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  1. I am afraid there is no region-specific version of the game, probably a region 1 game, at best. What some of these posts are pointing out is that the players who have recently obtained this trophy are Brazilian, which implies that the servers in Brazil could still be up. Now, I am not sure how you can get on Brazilian servers unless you use a VPN connection to a Brazilian server, then your network device (ie routers, modems etc) will have a Brazilian IP address and that might just be helpful, you never know.
  2. I have completed the base game, GOTY is where I am still working on the platinum, I have the Season Pass so when I will load up the DLC, my Talion will be fully upgraded with some good runes on it. I, in any case, do not intend to start on DLCs without the platinum for the base game. Thank you for the heads up, though!
  3. You never really know with these things, right. I mean, people deferred going for the Scraps in Mad Max and probably stuck with unobtainable platinum now and it is the same publisher, you see, hence being skeptical about the prospects of 100%-ing the game. I will start the DLCs sometime tomorrow and let's see how it goes for these trophies.
  4. Yes, two of the trophies from the DLCs, one each from either of them, are getting affected too, as confirmed here and many other sources. I'd definitely suggest working on these trophies immediately after the platinum as it happened with Mad Max, someone in their support team said the closure will not affect trophies then later they clarified it will and it actually did, so better safe than be sorry.
  5. Then it is odd, the guide confirms you have to make it to the second area before they show up and I am playing the base game as well as the GOTY edition and occurred for me exactly like it is stated in the guide, I had to make it to Sea of Nurnen area before these missions showed up. I guess, then it is random for individuals because some of the posts above confirm they saw it appear as early as the cut scene where Celebrimbor was seen forging the ring and Black Hand appreciating him for that. Weird, but again, just to be on a safer side, I will still say to anyone looking at the post because they are experiencing something similar, to not worry until they've made it to the Sea of Nurnen and completed the intro mission of that area. If anyone gets it before, that was just their luck.
  6. I am not sure about how many missions you need to have completed before Vendetta missions show up on the map because there are so many highlighted in yellow before you actually get this specific side mission to appear, but I do know for sure that if you haven't made it to the Sea of Nurnen area (happens only after the Hammer of Sauron boss fight) and completed the intro mission of that area where you have to go through a cave filled with Ghuls stealthily and fight a Ghul Matron towards the end, you won't see the Vendetta missions. If you're still in Udun, haven't had the Hammer of Sauron Boss fight, with no option to fast travel between Udun and Sea of Numen locations, then you'll have to advance into the story mode until all of the above is done and/or available in your game.
  7. Warnings signs were there, with examples in some cases. (Quote above is related)
  8. For anyone who is just starting up, read below: Most of the car combat challenges can be done on convoys, make sure to keep a few alive, easy ones are the two convoys at the Reek Hills region and Grit Canyon region of Gutgash's territory, the route is simple, with not many turns and twists, also easy to snipe for challenges like "Rule of the Day" at the Grit Canyon convoy. When chasing the convoys, make sure to leave alone the main vehicle. These convoys are also easy to get the boarders kills. There is one challenge that requires you to take down a Sideblender with a Sideblender, I recommend you do that in a death race, those cars are not very common. Every vehicle combat challenge with an enemy vehicle has an alternative vehicle to use, mainly because there are three factions in the game, the War Boys (there is a subgroup of this, Stank Gum's Legion), the Roadkills, and the Buzzards, and all of these have their own vehicle types which do the same thing, like Charbone for Buzzard and Flamergamer for Roadkills serve the same purpose, you find one of these, you are good to go for the challenge. So don't enter death races just to unlock those cars, you'll find ample while free-roaming, if the car is not in your collection, you board it and the game will prompt you to take it to a stronghold, it will not if it is already added to your collection. There is one challenge, "Gum Shoe" that requires you to take down a vehicle from Stank Gum Legion with a specific archangel, these vehicles are colourful and can only be found in Deep Friah's territory. Although, I did find some of these cars roaming when I visited the territory after zeroing out the threat, however, some players have reported to have not encountered one after the threat has been reduced to zero. I am not sure what could be the reason behind this inconsistency in spawning but it is highly recommended you complete the challenge before eliminating the threat in this region. Any challenge requiring you to destroy vehicles of any type or of a particular faction, it can be done easily if you have already added any unarmoured vehicle of that faction into your collection, spawn it outside Jeet's stronghold, drive it straight from the stronghold entrance to jump off from the broken arch/bridge to lose some of the life of the vehicle and then call for your archangel or the Magnum Opus to destroy it swiftly. However, challenges requiring you to grind another vehicle to its destruction or side ram another vehicle is advisable to be done on Convoys, these are easy on moving vehicles than on stationery ones. Lastly, don't focus on repeating challenges (the ones with "complete xx times" under the challenge description), the non-repeating challenges are the only ones that count towards the progress for Up to the Task trophy. So once you get, for example, 15 Scrotus vehicle takedown or Shoot the driver challenge done, move on to the next non-repeating challenge. Hope someone starting the hugely underrated game finds it useful. Always feel free to reach out on PSN Messages for any assistance.
