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  1. Is there a reason you need a Sony made PS3 controller? You can use a Hori controller for both PS3 and PS4 as long as you don't need the six-axis functionality.
  2. So funnily enough, I decided to abandon the thought of finishing this mini guide in favor of just making a full guide with Walt. We submitted it for review, so hopefully it will be up in the next few days with the answer to your questions and more. However, with that said, if you spend your stamina well (barely waiting between level ups), the game should take about 10-15hrs. As for the 6th trophy, I'm just going to copy and paste from what I have from the guide currently -------- Read Yurina's Extra StoryYurina's Extra Story is a 0AP mission that is unlocked when you level Yurina to 40 and limit break her for the 1st time. As Yurina is a character your get from the start, this is fairly straightforward to do. Please see 平和に過ごしたい for more details on how to go about performing the limit break. Just keep in mind that rather than booster cards, you should be using attacker cards to level up Yurina and you will need only Sword books instead of Booster books and a Chaotic Factor to perform her limit break. Part of 平和に過ごしたい in question: As for how to actually perform the limit break in question, you will need to get DCD to Level 40 and once you do so, you will need 3 Booster books and one Chaotic Factor to perform the limit break. The materials necessary should be a non-issue since you should have plenty of what you need from just doing the missions to get DCD, though getting her to Level 40 may prove a bit of an annoyance. If you are lucky, you should have gotten plenty of small and large Booster crystal cards over the course of the grind as drops, which provide 4500 XP and 11250 XP, respectively when applied to a Booster character. If you have not, though, not only can you get these as drops from Very Hard and Extreme missions along with other types of large crystal cards, but you can also go into the shop and get up to five of each large crystal card per day for a mere 10000 GP per card, which should be easy to raise from the rewards you get for clearing harder missions.
  3. Before patch 1.02, boss trophies wouldn't pop and some of the trophies were glitchy, but that is now fixed. If you want to get the boss trophies now, just refight the boss and win. However, if one of the trophies that require a certain count glitched on you like getting 20 Perfect Summons, you will have to wipe your game data from your system before you can get the trophy.
  4. I'm aiming to finish a guide over the next few days, but if you don't mind it being a bit disorganized, I have the information needed to 100% the game here I'm still looking up a few ways to lower the amount of time needed to 100% it, but if you have a strong friend, you can definitely 100% the game within 2 days without buying any premium currency. (Someone already got a 100% in sub 24hrs)
  5. With the server closing down soon, and the 100% being not that hard to get. I thought it would be best to share what I learned to get a 100%. On a side note, if you played Monster Monpiece before, it does help you understand some of the fundamentals, but most of the strategies in Monster Monpiece are near irrelevant in this game. Credits to Walt for teaching me effectively everything. And credits to this wiki ( for being an amazing source of information For some quick tips on supports, please read Recommended steps for 100%: Finish the Prologue Get some strong friends Finish up to Chapter 3 part 4 of the story Defeat the storyline unlocked bosses for helpful cards Defeat all Next forms on Hard Defeat Next Green on all difficulties Defeat DCD until you get a copy of DCD Level DCD and Yurina to 40 and limit break them Watch DCD and Yurina's extra story lines Check your card list to make sure you have 50 unique cards Add 3 Chaos units to your deck if you haven't already. Most of these steps are fairly straightforward, but defeating Next Green on Extreme is a challenge that can't be underestimated. However, if you're super lucky and get DCD from the bond point pool, you can ignore, chapter 2 and 3 of the story, all the Next forms, and the DCD boss fight (steps 2-5), and just enjoy an easy 100%. So after seeing the roadmap, you must be thinking, that looks fine, but how do it quickly and effectively. Since this is a deck building game, let's talk about the deck. Deck: Your deck consists of 16 cards, 1 leader, and 15 summonable units. If you're following the strategy in this guide of getting a super strong friend as a leader, compatability between the members of your deck isn't that important. The important thing is just making sure your deck has the skills needed to beat this game. Leader: Your leader serves has 2 main skills that will affect a battle, a leader's skill and an extra skill. Leader skills are passive skills that run for the whole fight, and the main thing to care about when picking a leader. On the other hand, extra skills are skills that need 8 charges and can only be done by 4* or stronger leaders. Usually, leader skills are attacks everyone on the field, including the enemy leader, for massive damage. The problem is, you get 1 point each time a character, yours or your enemies, on the leader's row disappears, or