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  1. It has been ages since I've done it, but I would say if you know how to play the game, most missions take 5min or less, so that is 2.5 hrs. The mastery missions are a little luck based, but I would give that 5hrs (including the time waiting around for the hibernate glitch to work). The multiplayer takes 2-3 min a match, so that is like 4 hrs. So let's say 12 hrs with no gltiches and know what you're doing. 15 hrs is probably more realistic.
  2. For myself, I started the 2nd save file and cleared the game to the point where I could get the glitched masteries, so it was a pretty annoying time commitment. However, I did get them in the end.
  3. This game was sort of weird in the fact that like half of the very difficult trophies wouldn't pop originally. I had to email the devs 9 months after the game came out to talk about the issues. Luckily, they were really friendly and did push a patch that made it possible to get the plat, but it required me to replay the game again to get the platinum. As a result, no one platted the game at launch or even near launch, and it took a long time before I had motivation to play the game again to get the missing trophies. The plat itself is pretty easy imo, but the game isn't exactly the most exciting as a lot of it is waiting for your elements to move across the screen.
  4. Wow, I haven't checked these forums in a while. Slapocalypse, iirc, is 10 or 15 slaps in a very short while. as a result, it is pretty much the same strategy as Extinction. Blow elements back until you have a big enough amount to cause a huge wave to cause a Slapocalypse. Low Flight, just use gravity to bring a cloud down. Remember, local multiplayer is good for setting most of these acheivements up. As for the AS stack, I honestly became very disinterested in trophies, so I stopped caring to do stacks of this game since it isn't that fun for me. I actually have a decent amount done in the Asian stack, but I'm way too lazy to finish it.
  5. I found this video showing all of the solutions to the 20 Sage's Trials and thought I should share.
  6. I recently ran about 20 times on the latest patch as of writing to level someone from 1-30, and sadly they changed a few things. I didn't play it enough to know all of the patterns, but here are some things to note. All of the monsters are lvl 35 now (I think they were 28 before) The curse is now usually from the pathway starting from 3 floors down (so bottom-most floor) on the side of where you entered , but on 2 occasions, it was the 1st floor down from where you entered. Now, there are rooms where you must go upward to move onto, including rooms like the room with the overhang that require you to build your way up, or rocket up Multidoor rules have change, and I don't know them Dead ends / chest rooms still look the same as before, so at the least you know when you hit a dead end. In short, this is a little harder to run now, but I think you level up even faster than before. took 80min to get someone from 1 to 30 including all of the time to learn the new setup, learn to play again (I haven't played in like a year), and various mistakes that were made (we had 2 runs that took over 10min).
  7. You're pretty much right, there are a few ones that aren't translated like the Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san one. You also have the super obscure games like DragonFangZ, or completely broken like Dragon Fin Soup. Besides that, there is Cladun, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and the Touhou ones. As for the trophies, it looks fairly standard for the series with the completion of all normal dungeons and post game dungeons, completing all items, and getting all gallery images. It is a bit interesting to see that there are like 3 or 4 different compendium completion trophies, suggesting there are quite a few more items in this game. In exchange, the all skills trophy is wrapped into 1 trophy and you only need to get 1 item to +99. I guess the rarity will fully depend on how hard it is to complete every compendium like Z did. (I don't want to justify the silliness of the original requiring you to run the final post game dungeon 10 times to get +9 of the ultimate weapon)
  8. In my opinion, the current press for SIE is very neutral because you can look at the censoring on both a negative and positive light. You can definitely argue that the censoring will create a better image of them in areas that were not as open to the subject, so I don't believe Sony has done anything truly negative to their image. What the press can do though is give spotlight to a game and increase its sales outside of Sony's environment. If a game sells outside of Sony's environment, that means less money for Sony, and in turn hurt Sony's bottom line. Admittedly mostly only small games are being targeted, so the effect will be minimum either way. However, if these small games cause more gamers to decide to buy their multiplatform game on another platform, you might see things snowball a bit.
  9. I feel the censorship topic should be less about Sony, but more about what companies do in response to it. As I stated before, I firmly believe Sony has the right to censor their platform because it is their brand and their image, and we as consumers are free to buy a game on whatever platform we choose. With that said, you see some publishers being smart about this like D3 with Omega Labyrinth Life. Their first PV reached far more ppl than a game of its caliber would ever normally reach by joking a lot about Sony's policies. Probably not the only reason, but you can definitely list censorship as one of the big reasons developers are looking for ways to release their games on other platforms as well like Compile Hearts with Mary Skelter 2 (and many of their other games since they probably run on the same engine). Admittedly these are small names, but have gotten a lot of additional press because of the censorship news. However, these small companies are also the ones that seemed to be bullied the most by Sony. For larger companies, deciding whether or not they want to release censored versions on just Sony's platform or all platforms will probably depend a lot on cost. How much money will it take to make such a change, and how much would it benefit sales? It may be cheaper to just release the same game on every platform, but if you get release a different version on each platform, you're almost certain to get additional free press in the near future.