  9. The game is pretty good. The only instance of a glitch was when a camp glitched on me, I made a separate post for it but also found a workaround shortly after. The link to the post is below: Havoc Point - You've been warned! I did not encounter any other game-breaking bug on the way to the platinum. Also, I was making sure that whatever corner of the map I am going to, due to a side mission or a mission or any other requirement other than scavenging purposes, I am cleaning any nearby scavenging location, like, you know, ones in the vicinity, usually, one lead to another scavenging location, this way, I made sure my end game clean up was less time consuming and the platinum is obtained right at the end of the final story mission. Based on in-game timer, it took me 5 days and some change but I am guessing it will be shorter because I had put my PS4 at rest mode with the game turned on (I was already done with all the scrap crew challenges by then so couldn't care less) and I believe that count towards your game completion time. If you keep saving multiple times, at least run two saves parallel-y and some other save files at the important juncture of the game, you should be all set and not have any issues. In addition to the above points, making sure that you are frequently checking the numbers for the scavenging locations with the one in the Stats section of the game will be immensely helpful in keeping it a bug-free experience.
  10. Aa jaayega, bhai, agar F2P/demo version nahi hain to trophies hongi hi.
  11. Oh yeah, reminds me of this, be advised, there was a lot of back and forth in between because, well, it actually never worked and I am not pasting all of those "give us this information, give us that information" chatter.
  12. You're welcome, thank you and all the best, mate. Once these are done, everything else is extremely easy. I earned the remaining trophies in space of an hour or so. Yes, man, you have to specifically use that archangel. This is what I did, I zeroed the threat in Pink Eye's district, Knit Sack, I also reduced the threat at the adjoining area, Rot 'n Rusties to just two minefields, then built this archangel, started from Pink Eye's territory, and drove all the way to Underdune and then back. I did not follow any guide, I tried this method because of one stretch of wide-open road and it clicked, please see if this method helps because it did work for me. If you've reduced the threat in these regions I have mentioned above, you'll not be interrupted by any patrols and can drive smooth, don't forget to use the nitro boost when you hit a sand patch in the middle of the road or at the side and make sure to attempt this only during the day time because the Buzzard patrol is not affected by threat reduction. You can't be slowed down anytime for this challenge.
  13. The time it takes to reach Deep Friah's temple (the 4th and last stronghold in the game) varies. I took my sweet time but as soon as you make it to Pink Eye's territory/stronghold, you are free to head over to Deep Friah's stronghold immediately as it is not constrained by a story mission requirement, unlike the other three strongholds. So essentially, you'll have to play through Act 2 at the minimum and at the same time, ensure you have built the scrap crews for all the strongholds you have access to. If you're not doing anything else in between, it will take about 15 hours, give or take.
  14. I searched on Google, couldn't find anything. While this bug appears to be a known issue, I couldn't see any workaround video or post, everything is just asking for help. I am hoping you have a backup like a secondary savefile backed up to the cloud or USB stick?
  15. That kind of confirms that except the 190/191 scavenging location glitch, all others probably have some workaround. Another one I would like to bring to everyone's attention here is the Insignia glitch, players are reporting to be stuck at 76/77. I just did a count of it, I currently have 39/77. I counted all the camps I haven't gone to yet, hovering over them to see how many insignias each one has, so I am good in that too as all summed up to 77. I would recommend everyone keep an eye out for that one too.