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  1. Anyone know the requirements for the Story Teller trophy? The only thing I know for sure is that it seems to require you to do all the boss missions in story mode on default difficult (Source: ) From what I'm hearing from others, you just need to beat every mission in story on default or higher.
  2. After trying for around 3-4 hrs, I finally cleared Score Attack using a fairly simple method that even those with limited knowledge of the game can use. So for the run, I used Triad (alpha). The strategy revolves around 2 things, a surefire way to get in damage, and a way to shut them down from using a 2nd boss mode. Immediately as you start the match, start up boss mode. In boss mode, mash square and hope you can hit your opponent with your laser. Doing this will remove your opponent's gauges and do some damage. If your boss mode gets destroyed, your opponent will recover all of their guage, but just accepts that it happens, and hope for the best. Immediately after boss mode is over, press L1 to use Super charger and then start pressing R2 to dash. While dashing, mash O to release mines. These mines, while dashing, will home in on your opponent, and stop their movements (including attacks). If those mines hit, approach them while mashing X to punish them. Repeat until they're low health or in boss mode. If they go to boss mode, your strategy will depend on your amount of gauge. If you have a lot of gauge, get close, and mash square. Your missile barrage should be able to beat the boss mode. If you can't get close enough to fire missiles or have no gauge to fire missiles, just try to stay back, and mash triangle to clear bullets. Regardless, once they're out of boss mode, you'll do the same dash -> stun strat again until they're low. When they're low (or in the worse place, you're in Vanish mode), use boss mode to finish them off, but if they activate it, do the same as their previous boss mode. It'll take a bit of practice and luck to get used to the strategy and get through the various boss modes, but there is very little need to learn how to properly dodge most attacks with this strategy. Summary: Battle Start Your boss mode Repeatedly R2 and then mash O until they're stunned Approach and press X to do damage Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your Opponent uses boss mode Destroy with square if possible, otherwise hold your ground Repeat steps 3 and 4 Use your boss mode to finish them
  3. Yeah, the game is weird because the ingame trigger for the trophy is already set to true, so you can't get the trophy anymore if you got it while glitched. You just need to always reinstall it to get the trophy.
  4. If you plan to play all of ones you listed, I would start with Symphonia first, just because it would feel incredibly dated if you go back to it after another game (I think it is the first game with a 3d battle system), even going back to play Phantasia felt better with its 2d battle system. If you want to play the entire series, then I guess you should just start with Phantasia so you can see the progression of graphics. If you want to just get used to the series, almost any of the ones you listed above except Zesteria and Dawn of the New World. I have heard ppl playing Xillia 2 without 1 and still enjoying it.
  5. I just finished my 3rd plat run of the game, and as you might expect, I learned a fair bit more about the game. One of the major things I learned was about how to optimize battle bonuses. I haven't done full test yet, but to inspire those that are trying, here are some of the things I tried. (For those wondering, guide update will happen after a bit more testing) tl;dr: Just see the last 2 pictures before the bonus section For frame of reference, here are images from the original video I made. This picture was made on Floor 12, 1st room enemy with the 2 bosses and 5 mini monsters. If you look at my guide, I also suggested a much higher combo focused method that I learned the 2nd time I played the game. I didn't know why at the time, but sometimes it gave me some larger bonuses at 720% or so, but usually I got the following: So as you can tell, there is a huge jump in combo and in turn damage, but the losing the link bonus and some amount of simultaneous kills hurt my bonuses a lot. In my 3rd run, I thought, let's try some things out: 4 Fans + 1 Hammer on Otoha (Otoha also has < 30% hp) Turn 1: Harmonic Chain Cosmic Fan Ultimate Crush Turn 2: Live Concert (level 2 with bonus set to "increase s skill dmg") Harmonic Chain Earth Assault x 5 Condemnation x 5 Cosmic Fan x 5 Herd of Artemis x 4 Light Crescent x 2 Solitary Rhaphsody Prima Donna Ultimate Crush Shrine of Hope Well I think the damage on that hit more than speaks for itself, despite this being 1 of the lower damage runs, but wow the bonus tanked. So what can you take away from this: 1. Single Hit Damage does not equal Large Bonuses 2. More Damage in total, by itself does not equal Large Bonuses So in those pictures, what actually generated large bonuses, Combo, Simultaneous Kill Bonus, and Link Bonus. Everything else pretty much didn't matter since they stayed constant between the pictures. Now, the question became, how do I optimize those? So the first thing that needs to happen is to make sure everyone has 8 turns on T2, so everyone can pull a large and consistent combo. It turns out, that it is quite possible, mostly because I forgot something about chain skills, they only charge the wait time of the character who started the chain. As a result, the 2nd to 4th character can use skills as long as their wait time is lower than the chain skill, making your 1st turn look something like this: Turn 1: Harmonic Chain Cosmic Fan Ultimate Crush 3x single hit move with wait < 50 (This can be an AOE move, but to avoid killing the tiny enemies, I hit the bosses with a single target move, or tried the 12 hit gun move to only hit the 2 bosses) Now, there is 1 other fact about Chain skills, they do low damage. While Cosmic Fan generates an insane 10.5 combo a person when you have pursuit bonus, it does an incredibly low amount of damage per person. Instead, it might be worthwhile to not use Cosmic Fan too much to be able to do more damage per single hit. (You still need combo because damage is dependent on combo when you launch that final blow) Now wait, you might be asking why is this important. Didn't we establish earlier that Damage wasn't that important. Sort of right. In the earlier examples, damage was centered around extremely large combos creating extremely power EX attacks. Instead we want to focus on Greater Damage a hit, which is important for Simultaneous Kill Bonus, which as I understand, the amount of times a enemy died to an attack during your combo (not really sure here, so I'm keeping it a bit vague) So what does the a sample combo look like: 4 Fans + 1 Hammer on Otoha (Otoha also has < 30% hp) Turn 1: Harmonic Chain Cosmic Fan Ultimate Crush Sacred Dance Turn 2: Live Concert (level 2 with bonus set to "increase s skill dmg") Harmonic Chain Light Crescent x 4 Herd of Artemis x 4 Howling Earth Ultimate Crush Cosmic Fan x 3 Flame typhoon -> Raging Vortex -> Aubade Crush -> Adagio Tempest x 3.75 (Make sure to keep link Bonus, and stop right before the user of the 1st Special) Solitary Rhaphsody Prima Donna Shrine of Hope While the damage isn't impressive, the jump in Simultaneous Kills is pretty insane, and the jump in Link Bonus to what I had in the original video is a nice bonus. I'm still trying things out, but I do recommend trying to break away from too many Cosmic Fans and trying to see what you get. =========================================== Some bonus pictures: If you have a party where you can hit everyone with the small circle of Aubade Crush + get a bit lucky 6 mini enemies: 20 mil+ approval!!!!!!!