  10. It is a bit weird to describe the current effect of censorship on the distribution of games right now because as stated, Sony is a major force in the market right now. However, on top of that, most games take at least 1 year to make. Most companies wouldn't be willing to sacrifice their their year(s) of work for censorship, assuming they only develop for Sony, or for companies that develop for multiple platforms, changing a few assets for a platform to reach more customers isn't that bad at all. The problem before, was that it was hard for small developers to develop on multiple platforms. A lot of these companies only had the development staff to support 1 platform and had problems expanding out from there. Just look at all of the early PS4 Koei Tecmo games that got terrible PC ports, but now most of these problems have been solved. I personally believe that Sony has every right to censor their own platform, and with Sony's current large marketshare (don't want to over or understate it), it probably won't change the landscape of gaming that much. The problem is more when Sony moves to the PS5 and has to gain marketshare all over again. Will developers want to develop for something with a small playerbase and added restrictions? Will players be willing to get a PS5 or a PS5 version of the game with their game either not there or gimped on that platform. I feel that is where Sony's brand image and values will come more into play. Maybe their fans want to see these restrictions knowing they will never have to deal with certain questionable topics on Sony's platform, or maybe not. After the PS5 takes off (assuming it does better than the Wii U), pretty sure we'll see more small devs porting the games to the platform cheaply as it will be easy to do even if censorship is required, but they will probably not be system sellers and influences in Sony's success.
  11. So a long time ago, I planned to write a trophy guide for this game, but for many reasons I never finished it. However, at this point in time, I realized I pretty much forgot everything about the game, but I still wrote a fair amount. As a result, I would like to share it with all of you and let you do with it as you will. This guide does have a fair bit of missing data, so if you're stuck and don't mind trying to translate a guide, here are the guides I used to play: (I translated some of the tables from these sites as well, so credit to them for those)攻略チャート Stage 1: Finish the whole story, besides the final boss Clanpool is a very easy and forgiving game with only 1 missable trophy at the final boss, so feel free to play the game as you want. However, if you want to do this game quickly, follow the build in the Tips and Strategies Section. If you can follow the build suggested, you can easily kill most non-boss enemy in 1 turn even on Hard difficulty.While there is a difficulty based trophy in the game, diffculty is only relevant when talking about the final boss. However, if your party can defeat almost everything in 1 turn, you should use set everything except bosses to Hard difficulty to get the 1.2x xp bonus the mode provides. For bosses, I recommend turning the difficulty to Easy to get past them with little difficulty because the extra work is not worth the extra xp gained. Stage 2: Defeat the final boss on hard mode The final boss of Clanpool has the only missable trophy in the game, so make sure to save the game in a new slot when you fight him. If you miss this trophy, you'll have to play through the game again.If you haven't unlocked Hard mode yet, you need to pass the bill 難易度を変更したい to unlock it and Easy mode.The final boss appears on floor B10 of the tower, so when you see the icon for the storyline based fight on this map, make sure to retreat and make a new save. From there make sure to have Hard mode turned on and then fight the boss. He is a 2 part boss that isn't too hard, even with a character fighting him 1 on 1 with the build recommended below. However, if you're having problems, please see HARDクリア for strategies. Stage 3: Grind for levels To make the post game even easier, you should grind to level 200 first. To do so, you are recommended to follow the strategy in オールレベル200 , but feel free to skip this step if you want more of a challenge. Stage 4: Clear the extra dungeon Whether you're ready or not, there is only 1 dungeon left for you to conquer. You can use this opportunity to test your skills, or you can just set the difficulty to Easy to make this a breeze. Regardless, once you clear B20, you'll have cleared every dungeon in the game. Stage 5: Clean up Unlike MeiQ, Clanpool has a much shorter and more varied set of tasks you need to do for the platinum. While there are a few of these you'll get naturally, a lot of these tasks are things that you'll have to do minor grinds for. However, stand strong because once you're done with these tasks, the platinum is yours. Tips and Strategies: *Something about using a lot of Fire Gadgeteers on 1 person* Prologue: The prologue simply consists of 2 easy tutorial battles and some dialogue, so take your time learning how to play the game and understand the premise of the story. Chapter 1: Finish Chapter 1.Chapter 1 is a tutorial dungeon spanning Floor 1-6 of the tower, with a miniboss on Floor 3 and an actual boss at Floor 6. In here, you'll learn the basics of dungeon exploring, breakable walls, jumpable holes, and tripwire puzzles. There is nothing complicated. Just climb up the floors and after beating the boss and seeing the storyline afterward, you'll be awarded the trophy.Maps: This is the basic tutorial floor where they introduce you to basic dungeon crawling. You have to take a giant circle from the start to the staircase to the next floor. Along this path, you'll encounter two main things: locked doors that you need to press switches to unlock and green breakable blocks that slow down your movement a bit. Nothing difficult, but because this floor is so long, you're highly urged to use autopilot to go through the floor after you went through it once (Autopilot's route calculator is a lot faster than Mary Skelter's, but it doesn't get around most environmental barriers)2F: This is another tutorial floor that introduces you to trip wires and holes. Trip wires are a type of switch where they'll change color when you pass through them. If you pass through a red trip wire, it'll turn green, and if you backtrack through it, it'll turn back to red. As a result, there are many parts in this dungeon where you'll need to find the right route to progress. On top of that, there are holes, and holes are well.... holes. You'll fall down if you fall into the hole. However, if a hole is only 1 panel long, you can jump over it by pressing . Just don't rush and end up falling in (Autopilot can handles holes just fine, so use it if you need to cross a hole again). Since this is another tutorial floor, this is again another long circle, so just learn what you can and patiently move on3F: More holes and switches. This floor has the same obstacles as you saw in 1F and 2F. You just need to take another circular path to get to the center of the map. At the center, you'll meet an easy mini-boss. After defeating him, visit the purple warp and then visit the red block blocking your way to floor 4. This should trigger an event telling you to go back to base. Go back to base, and you'll be awarded an item that will let you break down red blocks in the dungeon. After a quick tutorial, you can use the warp on the 1st floor to warp to the 3rd floor and then break the red wall to the 4th floor.4F: This is another long circle with a lot of jumps, but this time over, you're jumping over water currents. A very simple floor with nothing new worth noting.5F: This floor features a giant hole in the middle with an invisible path over it. As a result, there are 2 ways of doing this, using the online map to navigate the invisible road (recommended) or doing it the way the game intended. If you want to do it the way the game intended, head up from the start to trigger the trip wire. From there head down and right to X15 Y25 to press the energy switch to reveal the invisible path. After that you can get to the staircase.6F: Similar to floor 5, this floor features another giant hole in the center, but the gimmick this time is slightly different. Throughout the floor, there are Energy Switches, that cost 10% energy and will let you fly for 20s. You can use this time to explore, collect treasure, or head to the goal at the bottom center. At the bottom center, you'll fight the boss of the area. After defeating the boss, you can head to the blue warp to the next floor and trigger the conversations to finish the chapter.Switch Locations: These are the location of switches that aren't marked on the maps linked because they disappear after being triggered.1F X6 Y15: Switch for X5 Y15 X10 Y12: Switch for X5 Y11 X23 Y17: Switch for X25 Y9 X26 Y6: Switch for X15 Y11 2F X5 Y20: Switch for X10 Y18 3F X21 Y12: Switch for ? X27 Y13: Switch for ? X19 Y4: Switch for X22 Y7 X21 Y4: Switch for X15 Y10 X31 Y7: Switch for X29 Y21 X8 Y0: Switch for ? X0 Y7: Switch for X2 Y6 4F X25 Y9: Switch for ? 5F X15 Y25: Energy Switch costing 50% to show the path across the giant hole permanently. Chapter 2: Chapter 2 is in some ways another tutorial dungeon with teaching you the basics of flying and teaching you how important batteries are with plenty of long destructible wall puzzles. On the other hand, this dungeon some of the longer floors of the game with many long and winding paths with few shortcuts. These floors are meant to wear you down, so you have to learn to conserve your heals and force your way through.Maps: An introduction for 2 new mechanics, poison and 1 way paths. Both are simple. Poison does damage as you walk over it. One way paths mean you can walk through the wall in 1 direction and 1 direction only. Regardless, this floor is very short for this visit. Just head left, but make sure to grab the