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  1. Can I participate with my 4th and currently final stack of the game,오메가-퀸텟 ? I'll be going through it pretty slowly because I'm only doing it on stream and when a friend of mine is caught up with me and needs guidance on what to do next.
  2. I didn't see this until now, but I did get the 30k monster kills through a turbo controller. So there are a few major obstacles to do this. First and the hardest issue is finding a working turbo controller. A Hori turbo controller will not work with the PSTV, at least in my attempts. Supposedly a ChronusMax does work. I used a controller converter that is now out of production, so you can't get it anymore. Regardless, a turbo controller method requires a turbo controller, so you're going to have to solve this problem Now, to do the farming, any rectangular room will do, but to stay near a warp point at all times, I used Blue Tower's 4th floor warp room, a small 3x3 room. To get the turbo working, it is pretty simple, old down or up and mash the attack key. This will allow you to continually move to new fights. However, this will force you to use a random skill, so make sure your characters are powerful enough to tank everything without dying for hours of fighting. Make sure to check the level of Estra's forms while doing that since that also requires a lot of kills/battles.
  3. Well 2nd batch of the game will be up in about 5 hrs from this post. And regardless, Shantae sold out faster this morning, so it shouldn't be too hard to get....
  4. Still looking through, but this sale seems solid. Lowest price ever on the Vita Hakuoki games.
  5. Not sure if you're willing to play games that aren't translated yet, but you can definitely play everything else that Compile Heart has made (Fairy Fencer F, Genkai Tokki series, Mary Skelter 1/2, Death End Re;quest, Varnir of the Witch, etc) Besides that, you already mentioned all the Gust ones besides Ar tonelico / Nosurge games. You have a few other games by the makers of Senran Kagura that aren't Neptunia games, Valkyrie Drive and Drive Girls (Drive Girls is a particularly bad game, but the choice is yours) Other games/series/Franchisees: Akiba's Strip Akiba's Beat Love Live games Girls und Panzer games Saki games Shining Series Caladrius Blaze Omega Labyrinth Guided Fate Paradox Awakened Fate Ultimatum The Asterisk War: Phoenix Festa I can probably name more, but it'll help if you narrow down your genre choice by a bit since you can cater any genre of game to any group through some graphical changes. As for Atelier games, I don't know why anyone would put them at a difficulty beyond 5. Anything that is turn based that isn't dependent on luck means you could easily look up a guide on what to do at every moment in the game and bring the difficulty effectively down to the level of a VN. Follow directions, and you win.
  6. Technically, as almost everyone has a PC capable of playing the game (it really isn't technically demanding), most ppl have the option of getting it on PC.
  7. My big question is what is with Sony Playstation branch's timing on all of this. As seen in all of the Noraneko examples, there is a Switch version that will happily eat up any marketshare that Sony doesn't want. Investors were saying that Switch hype was gone, and I'm sure Sony wants to keep it that way. However, going into the holiday season, Sony gives a nice big happy reason to have devs leave their console and focus development to the Switch instead, ensuring great 3rd party support for the Switch for years to come. It really feels like Sony's Playstation branch really wants to cut away a lot of jp support. (I tried to separate Playstation from the rest of Sony because FGO is made by Sony's mobile division, and if anyone saw 1 certain Craft Essence from the new event, they know it should be censored to follow suit with the examples of Noraneko)
  8. Thanks for confirming
  9. For those wanting to know what was exactly cut out, here is a quick run down of the feature. Like the dressing room in previous games, you can go up to a character and interact with them. The game gives you a pair of hands, that you can use to fondle or slap various parts of the girl. As you fondle the girl, you'll fill up a heart gauge. When the heart gauge is full, you can slap the girl's hand and they will reach out to you. When they are reached out, you can grab them, to enter a special scene where you can kiss the girl (and get a trophy). It is effectively a cut down version of what you do during Reflexions.
