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  1. Not what I expected, the first Lego Movie game was one of my favorite Lego games. Its a cross between Lego Worlds which sucked anyway and Lego Movie, #Regret buying.
  2. UK Code
  3. Yes i'm having problems also i had a hard time getting the trophy EZPZ to pop, and my Goblin's aren't so bad trophy still hasn't popped Btw i'm using the vita also
  4. The Walking Dead The Twilight Zone Tales From The Darkside
  5. Not to sound conceited but i think its Candy_Kisses_xx
  6. Mine was the game Never Alone
  7. PSN ID: Candy_Kisses_xx or Candies_Kiss_xx PS Systems (PS3,PS4,PSVita) Accepts Blank Friend Request (No) if you send me a friend request please make sure you mention you saw my post on PSNP. Thx
  8. The worst game i ever played was Mirror's Edge that game sucked!
  9. Need new friend's add me PSN ID: Candy_Kisses_xx or Candies_Kiss_xx. Just mention you saw my post on PSNP and ill add you