battery packs along the way as this floor demands a lot of wall breaking.8F: Time to begin a much more annoying floor. In this floor, you'll have to navigate around many hidden pitfalls and breakable walls to find the correct way to drop back down to floor 7. If you check a map, there is a battery charging station before every location that needs a lot of energy, but if you forget to use these, prepare to do heavy energy management to cross this floor. From the entrance, you'll want to head right until you reach the right corner, and from there go up to the northmost room to drop to floor 7.7F: Now that you've dropped down from floor 8, before exploring onward., you want to go to the northright of this floor for the staircase to the room in Floor 8 with the staircase. In that room is a warp which is a nice checkpoint to have. From here, you head left through a lot of snaking tunnels and breakable rocks to reach back up 8F.8F: As a nice gift for getting back to the 8th floor, the game finally gives you another warp. This time around, you have to go through 2 breakable wall mazes on your quest to the center. Just keep on the lookout for batteries, and use a map to finish the hidden hole room quickly.9F: Once you reach here, you'll get a short cutscene asking you to leave. However, if you wish, you can drop back down to the 8th floor and explore to other paths for various treasures.1F-3F: To progress onward, you need to revisit these 3 floors and get some items. The 3 locations are: 1F X10 Y03, 2F X10 Y20, and 3F X00 Y16. After collecting the treasures there, you can head back to base for a cutscene leading to a new tool that lets you fly9F: Now that you can fly, you can quickly fly south to get to the next floor.10F: This floor is a long maze that requires to do many circles to get to the center. There are many obstacles along the way, but luckily the game also provides a lot of batteries and warps to make your life easier. Once you get to the center, you have to fight a miniboss consisting of 4 creatures. Just use some AOE moves to quickly kill these guys and move on.11F: This floor mostly consists of a bunch of large corridors separating various rooms, and there are various flames you'll see around the floor, so tread carefully as you make your way to the top right corner.12F: This place is a bunch of islands forming a giant U shape with the middle area blocked off. To progress, you need to fly and jump between the islands to get to the other side of the U shape. If you want, feel free to drop down at anytime and collect treasure from a room on 11F. Otherwise, once you get to the other side of the U, you'll be teleported to the bottom center of the floor. From here you can go up and fight the boss. After defeating the boss, you can head to the blue warp to the next floor and trigger the conversations to finish the chapter. Chapter 3: Chapter 3 consists of 3 parts, escaping from prison, hitting 4 switches to turn on an elevator, and fighting the boss. For storyline reasons, you'll be starting Chapter 3 from 15F.Maps: this section, you'll be going down from 15F to 13F to find a way out. While you're exploring, there won't be any random encounters unless you press certain tripwires. 15F: The first floor of the prison. From here, you'll be aiming to go down to 14F. =====Tips on Various Trophies:==== 13 Phantasmas: Throughout the game, you'll find purple flames that'll force you into a hard fight when you're on the same square as them. These purple flames are Phantasms. They are scattered throughout the tower. Some wander around, and others stay still. However, the most important aspect of them, is that each one of them is required for quests. so when you finish all quests, you will have this trophy as well. Completing the Monster Compendium: This is a fairly straightforward trophy that requires you to have killed one of every monster in the game. There are no missable monsters, so just beat the game and postgame before sweeping back to find the monsters you missed. To help you on this quest, the game has a cell phone app, called "エネミーサーチ" (Enemy Search) that lets you call for a monster of your choice from that floor. It doesn't always give you what you want, but given enough tries the monster will appear, unless the monster needs to be called from inside the water. However, if you can't find the monster in the "Enemy Search" list, the monster is probably one of the special monsters with sprites on the map.There are 3 types of special monsters in the game. They are detonated by yellow, red, and purple flame icons.Yellow flames: More powerful monsters that respawn after you leave the tower.Red flames: More powerful monsters that don't respawn.Purple flames: Unique monsters that don't respawn, Phantasmas. There are only 13 of these in the game, and they're each a unique monster necessary for quest and trophies ( ファンタズマ13).Beyond them being slightly stronger than other enemies and some may chase you around the map, they are something to fear too