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  1. Congratulations on being the first recorded achiever of the 'Far Cry 5' platinum trophy. You have claimed a seat in the hall of trophy excellency. Hip, hip, hurrah!

    1. Harry94_


      Thanks! I was also first for far cry 4 and primal ;)

    2. Crispy78923


      Huh, you're pretty good. 

  2. Need 4 phones for some, and it'll make the platinum much easier.
  3. The game crashes a fair amount sometimes, namely the transition from part 2-3 for me. But it would crash about 5 times then would eventually load.
  4. Just an FYI, I finished a walkthrough for getting every story trophy in one quick playthrough (with minimal save backups). Took a while to figure out the best way to get them but I managed to do it so it’ll only take about 2hrs for all the story trophies. Running through it now for a video guide and it’ll be up on my channel/site later today. EDIT: https://harryninetyfour.com/hidden-agenda-story-trophies-text-walkthrough
  5. I was able to get all 25 in about 3-4hrs last night. Best advice I can give for it is to play normally until people on the other team are around 2000 points. Then just keep looking at the leaderboards for the other team and look for the hero ship icon next to their names (icon looks like darth mauls ship). If you're quick enough to notice them spawn right away, you can fly over to their spawn and find them easily. If not, I'd then just fly really slow in the middle and look for that PSN name, or wait for them to kill me as I look like an easy target just floating about in the middle. That way they'll be marked when you respawn as they killed you last life. This is pretty much the only way I was able to tell who was a hero as the X-Wing Variants and such look identical to the other ships unless you are right next to them. Slave ship and millennium falcon are only obvious two from a distance.
  6. Assists dont count, they didnt for me at least. I had a lot of assists and I checked after each game. While I was on 24/25 I had a few assists and they didn't count.
  7. You can get way more than 21 of them, I know a few people who have upgraded everything but have 10 left over?
  8. It says on the achievement for pole positions saying this can only be done in sport mode.
  9. Platinum is very easy compared to the first one, no missables. My full trophy guide - https://harryninetyfour.com/south-park-the-fractured-but-whole-trophy-guide-roadmap
  10. Naughty Dog are nothing to do with this remake at all. It's all Activision and VV who have had the rights to Crash for a long time. Nobody knows if it's going to be free, or not, or if it's even coming out. Maybe it's a homage to the levels never being released on PS1 and they wont be released on PS4
  11. Given the old list, is a PS4/Vita shared list I doubt this is another NA region one for the vita... how is it going to know which trophy list to load? Both the lists say PS4/Vita on them.
  12. Wish I'd had seen this before recording it with my phone and reversing it >.<
  13. Near enough complete trophy guide, rest will be done today - https://harryninetyfour.com/get-even-trophy-guide-roadmap It's easy, a 2/10 in terms of difficulty. Only reason I am giving it a 2 is there's quite a bit of evidence to find. It's easy to find them yourself, but still a pain. Following a guide, plat in about 10hrs or so.
  14. Trophy unlocked for me at 150 emails.
  15. The double Igwe glitched my run of it out, Igwe just doesn't do anything anymore in the office after I accidentally killed him in the Cargo hold thinking it was just a random dude because he should have been in the office.