  6. Each floor of Toyopolis in each Era is counted individually, so the game will notify you when that floor of that era.
  7. I followed the guide on PS3imports and got the platinum with no issue
  8. Well someone made a translation guide for most of the items for the original game Most of the items were ported over, so it is still a pretty effective guide. For the remaining items and menus, there are quite a few guides you can use google translate on:
  9. Sorry I was directing the 2nd sentence towards the op. If you're happy with how you spend money, all is good.
  10. What if they get satisfaction out of skipping that VN? I don't think it should be considered wasted money then. Regardless, in the end, I'm going to assume you're gaming for fun and not as a job, so just do whatever makes you happy. If this sudden epiphany of yours causes you to have less fun with completing things, then you can try not doing it and see how it works out for you. I don't know your psych, so you'll just need to explore (I only feel money is wasted if the money you spent is only making your life worse.)
  11. So the "New" 3DS has slightly better hardware, so some games were made specifically for it. Here are the list of game: The only real notable one is Xenoblade Chronicle, which is honestly better on a Wii, or other various means of playing the game. All 3DSes can play DS games. The only real thing to consider when buying the system is how good of a 3d experience you want, how large of a screen you want, and how portable you want it. 2DS: no 3d, and large size making it not very portable (still lightweight and easy to hold) OG 3DS/ 3DS XL: Not as good 3D tracking NEW 3DS/ 3DS XL: Better 3D tracking and a few few minor exclusive games.
  12. Is there a reason you need a Sony made PS3 controller? You can use a Hori controller for both PS3 and PS4 as long as you don't need the six-axis functionality.
  13. So funnily enough, I decided to abandon the thought of finishing this mini guide in favor of just making a full guide with Walt. We submitted it for review, so hopefully it will be up in the next few days with the answer to your questions and more. However, with that said, if you spend your stamina well (barely waiting between level ups), the game should take about 10-15hrs. As for the 6th trophy, I'm just going to copy and paste from what I have from the guide currently -------- Read Yurina's Extra StoryYurina's Extra Story is a 0AP mission that is unlocked when you level Yurina to 40 and limit break her for the 1st time. As Yurina is a character your get from the start, this is fairly straightforward to do. Please see 平和に過ごしたい for more details on how to go about performing the limit break. Just keep in mind that rather than booster cards, you should be using attacker cards to level up Yurina and you will need only Sword books instead of Booster books and a Chaotic Factor to perform her limit break. Part of 平和に過ごしたい in question: As for how to actually perform the limit break in question, you will need to get DCD to Level 40 and once you do so, you will need 3 Booster books and one Chaotic Factor to perform the limit break. The materials necessary should be a non-issue since you should have plenty of what you need from just doing the missions to get DCD, though getting her to Level 40 may prove a bit of an annoyance. If you are lucky, you should have gotten plenty of small and large Booster crystal cards over the course of the grind as drops, which provide 4500 XP and 11250 XP, respectively when applied to a Booster character. If you have not, though, not only can you get these as drops from Very Hard and Extreme missions along with other types of large crystal cards, but you can also go into the shop and get up to five of each large crystal card per day for a mere 10000 GP per card, which should be easy to raise from the rewards you get for clearing harder missions.
  14. Before patch 1.02, boss trophies wouldn't pop and some of the trophies were glitchy, but that is now fixed. If you want to get the boss trophies now, just refight the boss and win. However, if one of the trophies that require a certain count glitched on you like getting 20 Perfect Summons, you will have to wipe your game data from your system before you can get the trophy.
  15. I'm aiming to finish a guide over the next few days, but if you don't mind it being a bit disorganized, I have the information needed to 100% the game here I'm still looking up a few ways to lower the amount of time needed to 100% it, but if you have a strong friend, you can definitely 100% the game within 2 days without buying any premium currency. (Someone already got a 100% in sub 24hrs)