much.Besides what was mentioned above, there is 1 monster that isn't easy to find regardless of what you do. That monster is ロストドラゴン. To get him to spawn, you have to fight a 竜術士, and make the AI think you're struggling. What this entailed for me was having 3 of my characters die and having my last character take a few thousand more damage each turn. If you do stall it out enough while taking damage, 竜術士 will hopefully transform into a ロストドラゴン. When it does appear, kill it, and the monster will be added to your compendium.Below is the full list of monsters and their spawn locations: (Level and Exp are assuming that the difficulty level is Normal) Monster Level Element Exp Location リザードマン 7 Fire 4 1F - 6F 黒炎竜 13 Fire 20 Prologue Boss アーメイド 7 Water 4 1F - 6F ユニコーンラット 4 Wood 3 1F - 6F ドラゴンフライ 5 Fire 6 1F - 12F シルフ 9 Wood 8 1F - 6F ノーミード 9 Earth 9 1F - 6F キューブゴーレム 18 Metal 12 4F - 6F ベロロロス 18 Earth 10 4F - 9F トレント 19 Wood 18 7F - 12F ダークアイ 19 Earth 20 7F - 12F ホーンクラブ 22 Metal 25 7F - 12F ピグミー 20 Earth 22 7F - 12F エアリアル 25 Wood 400 7F - 20F ポイズンガール 22 Wood 28 7F - 12F ドラゴニア 24 Fire 40 7F - 12F 地獄百足 27 Earth 50 10F - 12F ドラゴンゾンビ 28 Earth 60 10F - 20F ブルードラゴン 35 Wood 150 12F ハッピーフライ 27 Fire 70 13F - 20F ゴルゴーン 34 Fire 70 13F - 20F ウォッチマン 29 Fire 45 13F - 20F 監獄ネズミ 28 Fire 30 13F - 20F ロラマンドリ 32 Fire 30 13F - 20F ヴルカン 33 Fire 60 13F - 20F テンタクル 33 Fire 40 13F - 20F クラーケン 35 Water 200 16F - 20F アサシンフライ 35 Fire 1200 19F - 20F ケルベロス 35 Fire 400 13F - 20F Wandering red enemy ヘルキーパー 37 Fire 500 13F - 19F Stationary red enemy Xバーン 39 Fire 700 14F Stationary red enemy ボスキーパー 42 Fire 2500 20F Stationary enemy メデューサ 44 Fire 600 14F Stationary red enemy スノー・ランタン 34 Water 50 21F - 28F キングスノーマン 43 Water 3000 21F - 28F スノール 42 Water 150 21F - 28F 魔氷樹 35 Water 80 21F - 28F ラッキー 35 Water 707 21F - 28F ニンフ 35 Water 90 21F - 28F ウンディーネ 37 Water 100 21F - 28F アプサラス 34 Water 65 21F - 28F デビルダンサー 34 Water 70 21F - 28F ダークシザー 43 Water 2000 21F - 36F イカガンマン 45 Water 300 21F - 33F, 35F ギドラ 40 Water 110 21F - 33F, 35F ヒドラ 48 Water 2400 28F Wandering ____ enemy ローレライ 35 Water 60 26F デビルシャーク 43 Water 130 26F, 35F アイスマン 45 Water 900 24F Wandering ____ enemy イエロードラゴン 48 Earth 5000 27F - 28F バハムート 50 Earth 15000 15F Stationary ____ enemy ドラゴンソルジャー 39 Metal 100 29F - 36F, 42F - 46F ドラゴンキャプテン 42 Metal 150 29F - 36F, 42F - 46F ボーンウォーカー 44 Metal 300 29F - 36F ミラクル 40 Metal 909 29F - 36F, 38F - 46F クレオパトラ 40 Metal 100 29F - 36F ヘルハウンド 42 Metal 120 29F - 36F, 38F - 46F ケツァルコアトル 44 Wood 200 29F - 36F ゴールデンベビー 45 Metal 250 29F - 36F レプラコーン 40 Metal 100 29F - 36F カネダマ 40 Metal 50 29F - 36F サラマンダー 40 Fire 120 38F - 46F サーティーン 39 Water 213 29F - 36F メロウ 43 Water 150 35F セイレーン 45 Water 280 35F イクシツザチトル 47 Water 300 35F ゴルドラリア 57 Metal 3000 31F Wandering ____ enemy ティポーン 63 Metal 10000 36F Stationary ____ enemy フレイバーン 67 Fire 12000 36F Stationary ____ enemy ギガイラ 67 Wood 15000 36F Stationary ____ enemy ティアマト 69 Fire 30000 16F Stationary ____ enemy オネェクロム 62 Neutral 400 37F - 46F, B1 ダークネーチャン 63 Neutral 420 37F - 46F, B1 ファフニール 63 Neutral 420 37F - 46F ヤミダール 64 Neutral 450 37F - 46F クロドラシル 67 Neutral 500 37F - 46F ヤミウサギ 60 Neutral 400 37F - 46F ブラッドアーム 62 Neutral 450 37F - 46F, B7F メデューサ 69 Neutral 600 37F - 41F ドラゴンタートル 75 Neutral 700 37F - 41F, B7F ティターン 78 Neutral 800 37F - 41F スペクター 82 Neutral 8000 37F - 38F Stationary ____ enemy ダークエンジェル 73 Neutral 6000 39F - 45F Wandering ____ enemy オルトロス 69 Neutral 5000 38F - 46F Wandering ____ enemy 土竜百足 82 Earth 7000 38F - 39F Wandering ____ enemy 剛力魔神 100 Earth 30000 37F Stationary ____ enemy ホワイトドラゴン 88 Metal 12000 37F - 41F アジ・ダハーカ 104 Metal 40000 16F Stationary ____ enemy ガジガジ 82 Fire 400 B1F - B10F ドラゴンテイマー 84 Fire 500 B1F - B10F 竜術士 85 Fire 600 B1F - B10F ロストドラゴン 78 Wood 420 Transformation of 竜術士 メガドラス 94 Earth 3000 B1F - B10F メフィスト 87 Wood 1200 B1F - B10F 八岐大蛇 95 Neutral 4000 B1F - B10F モクゴン 87 Wood 700 B1F - B10F テイルワーム 88 Fire 800 B1F - B10F 百腕魔神 92 Metal 2500 B1F - B10F エクスクラブ 92 Fire 10000 B7F - B20F リヴァイアサン 100 Water 15000 B7F - B15F ヘルバイト 90 Water 1000 B7F ルサルカ 82 Water 450 B7F ジャジャリガ 88 Water 700 B7F, B15F マルネリオン 82 Water 500 B7F, B15F ラミア 88 Water 2500 B7F, B15F ブラックドラゴン 104 Water 15000 B8F - B10F シヴァ 104 Fire 8000 B3F - B6F Wandering ____ enemy リリス 100 Metal 1000 B11F - B20F デュラハーン 100 Metal 2400 B11F - B20F コピーメイド 103 Neutral 1500 B11F - B20F ガルベロニア 108 Metal 8000 B11F - B20F アスタロト 107 Wood 7000 B11F - B20F ベリアル 109 Water 9000 B11F - B20F フェンリル 100 Earth 1000 B11F - B20F アスモデウス 104 Water 10000 B11F - B20F カーバンクル 100 Earth 20000 B11F - B20F ラブリー 100 Neutral 7070 B11F - B20F マンイーター 105 Metal 9000 B11F, B19F Wandering ____ enemy デビルボマー 100 Metal 1000 B15F グレートシャーク 107 Metal 5000 B15F サキュバス 108 Water 6000 B15F ルトータドルーワ 113 Wood 30000 B15F - B20F バロール 114 Metal 2000 B16F - B20F エレンスゲ 117 Fire 8000 B16F - B20F レッドドラゴン 119 Fire 9000 B16F - B20F オーディーン 124 Neutral 30000 B16F - B20F キンタロース 113 Metal 25000 B11F Stationary ____ enemy Zバーン 113 Fire 8000 B13F - B14F Wandering ____ enemy カミツキング 113 Water 8000 B15F Wandering ____ enemy セイリュウ 150 Wood 