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  1. Have you tried, doing it with 3 others via online and not local? Or you could go legit, the satisfaction of pulling it off is incredible! (insert EA's e3 "incredible-guy")
  2. @PSV-EHV1 don't go for Trackmania'll end up a different person from the one that started playing that!
  3. Adding a little bit to that; I managed to get around 600 to 1k by the second day I logged in and took me 2 weeks(because I didn't play for long sessions, from 30min to 2h max) to get the 6k dusty tokens. There's also an active farming community, check it out in the game's info before starting the game.
  4. I don't remember much about the game but get the line gun(mines!) , trusty plasma cutter, javelin gun(alt fire + explosive dmg upgrade) all with some acid and elemental dmg bonuses, having crowd control altfire is key in some points. Comes without saying that the pew pew finger(dvls horn) is a plus if you can work around the patch!
  5. While it's true that this game has spot on controls and you fail if you yourself don't have the reflexes, you gotta admit that this game is here to get you. Those tiny rocks, bumps, crates, trees, etc...hidden juuuuuust out of sight until you know you fucked up because its too late; who hides that kind of stuff in the racing line you have to follow? haha! The soundtrack was my saving grace sometimes. BTW, yes, its easier to go the 200 first and then going for the TM.
  6. I would say Ezio Collection, I played AC2, good memories and all but as soon as I opened the map in Brotherhood I stopped playing it...I wont go through that chore of a game. Trackmania Turbo, Jesus! As a member of the Cobra Unit once said: the pain!!!! Zero Dawn, tldr; I kept thinking "if you throw some skin to those bots...there isn't really anything new here".
  7. Currently working on Gravity Rush 2 before the closing of the online portion of the game. It's a very enjoyable game!
  8. *reads topic Me: duh I wouldn't go as far to compare it with anything else but aside from the "it has many zombies at the same time" it hasn't showed anything interesting yet, TBH.
  9. Thanks for the tip!
  10. The trackmasters? Like two weeks to a month of just that but take it with a grain of salt because it took me a year to complete the 200 tracks, haha! (looking at you canyon red) Best of luck. Oh my god, that one gets progressively harder because of the pressure of knowing that you're nearly done, you're nearly there and won't have to look at it ever again! Good times (not really haha)
  11. Also, rain...
  12. Driveclub and AC Brotherhood are next!
  13. I'm going to pick: Trackmania Turbo The Crew (pre patch) Mirror's Edge WipeOut HD
  14. Nier: Automata; Gravity Rush; Transistor; Bastion and The Nathan Drake Collection. If you still have access to it give Ni No Kuni another try!
  15. All done! Finally! 😁 Getting trackmasters was so frustrating for me!