  10. Here is a miniguide for some of the trophies in the game that gave me issues: Crushed the Demon of Fists & Crushed the Demon Master You get these for clearing missions 5-8 of Hanzo and Hebijo respectively. These missions are not required to be completed for the Chapter 5 completion trophies, and are only accessible after you have completed the story (which ends at 5-7). However, these missions aren't super easy, so I do recommend you level up all of the characters in a school before you do them. One Who Knows the Truth Completing this trophy will require you to get the Defeat the ______ Shinobi trophies, so doing this will be a bit difficult and take time. However, this does encompass a lot of the trophies in this game. The scrolls each mission has is shown on the mission display screen with a scroll icon that will light up if you collect it. However, if you wish for more exact locations, does have them, but you'll need google translate to use the site. Strange Medicine You'll probably get this naturally as you finish all the missions in the game, but if you want to farm these, go to Hanzo's story mission 5-1 and go to the back left corner beyond the screens and you can find 12 Secret Growth Remedies. Free Form! To get this trophy, press on an accessory in the dressing room, and then scroll down to a percentage. Change the percentage and this trophy is yours. If it's with You... One of the more amusing trophies, but it does require you to go through a few steps to get Select the 2nd item in the dressing room menu Press + to activate hands Mash and on a part of the body to get the relationship guage on the top right up Once the relationship guage is maximized and shows a picture of the girl, press or on a hand to slap the hand The girl should now be lifting up their hand in a hugging pose. Press and on these hands Now you'll enter the screen where you can make a kiss. Move your left thumbstick to try to get they the kiss marker to the face and press (Probably better to just mash ). Beware, you're only sort of controlling this, so expect its movement to feel really awkward. On top of that you have a timelimit, so there is a good chance you'll fail on your first attempt. If you got the trophy, congratulations. If not, repeat steps 3-6 until you do. Hold a Pose To get this trophy, go to the 3rd option in the dressing room and then change the 3rd option in the following menu If anyone has any problems on any other trophy, feel free to ask.
  11. It took me a bit, but as long as you do it in Shinobi mode, as ughrora suggested, this is possible with any character. For the most part, the mechanics didn't change from Shinovi which has a similar trophy (Girl Who Never Touched the Ground) For those that have no idea how to do this, here are the steps. Enter Shinobi mode Find an enemy Hit the enemy with your light combo (Mash ) until you hear the sound of something being smashed far away Press to speed toward your enemy in air Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the trophy pops. If you have any problems in doing this, try looking up the videos for Girl Who Never Touched the Ground in Shinovi.
  12. In my 3rd playthrough of the game, I learned about the power of Chain Skills besides Cosmic Fan. Namely the power of Twin Melody. Properly using Twin Melody allows you to effectively kill most of the large storyline enemies before they get a chance to attack. To demonstrate, here is a video on Arcadian Brute and the strategy to do it. I plan to update the guide soon with this information, but I admit I've been putting it off for a while.
  13. Anyone know the requirements for the Story Teller trophy? The only thing I know for sure is that it seems to require you to do all the boss missions in story mode on default difficult (Source: ) From what I'm hearing from others, you just need to beat every mission in story on default or higher.
  14. After trying for around 3-4 hrs, I finally cleared Score Attack using a fairly simple method that even those with limited knowledge of the game can use. So for the run, I used Triad (alpha). The strategy revolves around 2 things, a surefire way to get in damage, and a way to shut them down from using a 2nd boss mode. Immediately as you start the match, start up boss mode. In boss mode, mash square and hope you can hit your opponent with your laser. Doing this will remove your opponent's gauges and do some damage. If your boss mode gets destroyed, your opponent will recover all of their guage, but just accepts that it happens, and hope for the best. Immediately after boss mode is over, press L1 to use Super charger and then start pressing R2 to dash. While dashing, mash O to release mines. These mines, while dashing, will home in on your opponent, and stop their movements (including attacks). If those mines hit, approach them while mashing X to punish them. Repeat until they're low health or in boss mode. If they go to boss mode, your strategy will depend on your amount of gauge. If you have a lot of gauge, get close, and mash square. Your missile barrage should be able to beat the boss mode. If you can't get close enough to fire missiles or have no gauge to fire missiles, just try to stay back, and mash triangle to clear bullets. Regardless, once they're out of boss mode, you'll do the same dash -> stun strat again until they're low. When they're low (or in the worse place, you're in Vanish mode), use boss mode to finish them off, but if they activate it, do the same as their previous boss mode. It'll take a bit of practice and luck to get used to the strategy and get through the various boss modes, but there is very little need to learn how to properly dodge most attacks with this strategy. Summary: Battle Start Your boss mode Repeatedly R2 and then mash O until they're stunned Approach and press X to do damage Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your Opponent uses boss mode Destroy with square if possible, otherwise hold your ground Repeat steps 3 and 4 Use your boss mode to finish them
  15. Yeah, the game is weird because the ingame trigger for the trophy is already set to true, so you can't get the trophy anymore if you got it while glitched. You just need to always reinstall it to get the trophy.