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  1. Anyone else having issues with this? I've beaten boss rush (not seeded) several times and this hasn't unlocked. Also, for some reason I don't have The Chest...for beating the Chest. But I do have "Dead Boy" which is beating chest without taking damage?
  2. It's not too bad, got in on my second try - you start back with full health after each phase.
  3. I’m working on getting everyone to power level 10, but took a break to finish arcade in hard (which isn’t appearing in dojo for some reason). Anyways, I had gotten Donatello to level 10 and had a few other characters on a few levels up. I just went back to my story mode game and now April is level 10, Donatello is 1, and the rest are random… thoughts ? Should I start a new game , reset progress … I tried restarting and these new numbers seem to be sticking but not sure it’s accurate …
  4. Much thanks! Just started playing today and glad there's a guide for it!
  5. Does the game difficulty change based on having another character (I would assume, but wondering in what ways!)
  6. Exclusives are great - it is what sets consoles apart from each other, but so many decisions in these big corporations are so anti-consumer. I've been playing Elder Scrolls since Oblivion (actually played Morrowind when I had an OG Xbox), but I've been int he PS ecosystem since PS1, and it's where I choose to game now. It's just unfortunate that a franchise that's literally joked about being on refrigerators and Alexa will only be playable through Microsoft venues. It seems wild - I get they paid an enormous amount of money, but you're blocking out customers like myself that will not be buying the newest ES.
  7. That's what I am doing (the cereobos claw) , it's just so finicky when you jump to attach to something, it's not so much defeating things, it's more avoiding being too close to activate HB.
  8. Just went for DR3, and beat it on the 3rd attempt. The patch must've helped a lot! Sorry you had to suffer the anguish of pre-patch It's funny sometimes getting in before the patches can actually help, but not in this instance. Now I just have to slog through these no hellbreak runs...
  9. One-shot with any character ? I'm having a hard time with the hellbreak challenges. Literally, if you fall on a statue or a hanging corpse, you're screwed. I had read somewhere it's only double jump, but I think falling in the certain way or holding the directional near an enemy also triggers it.
  10. No Hellbreaks is very annoying. For those wondering, it's not just when you double jump into an enemy (as I read on one page). I felt onto one of the avarice statues and it performed a hellbreak, so you really need to stay away from everything. Does anyone know if the trophy for chapter 2/3 means you have to get through all previous chapters without hellbreak as well. For example, if I died and restarted, would I have to not hellbreak through all of chapter 1 again for the 2/3 trophies?
  11. Got it. Used the little Syndia and that worked well. for being able to sort of attack and move on quicker.
  12. Zelos or Syndia ? I have 92 Blight right now, just been saving up, but have enough to unlock them.
  13. Think its RNG? I think I got him on my 2nd or 3rd run. Meanwhile, after probably 20 full game runs, haven't come across Ifirit in conquest at all.
  14. Struggling with Deathrush 2. Get to BB at around 60% life , but never enough time. Typically run out of time in his final form or end up dying . If 2 is this hard, can't imagine 3, since that boss takes a bunch of time with 2 forms.
  15. I was getting bugged doors using suit #3 and switched back to suit 1 and hasn’t happened again.