70000 B20F Stationary ____ enemy スザク 150 Fire 70000 B20F Stationary ____ enemy ビャッコ 150 Metal 70000 B20F Stationary ____ enemy ゲンブ 150 Water 70000 B20F Stationary ____ enemy エンキ 17 Fire 130 3F Phantasma マライガー 27 Wood 3000 11F Phantasma ライキ 35 Metal 4500 18F Phantasma モウキ 42 Water 15000 24F Phantasma ジャガン 53 Earth 30000 33F Phantasma シャドードラゴン 83 Neutral 35000 38F Phantasma ドン・ツェペッリン 94 Wood 40000 B2F Phantasma スキュラ 100 Water 50000 B7F Phantasma アールビーネ 94 Fire 40000 B5F Phantasma ガガンガ・ガン 98 Earth 50000 B5F Phantasma ニアーリマン 119 Wood 60000 B13F Phantasma X 124 Neutral 60000 B16F Phantasma マジュラ 138 Metal 60000 B19F Phantasma 支配の騎士 25 Wood 500 6F Boss 戦乱の騎士 33 Earth 3000 12F Boss 飢餓の騎士 42 Fire 6000 20F Boss 疫病の騎士 48 Water 12000 28F Boss シャドービースト 30 Fire 100 10F Boss ゲスベロス 35 Fire 250 ゲリンベス's Supporter ダークフェアリー 39 Neutral 500 23F Boss イーグルス 40 Neutral 2500 デルフィオネ's Supporter ブルナイト 79 Metal 5000 ムーラング's Supporter ゲリンベス 40 Metal 2000 14F Boss デルフィオネ 53 Wood 15000 33F Boss ムーラング 92 Earth 30000 45F Boss モナ 49 Metal 12000 31F Boss (1st Form) モナ 49 Metal 12000 31F Boss (2nd Form) イスペリカ 57 Metal 30000 36F Boss アドゥルサス 93 Neutral 45000 37F Boss シェリンギュラ 100 Neutral 60000 37F Boss 災厄の触手 94 Wood 30000 B6F Boss 災厄エーテル体 107 Fire 60000 B10F Boss (1st Form) 絶望の赤き災厄竜 119 Neutral - B10F Boss (2nd Form) 支配の騎士 119 Wood 50000 B11F Boss 戦乱の騎士 119 Earth 50000 B12F Boss 飢餓の騎士 119 Fire 50000 B13F Boss 疫病の騎士 119 Water 50000 B14F Boss 獅子の使徒 119 Metal 50000 B15F Boss 鷲の使徒 119 Wood 50000 B16F Boss 雄牛の使徒 124 Earth 60000 B17F Boss 七金管の御使い 138 Metal 70000 B18F Boss 黒の女王 150 Neutral 80000 B19F Boss 龍脈の化身 188 Earth - B20F Boss Credits to for the original chart. Some of the elements and xp were changed because they didn't match what I saw on my screen. Create all 108 different gadgeteers:In Tokyo Clanpool, the primary way to get stronger is by equipping and strengthening gadgeteers. There are 20 gadgeteers for each of the 5 elements (1 for each of the 20 ranks) and 8 neutral gadgeteers (1 for each odd number besides 1 and 19). Below is a visual representation of all of the gadgeteers. Wind Fire Earth Lightning Water Neutral 1 X X X X X 2 X X X X X 3 X X X X X X 4 X X X X X 5 X X X X X X 6 X X X X X 7 X X X X X X 8 X X X X X 9 X X X X X X 10 X X X X X 11 X X X X X X 12 X X X X X 13 X X X X X X 14 X X X X X 15 X X X X X X 16 X X X X X 17 X X X X X X 18 X X X X X 19 X X X X X 20 X X X X X To get all 108 of the gadgeteers, you're going to have to use a variety of mechanics. To start off, you can craft all gadgeteers at an odd rank except for those at rank 19. However, to craft any gadgeteer beyond rank 1, you're going to need to find specific items in the tower. Below is a list of the items that will enable you to craft gadgeteers of various levels. Rank Item Name Location 3 結魂の書「地獄の章」 7F 5 結魂の書「監獄の章」 14F 7 結魂の書「煉獄の章」 22F 9 結魂の書「天獄の章」 29F 11 結魂の書「黒の章」 46F 13 結魂の書「深淵の章」 B1F 15 結魂の書「龍の章」 B11F 17 Pass a bill* N/A Once you have all the items, you're finally ready to craft all 108 gadgeteers. To start off, craft off the 8 neutral gadgeteers. You can only get these 8 from crafting, so do these first as they consume a lot of resources needed for crafting other characters. Now, begin to craft all of the craftable gadgeteers (all of the odd ranks between 1 and 17), starting from 1 and work your way up. If you're running out of some resources, consider crafting 2 of the lower level 1 to make the next in the series, so for example, craft 2 rank 15s to craft 1 rank 17 (Details on how fusing works are below). If you really don't have the resources to craft the highest level ones, don't worry. You can use evolution stones to go up and get the 17s, but because obtaining evolution stones can be difficult, don't count of that method. Once you're done crafting the craftable gadgeteers, you will have to use fusion and evolution to get the rest.The main way to get the remaining gadgeteers is through fusion. As the name states, the 2 gadgeteers are put together to create another gadgeteer that will have a rank, element, and level based on what was used to create it. The formula that decides what rank you get as an output of your fusion is:Rounded down to the nearest integer((Rank of Gadgeteer 1 + Rank of Gadgeteer 2) * 0.5 + Element Modifier)) = Rank of resulting gadgeteer.Looking at the formula above, there are still 2 unknowns: the elemental modifier, and the element of the resulting gadgeteer. These 2 values depend on the relationship between the elements of the fused gadgeteers. To simply things, the element and element modifier for the inputted gadgeteers are show below. Wind Fire Earth Lightning Water Wind Wind +2 Earth Water Earth Fire Fire Earth Fire +2 Lightning Wind Lightning Earth Water Lightning Earth +2 Water Fire Lightning Earth Wind Water Lightning +2 Wind Water Fire Lightning Fire Wind Water +2 As you might have noticed, there are no mentions of neutral gadgeteers above. This is because neutral gadgeteers have their own algorithm:Rounded up to the nearest integer(Rank of non-neutral Gadgeteer) * 