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  1. Anyone know if it works both ways? Say I start/finish on vita and load up ps3, will it auto pop that way as well?
  2. This link helped me with just completing mission 24 - I used the first default weapon to try and spam it as much as possible and also the shield/thing super, using that whenever i thought i was about to get hit....good luck with all gold, I had enough fun just going for the completion LittleBigPlanet (Vita) Marvel Arcade Pack - Roadmap & Trophy Guide - Marvel Arcade Pack - PlayStationTrophies.org
  3. How did I just barely now stumble upon this??!!
  4. #1262 eight years ago for The Walking Dead PS3
  5. House of the deads baby!!
  6. Sorry, I'm thinking of deadstorm pirates available on the disc version w/ tc4 and razing storm (same developer and publisher)
  7. You can definitely play without (I did that for dead space extraction) but that was before I picked up the move and gun con. Not sure about easier since with the gun con you're constantly pulling the trigger causing more strain rather than a normal shooter (one gun con version may allow the trigger to be held for auto fire which looks like an ar rather than a pistol). There are 3 house of the dead and 3 time crisis games you can use with it if 6 games sounds more appealing - personally I love the arcade at home feel with the gun con and it's super fun too.
  8. Bungie clarifying requirement for gm nightfall/1325: twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1382015727947841536?s=20
  9. I'm not about dlc, but you need the season pass for sure in order to upgrade the seasonal artifact for the power bonus - dlc will give you more stuff to do hence helping you level up faster. Hope that helps, it sure is a grind after 1300 due to needing pinnacles and power bonus to get to 1325.
  10. 6:15:62 - really fun mode. For anyone who hasn't gotten it just keep practicing you'll get it
  11. Free theme code! (NA - first come first serve): 9C2J-A9NR-BDRL
  12. Think I will most likely be in the minority here....I'm definitely a little disappointed that no trophies are coming to this newest major expansion (unless they decide to drop a late patch soon containing some - one can hope). And I can see why some will gravitate away: after all, it is a $34.99 DLC with no trophies! But I also understand the justification for it regarding cross-play and it's own reward system as well. Overall though, I think I'm okay with it. If this was a couple years ago the trophy hunter in me would have been really upset, and understandably so. But I still wanted to pick this up and support Bungie as this is their biggest test to date after parting from Activision. It's been kind of conflicting for me: some of the challenges and grinding have been cumbersome, however I've really enjoyed my experience as a whole throughout this series, as it really is a story unlike any other that I've attempted. Will be playing through the Shadowkeep story/quests and hop on the occasional Strike and Crucible match, but just might be moving on after this season wraps up, with some minor revisits here and there after since I did get the season pass; I just have way too many games in my backlog. I can agree it has been a little soul sucking, but am glad it's been rather enjoyable at least for me, even though I haven't even completed a raid or a title (as of yet). Perhaps I'm just getting old, but I'm learning to appreciate the extra efforts of developers more lately (even if it's not always perfect). But from a story-telling and gameplay aspect, it really is unrivaled. If anyone needs a fireteam member, add me!
  13. Pretty sure those count, but just checked the guide on this site to make sure and it does confirm
  14. Yeah, description says red war which would be the main game - the dlc has a trophy for exotics too which applies to forsaken