cactuars again as they will net you more AP. Otherwise, the game is very straight-forward. One frustrating trophy is hitting Quetz with Aranae’s highwind. Took me about 15 tries, but if you quit the game before earning XP - you can just keep trying.
  2. The controls are terrible. Even in the main game, the camera alone increases the difficulty. It took me forever to beat the boss in World 2 because of it. The snowboarding it terrible. It took me a long time to get the slingshot trophy. Not looking forward to the monkey target trophy...
  3. I got to this challenge last night, and legit have tried over 100 times, I am finally past the second set of rings, but I keep dying right after I get past the square room with the open tunnel in the center bottom of the screen. This is one of the most frustrating experiences of all time. I get trophies are extra and are meant to be a challenge, but looking at the context of this game, as a platformer - having this level of difficulty in a minigame that provides no tutorial and does not base itself on any other aspect of the game is poor design in my opinion.
  4. Still looking for someone! Someone added me, but then I didn't respond within 48 hours and they called me rude and blocked me. I'm not on every single day, but can coordinate something (Eastern Standard Time).
  5. Anyone still need this trophy - I do! Add me and send me a message to figure out a time that works!
  6. Doing whatever you want to the person and being fair is the difference between having a police force and having a police state. The kid was 12, created a silly username, but does having a silly username outweigh the investment that user put into games. Sony can easily change their name. I've put thousands and thousands of dollars into digital content in the PS Store (not to mention having a PS4, a PS4 Pro, PSVR, a Vita and 4 dualshock controllers - not to mention everything on PS1/2/3/PSP). If Sony pulled this kind of shit (please don't ban me) on me, they'd lose out on a customer who has easily buried 20k into their gaming ecosystems. I assume they'd look at my account and treat me differently than this user though, which is also unfair (or maybe not, and lose a lifelong customer). The punishment doesn't fit the crime, so just because giant corporation CAN do something, doesn't mean they should.
  7. These "kids" that are playing online are the worst offenders of heinous language (the fact that this guy was a kid when he created the username shows that). Games have ESRB ratings, and obviously, that doesn't cover multiplayer experience, but I hear way worse than what I see in usernames.
  8. I ended up buying it last night. Certainly different than what I was expecting. Still trying to figure out how exactly I go through the upgrading process. The controls are very slippery as well, so getting used to that, but think I will end up liking it (going back and forth between Secret of Mana and Monster World as well at the moment)
  9. What are people's thoughts? I was thinking of downloading it tonight. I love rogue-likes and retro style games. Seems like a win-win.
  10. This is good news to hear, as I just defeat the demon wall and have been leveling up every weapon for every character!
  11. Agreed. I remembering downloading a ROM of SD3 as a teenager and really loving the dynamic nature of all of the different stories/pathways you could take, but still having the heart of SoM.
  12. 5k Platinum Trophy is the goal
  13. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the graphics and voiceovers for this game, but honestly, I am dying in anticipation (and even more because I will be out of town until Friday so I have to wait an additional day). Although I was gaming from the original Mario Bros., aside from Crystalis (and Star Tropics) on NES, SoM was the first truly immersive RPG that I lost myself in, introducing me to a lifetime of love for my favorite genre. Additionally, the added innovation of multiplayer changed everything (although that never truly caught on for games). I love classics like Zelda and Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia, but SoM was always as the forefront. The music, the bosses, the magic - and it is all back - WITH TROPHIES. Anyways, I just wanted to show how much I love SoM - I got this tattoo about a year ago with the mana tree scene. The floating castles are Dracula's castle from Castlevania. Happy Rabite slaughtering!
  14. The trophy list shows the PS4/Vita icons on the same game vs. an entry for PS4 and Vita. Does this not typically imply cross-buy/save since the trophy list is one?
  15. Would it be best to do expeditions? Since there is no faint limit, and you can just roam around and slay monsters without a time limit? Does expedition mode turn off any sort of looting/trophy achievements (I.e. if you capture 5 monsters in an expedition, does this go towards your 50 count for the trophy)?