0.5 +Neutral Rank Modifier)) = Rank of outputted gadgeteer.Just like with the normal elemental gadgeteers, neutral gadgeteers have their own modifiers and resulting element chart, but unlike normal elements, neutral rank modifiers don't depend on element but depend on the rank of the Neutral element. For convenience, the modifiers and the resulting elements are listed below. Rank Modifier 3 +3.5 5 +4.5 7 +6.5 9 +7.5 11 +8.5 13 +10.5 15 +11.5 17 +14.5 Element Fused With Neutral Resulting element Wind Lightning Fire Water Earth Wind Lightning Fire Water Earth In case you were frightened by the amount of information above, most of the information above is not necessary to understand to get the trophy. What you need to focus on is figuring out how to craft the Rank 2 versions of every element's gadget by fusing together Rank 1s. Once you have a Rank 2 of the element you need, you can fuse it with the next odd number to make the next even number, so using the formula above, if you use a rank 2 Fire Gadgeteer with a rank 3 Fire Gadgeteer, you get a rank 4 Fire Gadgeteer. From there, you can fuse the Rank 4 with the Rank 5 to get a Rank 6, and so on. Assuming you crafted all the possible Odd Rank Gadgeteers as explained above, you should have every gadgeteer of every element from rank 1 to Rank 18, leaving only 10 Gadgeteers left. If you are missing some rank 17s and only have a rank 16 gadgeteer, that'll be covered in the next segment too.To get the remaining 10 gadgeteers easily, you should definitely use Evolution Stones. Evolution will allow you to easily trade a +1 stone to get your rank 18 Gadgeteer to rank 19. However, because +1 Evolution Stones are relatively rare and incredibly useful, don't use them to go from rank 19 to rank 20. If you larger denominations like +2 or +3 stones, the gadgeteer will still go from rank 19 to rank 20 since rank 20 is the highest rank. Instead, you should use the +1 stones to get any of the other missing gadgeteers like bring rank 16s to rank 17 and then rank 18. Once you finish making the 108th gadgeteer, the trophy will be yours. Complete all 50 quests:There are 50 quest in the game, and they slowly become available as you get further in the game. There are also quests locked behind other quests, but regardless, none of the quest are missable. Quests do not be accepted, so it is quite possible for you to finish a quests without ever seeing the details and be told in the base that the quest is complete. As a result, feel free to do the quest at your own pace.Below is a list of all 50 quests and when they unlock. Chapter 2 Quest Name Task プレシャスの欠片を収集せよ 地獄リガートゥルの幻魔を倒せ Get 混乱の魔獣の魔石 (Dropped by マライガー on 11F) ブルードラゴンを倒せ Defeat ブルードラゴン on Floor 12 黒の書を入手せよ Get the Chest at 15F X:29 Y:23 Chapter 3 Quest Name Task 野党議員はわがまま Get the Chest at 20F X:02 Y:17 監獄インサニアの幻魔を倒せ Defeat the phantasma ライキ wandering 18F 指輪はどこに? Get the Chest at 14F X:11 Y:08 大邪眼を入手せよ Defeat mutated* 覚醒体のテンタクル for the drop. They hang around 13F - 20F. 親友の仇をとってくれ Defeat アサシンフライ for the drop. They hang around 19F - 20F. 謎の石版を収集せよ Defeat the phantasma メデューサ at 14F X: Y: 謎のエーテル反応を調査せよ Defeat the phantasma バハムート at 15F X: Y: (Beware: This monster is a lot stronger than anything else in this chapter) 邪竜は禍の元? (Unlocks after clearing 謎のエーテル反応を調査せよ) Defeat the phantasma ティアマト at 16F X: Y: (Beware: This monster is a lot stronger than バハムート) 最強の邪竜を倒せ (Unlocks after clearing 邪竜は禍の元?) Defeat the phantasma アジ・ダハーカ at 16F X: Y: (Beware: This monster is a lot stronger than ティアマト) Chapter 4 Quest Name Task 野党議員はわがままパート2 キノコで資金稼ぎ イエロードラゴンを倒せ Defeat イエロードラゴン for the drop. They hang around 27F - 28F. 新種発見―巨大雪だるま? Defeat キングスノーマン for the drop. They hang around 21F - 28F. 煉獄グラナトクムの幻魔を倒せ Defeat the phantasma モウキ wandering 24F 黒の女神像を探し出せ Get the Chest at 28F X:15 Y:11 Chapter 5 Quest Name Task 謎のウィルス、特効薬を集めよ 覚醒の刻印石を入手せよ Defeat a mutant 覚醒体のゴールデンベビー for the drop. They hang around 29F - 36F. 伝説の人魚の涙 Defeat the monster セイレーン on 35F おしゃれしたいもの Get the Chest at 35F X:05 Y:23 天獄サンクトゥスの幻魔を倒せ Defeat the phantasma ジャガン wandering 33F 竜の瞳はダイヤモンド Defeat the phantasma フレイバーン on 36F X:11 Y:25 偵察用ドローンを回収せよ Defeat the phantasma ギガイラ on 36F X:02 Y:29 Chapter 6 Quest Name Task 謎のプレシャスを探しだせ 幸運は兎の角に宿る Defeat a 変異体のヤミウサギ for the drop. They hang around 37F - 46F. 巨人の刻印石を入手せよ Defeat a mutant 覚醒体のティターン for the drop. They hang around 37F - 41F. 黒界城バビロンの幻魔を倒せ Defeat the phantasma シャドードラゴン wandering 38F ホワイトドラゴンを倒せ Defeat a ホワイトドラゴン for the drop. They hang around 37F - 41F. 野党議員は宝玉がお好き Defeat the phantasma 剛力魔神 on 37F X:01 Y:10 難病の少女を救え Get the Chest at 37F X:13 Y:27 Final Chapter Quest Name Task 温泉卵de美肌鍋パーティー 謎のキューブを収集せよ B1~B10Fに出現する「モクゴン」が落とす ブラックドラゴンを倒せ B8~B10Fに出現する「ブラックドラゴン」が落とす 幻魔「大厄の魔騎士」を倒せ B2Fのファンタズマ「ドン・ツェペッリン」が落とす 幻魔「惨禍の魔女」を倒せ B7Fのファンタズマ「スキュラ」が落とす 幻魔「災禍の悪魔」を倒せ B5Fのファンタズマ「アールビーネ」が落とす 幻魔「大難の魔人」を倒せ B5Fのファンタズマ「ガガンガ・ガン」が落とす Extra Chapter Quest Name Task レッドドラゴンを倒せ B16~B20Fに出現する「レッドドラゴン」が落とす 腕試し―赤い玉は龍脈の底 B18Fの「X30:Y28」の宝箱 幻魔「笑う邪眼」を倒せ B13Fのファンタズマ「ニアーリマン」が落とす 幻魔「鮮血の魔女」を倒せ B19Fのファンタズマ「マジュラ」が落とす 幻魔「幻影の魔竜」を倒せ B16Fのファンタズマ「X」が落とす 四神「セイリュウ」を倒せ B20Fの固定敵「セイリュウ」が落とす 四神「スザク」を倒せ B20Fの固定敵「スザク」が落とす 四神「ビャッコ」を倒せ B20Fの固定敵「ビャッコ」が落とす 四神「ゲンブ」を倒せ B20Fの固定敵「ゲンブ」が落とす 完全体の刻印石を入手せよ B16~B20Fの通常敵や徘徊敵で出現する「完全体のオーディーン」が落とす。