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    1. Trialia_X


      Oh man... will have to check Manchester Longsight, but probably gone already...

    2. StrickenBiged


      Fantastic deal!

  1. I have gone back to gta5 but not on ps3 , went and got a copy for ps4 because most of my friends don't have gta5 on ps3 anymore , having a break from plating games for a month or so , surgeon simulator made me pretty angry so now it's time to have some fun instead of stressing out !
  2. My rarest platinum this year is UFC 2009 UNDESPUTED 0.71 ultra rare ..... closely followed by SURGEON SIMULATOR 0.73 ultra rare
  3. up till 4am swearing uncontrollably at surgeon simulator ...... ultimate rage inducing stuff tell you !

    1. TheAkittaja123


      I know the feeling.

    2. diamlee83


      I don't think my neighbors are happy , i can turn the volume down on the tv but not my rage lol , had some funny looks of them today !

    3. Aela



      I'd only really swear when doing the time-related trophies. I'd mess up at the start of the operation and be like "Oh, ffs", and then just restart it cos I know I would have failed anyway ;p

  4. up till 4am searing uncontrollably at surgeon simulator ...... ultimate rage inducing stuff tell you !

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Don't do that! I did it to one of my pads, and not the plastic on one of the handles doesn't fit flush and makes me sad when I use it because I can feel the groove!

    3. StrickenBiged


      *now the plastic

    4. diamlee83


      lol thats what my ps3 pad is like , the ps4 pad can hold its own tho i was quite impressed , twisted my ps3 pad that hard once that i broke all the screws off the mounting points inside and at the same time the motor with the weights popped out on the right ! i think i have issues , only just got my ps4 really so it was a good test lol

  5. My biggest mistake was only just finding this place at the beginning of 2015 after having the same psn account for the last 6 years
  6. Check out surgeon simulator or if you really want to rage try ufc 2009 undisputed
  7. Tuned my bike to death with this book now reading it again to tune up the kids mini motos for the summer holidays
  8. My rarest trophy is the platinum for ufc2009 undesputed , 0.72 ultra rare and it took me 6 years to get it ! i'm now working on surgeon simulator , hope this doesn't take 6 years
  9. its not cheating but it feels like cheating when you do it , i did it with sound shapes and wish i didn't and if i hide it i'm going to look even worse with a big fat H on my profile !
  10. Sometimes it can help if you hoover out your intake and exhaust vents on your ps3 , you can also put some electrical tape over the vents you are not sucking at the time to create a better internal vacuum , it should run cooler as it can now breath properly and any dust that was gathered on the temp sensor will have gone , that may well be the actual cause for the fans to go into turbo mode as the temp reading is inaccurate due to the dust build up insulating the sensor , i would recommend doing this once a month at least if you are leaving your ps3 on for long periods of time , the build up on mine got very bad after 3 years and started to sound like a hoover itself and that was when i hoovered it , since then my ps3 lasted another 3 years with the hoover trick and got no heat issues come back whatsoever
  11. I like the look of surgeon simulator........ but not the trophies
  12. According to True Trophies ..... 18th March 2015 23 Days 315 Trophies
  13. This guy seems quite open to ideas and cant sleep anyways so it would not hurt to try my method , sometimes you need the "up" and red bull can certainly provide this just make sure that you allow your body time to rest for the corresponding "down" that will inevitably follow ! Chemical in red bull Glucuronolactone: This naturally occurring chemical is found in connective tissues and plant gums. A carbohydrate, glucuronolactone is a stimulant with mild anti-depressant effects that helps improve memory and concentration. It also has detoxifying qualities and can help remove waste from the body. This guy has tried lots of over the counter pharmaceuticals so i don't think a can of red bull will hurt What happens is when you drink the red bull the ingredients block adenosine ( a sleep-promoting brain chemical ) which in turn makes your body release adrenaline, when the red bull and adrenaline have worn off an hour or so later a back up of adenosine kicks in !