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  1. Does anyone know how to turn these on, as I can't find the setting at all when loading the single player game.
  2. Just a heads up it sometimes crashes when you quick save when exiting. I lost 21 stars and about 10 hours of gameplay as it corrupted my file. So make sure save before exiting with the save career option. Just managed to get back up to 15 stars....
  3. I have just got 400k xp in less than 2 hours. Averaging about 35k xp a game plus in 1 game I got 71k xp lol Hopefully it's on all weekend as I have to go away and the only time I'm going to finish it off is Sunday night 😣
  4. Is there any xp boosts this weekend?
  5. Only caught 3 hours of the double xp this weekend, got 500k experience which isn't bad. Got from 33 to 35. Hoping the new game mode is short with a lot of exp 😅
  6. This trophy is a load of rubbish. I am normally a division 1 player on every other fifa and this year I cannot get anywhere near division 4. In before just get good, it's not the case as I've always been a top division player who wins 90% of the time. My players won't pass to each other I always feel like my midfield is being over run and even when I have 4 cms playing. The goal keeping is next to appalling where they drop or let shots underneath at the near post. Then I lose 1-0 to a first time screamer from 30 yards, the game is basically unplayable and is causing me serious anger issues. I really hope the EA developers burn in hell for this rubbish. END RANT
  7. Can't believe I missed the first 2 weekends of 3xp! Though I did manage to get from 29 to 32 in under 4 hours on starfighters which is getting roughly 10-30k xp per match. This has to be the worse leveling system there is in a game...
  8. I have a key to a person who can trade me a painted item, very rare item and a vet certified. Will trade all back once finished with. Add me: Hedgepig103
  9. Hey, I thought I would leave this here, I made a video of all the objectives that you need for the "The Sanada's Millions" trophy. If anyone needs any help message me and I'll try and respond 100% Objective List
  10. Looks like an easy trophy list, just started it and I have created some videos on some of the misc trophies along the way: Youtube
  11. Has this even been fixed yet? I keep putting it off to go plat this...
  12. Just a heads up, I have bought this recently and when start getting 10+ minions the game and you get into a fight the game just crashes even with the patches...this really needs to be fixed.
  13. Sorry about the late replies, only noticed now. The map computers just respawned for me and I was missing the swamp one, so just flew over and go it. This has to be the worst Lego I have played for collecting, it took me 60-70 hours just to collect everything could only bring myself to play an hour a day on it before i got bored. I will attempt the DLCs at somepoint though.
  14. Just an update the latest patch today has fixed this glitch for me!
  15. I've done all the story and been to all 18, this piece of *insert swearword* is doing my head in... I feel like i am going to have to restart it and not touch any panel until free play is unlocked