you use a skill to charge up your leader. As a result, you only need 1 leader with a good extra skill, so if you have a strong friend, you might as well focus on using their extra skill and not your own's. As a result, the only thing you need to care about for your own leader is the leader skill. For leader skills, there is 1 ability that is more important than effectively any other ability in the game for a leader, and that is increased Mana per turn. The increased mana allows you to spam skills to no end. However, because many of the users of this ability aren't available in the game any more, there aren't many options available anymore. In fact, there are only 5: 4* Mammon [chaos] 3* Compa , Green Heart , Lola , Ashmedia Leader skills also have levels, and those can be increased by giving the leader a duplicate of herself through strengthening. This is important because 4*s start giving +2 mana a turn at lvl 1 and +4 mana a turn at level 3, but 3*s only give +1 mana a turn at lvl 1 and +3 mana a turn at level 3. As a result, use Mammon if you have her, unless you have 3 copies of a 3* and no duplicates of Mammon. If you have to use a 3*, use Lola because she has the ability to increase item drops after battle. Units: For you units, there is a bit more variety of skills to pay attention to: Leader Skill charge, Lifebar healing, Elemental Defense, and Ranged attacks. How to play: Now you're all set with hopefully 1 strong leader and a boatload of mana production. When you're playing, all you want to do is put all of your characters on the row where your strong leader is. During early game, when you don't have extra guage chargers, you're just going to try to have everyone on the top row die or get to the end of the line as fast as possible until your extra guage is fully charged. When it is fully charged, you should be able to use it and instantly win. As you get extra guage chargers, this strategy will sligthly change to put everyone on the same row, but this time, you put your extra guage charger behind them all to be protected. After that, spam guage charges until you can use your Extra Skill. This strategy is effectively the strategy you'll use on every boss except Next Green and maybe DCD. Because those 2 are incredibly strong, you'll need to approach them slightly differently. Next Green (Extreme): Next Green on Extreme is probably the largest required difficulty spike you'll have to deal with in the game. To all elements, except Fire, she lowers damage from those sources by 85%. On top of that she has an Extra attack that is usable every 2 turns and heals her for 250hp. However, her extra skill only does 130 damage, and all of her skills and minions do little damage in general. However, she will wear you down quickly. DCD: She is pretty much the opposite of Next Green. She has 6666 hp, but only damage by 35% from all sources. Her extra guage takes 6 turns to use, so that is not much of a threat most of the time. However, she can summon 400 hp 200 atk characters onto the field, and her extra skill does 1.2k, so the amount of damage she can do is quite scary. You do not want to make DCD into a long fight. Luckily you can mostly depend on the traditional strategy of spamming extra skills on your strongest leader to finish her off pretty easily. Just make sure to be cautious about your health by having ways to defend against the damage, heal off the damage, and/or lower their extra skill gauge. Helpful cards to farm for: In addition to getting units from the gacha, the game also provides some units from boss fights. These boss fights come in 2 flavors, unlocked by story and available on daily rotation, so more details will be presented below. Story Unlocked Bosses: These bosses become available as Extra Quest after getting to certain locations in the stories. After unlocking them, they are fairly simple to unlock, beat them on all 3 difficulties they are available on, and you'll get their card. None of them are very hard, so just quickly wipe them out and claim your reward. Ruanna [Chaos] (Clear Chapter 3 Part 4) She has the ability to charge up your leader's extra skill gauge by 2 charges for the cheap cost of 4 mana, making her amazingly useful to spam extra skills. (Clear Chapter 3 Part 4) Noire [Chaos] (Clear Chapter 2 Part 7) She has a skill that lets her do fire damage to the squares 1-3 spaces in front of her. If you have excess mana, spamming this skill can be very helpful against Next Green. Lilia [chaos] (Clear Chapter 2 Part 4) If you didn't preregister for the game to get a Neptune [bride], this is a fairly easy to get 65% guard Daily Rotation Bosses: These bosses will be available on certain days of the week, and rotate every day at midnight in Japan. However, unlike the bosses unlocked by storyline, these bosses are a lot hard to get the cards of. Their cards are random drops from their extreme version, dropping at a fairly low chance. However, their quests are also one of the most efficient quests for getting XP, so you'll probably want to play these quests a lot to rank up for efficient XP usage. White Sister Rom [Chaos] One of the few lifebar healers in the game. Black Sister [Chaos] She has a skill that lets her do fire damage to the squares 1-5 spaces in front of her. If you have excess mana, spamming this skill can be very helpful against Next Green.
