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  1. How good are you at dungeon crawlers? But in general, the game is relatively easy for a dungeon crawler, just grindy. Maybe a 3/10 or a 4/10.
  2. I'm not sure what a long plat means for you, but given that the jp version has a rarity slightly lower than the first game, and the first game, estimates for the first game are way above 50 hrs, this is definitely above 50 hrs for the plat and maybe above the 100 hr range. (I should be able to tell you better, but I haven't my jp copy of this game much because of dungeon crawler burnout)
  3. That site pretty much explains why for the most part. As for the game itself, it is a pretty standard Mystery Dungeon / Shiren the Wanderer type dungeon crawler with a bunch of silly fanservice gimmicks.
  4. No real need for a guide, pretty much every boss uses the strategy of Cosmic Fan locking and slowly finishing them off, unless you can 1 shot them.
  5. I realized that my post about the maps for this game is pretty hidden, so I decided to make a separate thread for it. (Still WIP, but I don't know when I'll ever get around to it) Black Tower Maps: 1F: 2F: 3F: 4F: 5F: B1F: B2F: B3F: B4F: Red Tower Maps: 1F: 2F: 3F: 4F: 5F: Under Cliff: 6F: Blue Tower Maps: 1F: 2F: 3F: 4F: 5F: 6F: for the places with more than 1 warps: left, bottom-left, up 7F: 8F: 9F: White Tower Maps: 1F: 2F: Pamela's Key is from a cutscene in 1st door if you head down from the start | Switch is 1 block right of the exit 3F: 4F: 5F: 6F: 7F: Central Temple Maps: B1F: B2F: B3F: B4F: B5F: B6F: B7F: B8F: B9F: B10F: Dark Tower Maps: 1F: 2F: 3F: Defeat all Gargoyles to unlock the exit 4F: 5F: 6F: 7F: 8F: 9F: 10F: 11F: 12F: Metal Crest Dungeon Maps: 1F: 2F: (go down right for portal first, then left. down left, down, down-right, down, down, left-most, left (only 1 on my visible map), topmost, rightmost) 3F: 4F: 5F: 6F: 7F: 8F: Wood Crest Dungeon Maps: 1F: (Goal is topmost red point) 2F: 3F: 4F: 5F: 6F: 7F: 8F: Fire Crest Dungeon Maps: ===================================== Route to beat the game (WIP) Black Tower: Go to 3rd floor Fall down in custscene go up to boss on 5th Red Tower: Go to 3rd floor Fight the 2nd set of double gargoyles Pick up the chest a few steps in front of them Go back to the exclamation point Leave and go to black tower. Go to pitfall on 1F if you haven't before Trigger the cutscene at the way to get to 2F Head back to the red tower 2F Head to now unsealed middle warp Beat the dragon (and optionally the Guardian after) Head back to Black Tower and open up B2F Get to B4F and beat the dragon (and optionally the Guardian after) Unseal your friends in the Red Tower 3F Go to 5F, and trigger on the top middle (to the left of the middle, not the stairs to 6F) Beat the Guardian on 6F Blue Tower: Get to the end of the 5th floor and trigger the bridge breaking Go to the Black Tower 3F Use the Seal Wave Detector Beat Leo Leave the tower and head to the General Store. Use the Jump Stone Beat the Wood Dragon (and optionally the Guardian after) Go back to the 5th floor of the Blue Tower and Repair the bridge Get up to the 9th floor and defeat the Guardian White Tower: Enter the White tower and move around until you're kicked out. Go to the Temple Go to the Blue Tower 4F Fight the Dragon Go back to town Fight the Dragon again Head to the White Tower Get to the 7F, and go beat Glen and Guardian Central Temple: Complete All 4 routes. Beat Gordon and the Guardian Dark Tower: Climb to 12F Beat the final boss Celebrate what you can before starting post game/ next lap
  6. I personally have had fine experiences with LG and Samsung (never had a Sony TV or product besides PS stuff), but the best TV is really up to what you're aiming for. Higher end TVs of the same generation tend to have higher input lag than lower end ones, probably due to image processing. If you want something cheap and low input lag, try something like TCL s405 at 15ms input lag ( If you're aiming for picture quality and HDR, well I guess I would need to know your goals and budget to help you with that. Just remember, OLED is just a technology to get you better picture and color, but just because a TV has such technology doesn't mean it actually has better picture and color.
  7. Thanks so much for confirming, will change accordingly. (I also realized I completely forgot to add Orphioon's tips. I really need to do that soon.)
  8. Show me a 6* Odogaron, I don't believe you.
  9. 7*, but it is honestly pointless to put in star rank. The star rank is always the strength of the strongest monster in the hunt. Tier 1 monsters on HR are 6*. Tier 2 monsters are 7*. Elder dragons are 8*, and tempered monsters are 9*. Since the strongest monster in the fight is Odogaron, it will always be 7* (unless there is a tempered).
  10. Giant Odogaron Radobaan + Odogaron 2 Faints Rotten Vale 2 players 21780z 50min S/S/G/G Flourishing: Gather Points
  11. While it is a remake, let's not jump to conclusions about what they will change in this version. FFF:ADF was a remake, but it added effectively 100% more content to play. While I doubt this is that big, I don't want to discredit CH just yet.
  12. Finally after clearing 15 boxes and clearing shop, I got a rainbow:
  13. ~40 hrs into Christmas 2017, 5 boxes down, the grind is real.
  14. But.... but waterguns are cooler than swords. On another note, sheep are cuter than both:
  15. I think you mean Artoria Archer, the debatably best archer in the game right now and has everyone's favorite saberface. Well, she needs 24 stakes to ascend past 60 if I remember correctly. Regardless, Christmas 2017 is coming soon....... for hopefully all of your farming needs.