変異体でも可 Play ______ 30 times:______ is a touch based minigame similar to the touch based minigames you see in Mary Skelter or those of the Genkai Tokki series. However there are a few minor differences. The point of this minigame is to touch the girl with 3 elements, and because of that combination, you'll get a certain stigma that you can equip to your digiskin, Different combinations will yield different stigmas, but that isn't important for the trophy. The trophy only needs you to complete the minigame 30 times, regardless of what combination of elements you use. Craft 30 items using プレシャスの欠片:To craft items using プレシャスの欠片, go to the shop and select the 4th item from the top. In this menu, you can see how many プレシャスの欠片 you have, and what items you can craft with what you have. The cheapest way to get this trophy is craft 30 満タン丸 for 150 プレシャスの欠片. However, beware, you can only hold up to 99 プレシャスの欠片 at any one time, so make sure to spend them every so often.If you need a place to farm for プレシャスの欠片 the left side of B13 and B14 is a great way to get them while fighting monsters for the mats for your gadgeteers. To do this, teleport to floor B13 and then quickly fly to the breakable wall. Once inside the left side, collect all the resources at the collection points and continue to B14. Repeat the same in B14 and then teleport out when you're finished. While this location is one of the best farming points in the game, you'll only net about 2 プレシャスの欠片 a run, so be prepared for doing this quite a few times. 100 combo in battle:This is sadly not a trophy that will come naturally. The easiest way to get this trophy is to farm for a weapon that has a skill with a high hit count and spam that skill. If you don't happen to have a high hit weapon, you can get ペガサスの槍 from ラミア on B7 and B15. It has a skill that does 20 hits per use. Equip it, charge up enough EP to use it, and then claim this trophy.
  12. 2 million is great. I'm not looking down at that, but everything after that feels like padding. How many other AAA games have released in the last few months and reached #1 on Twitch on day 1, a lot of them. How many hours did these other games get watched, probably a comparable amount to Sekiro's numbers. The thing is, Sekiro's listed accomplishments besides the metacritic score are very comparable to many other AAA games. There wasn't something that said, Sekiro was the most watched day 1 stream of a game on Twitch, or some other impressive record to differentiate it from other games. As a result, the marketing statement feels very empty. I'm not saying Sekiro did badly or it didn't generate a lot of buzz, but it didn't do more than a slightly above average AAA game according to that statement.
  13. As nice as they made it sound, there is a lack of records broken or any really exciting news to differentiate this game's launch versus other game launches. All we can gleam for sure is that they sold at least 2 million copies, which is great, but that is all.
  14. All sales Feel free to interpret it however you wish. I put my bets, and you can put yours.
  15. I skimmed the thread, and I think most that know me know that I have a very different viewpoint on games that most. I dislike most open world games. I don't care much for 2d platformers. I rather play turn based JRPGs with skippable animations. However, regardless, as some ppl said, what matters at the end for these businesses is not your or my viewpoint, it is money, so let's break this down. In Sony's latest financial report (at time of writing) (, Sony did not have a 10 million seller. Spiderman their top seller last Christmas sold 9 million copies, and if you want to see the fate of other exclusives, you can check page 9. In comparison, Nintendo's latest financial report (at time of writing) (, Nintendo had 2 10 million sellers in Christmas alone (to make a total of 5 10 million sellers on the Switch....). With an install base 1/3-1/4 the size of Sony's, Nintendo definitely looked more impressive to shareholders than Sony did. If you think about it, only 1/8th to 1/9th of PS4 owners bought Spiderman, so you're definitely not alone in not caring for the game (and everything else you mentioned did worse). However, Spiderman is definitely the most successful thing Sony has made of late, and the numbers show. On the other hand, Smash sold more in 1 month than Spiderman sold in 3 months, so will Sony try to imitate that, who knows? Also, you have to remember that AAA games take time to make. Horizon supposedly took 6 years to make, so to even react to the current market, it will take time. Sony bought out a lot of studios, but I doubt we'll see any results soon. However, if you want your voice to be heard, vote with your wallet (or start becoming a major shareholder and get yourself a board seat)