  6. Fact: Witcher 3 GOTY edition has hit €20 at least 6 other times Fact 2: At this point in time, sells the game physically at €14 + €5 shipping
  7. I don't think anyone in the gaming world would be greatly affected by this. Microsoft already said they will keep the open source stuff free and mostly just try to improve github's support for enterprise sized code bases. I don't think there is any plan in the short or even long term to shut down a code base or anything like that. And even if that happened, there are plenty of rivals offering similar services, or the company could just host their code locally.
  8. What exactly does the game make you think about? I've played the game for 2hrs almost completely mindlessly as that is what demanded by the chores and other actions ingame.
  9. The only real information we have on possible work on PS5 is this . Sony making open source contributions to an AMD compiler for a processor that the PS4 is not built on. They could still be testing the waters to see what CPU should be used for the next gen console, but given they used AMD this generation, it seems like a safe assumption that they plan to use Ryzen for the PS5. Which generation of Ryzen though, is yet to be revealed.
  10. To make the Night Activities (touching minigame) less frustrating, I'm working on a chart saying where to touch to finish the game for each monster. This is based on the assumption that they aren't random, and they don't change from the 1st and 2nd time you need to play the minigame. However, if you find a problem please tell me. I'll probably be finishing it over the next week or so.
  11. I really should have documented way more as I played through my 2nd stack, but I did compile the data for some of the harder drops. Galaxa Right - Bolbor-β Regalith Body - Venom-β or Guzeg-β (didn't note which of the 2) Lancier Head - Venom-β or Guzeg-β (didn't note which of the 2) Seven Left - Atom-β RR Legs - Vyron-β Money Head 5th - Guzeg (specs ops mission) U stun body 5th - Bolbor (specs ops mission) U Rich Left 5th - Vyron (specs ops mission) U Navi Right 5th - Atom (specs ops mission) U Mileage Legs 5th - Venom (specs ops mission) A jp wiki also had the bug parts, but I only confirmed a few of the themステッカー Translation for those who don't want google translate Bug Head - Atom Bug Right - Bolbor Bug Left - Guzeg Bug Body - Venom Bug Legs - Vyron For all of them, the normal form has a low chance of dropping it, and the alpha and beta forms have a good chance of dropping it.
  12. On floor B7 and B15, you can fight ラミア for ペガサスの槍 , a weapon with a skill that does 20 hits a use. Save up enough EP to use the skill 5 times, or supplement it with hits from other characters, and you'll easily get a 100 combo trophy (If you know a better way to get a 100 combo, please suggest it)
  13. For the 100% monster compendium, one of the hardest monsters to find is the ロストドラゴン. To get him to spawn, you have to fight a 竜術士, and make the AI think you're struggling. What this entailed for me was having 3 of my characters die and having my last character take a few thousand more damage each turn. If you do stall it out enough while taking damage, a 竜術士 will hopefully transform into a ロストドラゴン. When it does appear, kill it, and the monster will be added to your compendium
  14. Well I beat again recently, and I reevaluated my build to beat the game faster and at a lower level. With the thoughts above, I decided to try Item Meister, and it honestly went really well. Being able to AOE heal, independently of learning an AOE healing spell with 1.5x multiplier and not even waste SP, made the inefficient healing that the typical healers brought, near obsolete. When she was free, she could use SP recovery and let me kill the boss faster. Lastly, when there were 2 people dead, it was easy to revive both at effectively any point in the game, instead of investing so many points in Revival and healing skills. With Jack's load down, purging became easier if needed. (I also needed to purge less since healing was more plentiful) With this setup, it is definitely a lot more possible to run 4 attackers and 1 healer (Item Meister), or 3 attackers, 1 buffer, and 1 healer.
  15. There is no real need to guess at how long the plat will take. There is already a trophy guide for the game