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  1. Pause the game w/ the left side touchpad, go to Records.. lots of info in there. You can view more stats on the FOB Missions > L2 rankings menu
  2. Long as your rank stays low, you won't get much recognition on other player's lists.. I played this a while ago on PS3 and got into the infiltration thing a bit.. but there are some seriously skilled infiltrators out there who can get past all the S+ security haha.. not me. You can still infiltrate safely without becoming a major target.. and even when you are hit, you loose basically nothing, and even if you did, your supply would be massive.. because you actually should be infiltrating other players.. you can get huge amounts of resources this way, to easily cap your GMP too. I'm not sure if it's changed, but it used to work like this.. You find another lowbie who happens to have a ton of resources on their FOB... iirc it should give you a list of what they have.. infiltrate, and steal everything~ make it to the core for a win, and see if you can infiltrate them again.. sometimes, you could hit the same easy base w/ tons of mats multiple times before it locked you out. I remember doing this for even the the problem resources, and was able to get basically infinite GMP also, as you can reach the max whenever you want. Building the entirety of your FOBs can be fun too, and setting the security.. and eventually you can hold 300+ people on each team so it's great to upgrade and infiltrate.
  3. Lolz same deal here.. screenshots are part of the experience !Like background profile images.. why do I feel like the only one who actually looks at people's backgrounds? It happened pretty quick.. basically entered battle, stood there with speed boost on active mode.. Steiner was Doomed within a few moments and trophy popped a second after. I can't recall exactly how it went but I was not expecting it.. being as I have no recollection of hitting Steiner with Auto Life and especially Vanish. I wouldn't say the trophy is wrong.. the only explanation is that I clearly did not see haha
  4. Dang, could not imagine without turbo.. Mine took something like 14 hours straight, definitely 12+.. this was after completing the game, leveling zidane 99 and farming AP for basically all abilities across all characters.
  5. Yeah, but it's nice to rubber band your controller on the peninsula. Which is to the left of Esto Gaza, as I said..
  6. Recalled a great spot for post game kill farming - the edge of map to the left of Esto Gaza... noticed lots of mobs when going for the friendly monster here, and no zombie dragons! Throw on anti-sleep ability at least 1 person. In this area, you encounter 4 Feather Circles pretty often, with 3 and 2 enemies showing up very often, rarely seeing 1. Would have been nice to remember this spot before spending so much time around Dali & Treno.
  7. I'd agree with the stance against FOXs anti-script cheating thing... but here, you're comparing 2 guides for the same game.. they are guides, for the same game.. how much different can they be ? a lot of the guides here are dang near exact copies from, anyways.. Really I don't think it's a big deal, to snag this trophy with a script if you aren't able to get on par with the jumps. Wife did this for about 3 hours straight and I swear could not break 50. Macro/Hotkey software is pretty neutral across all gaming communities.. this is not limited to single player experiences, with many MMOs/PvP heavy game communities taking advantage of these softwares... to each their own, really.
  8. Thought I was farming this on Zidane near end of the game, 1 skill at a time, then Steiner was Doomed before Zidane in Memoria, and it popped lolz Probably simply did not notice something but, never hit Steiner w/ Vanish or Auto Life myself that I was aware of.. I suppose everything else could have happened, but those 2 don't seem so likely.. I'd never used or seen Vanish until I learned it for Quina to cast it on Zidane, and that was the only time I used it.
  9. Maybe sometime around the 10,000th kill giving up manual farm, will wait for turbo controller. Really should have counted the kills better.. gah.
  10. It was stated that you will have a new icon when standing on a beach.. I posted 2 links, actually.. that explain the quest, and show the icon in screenshot.
  11. Ha that is nice.. was using the CoN guide already so it just made sense. The map for the chocographs is excellent.. I'd have still needed the screenshots of exact locations, tho
  12. This guide contains Beach Bum walkthrough with screenshots of the locations. Follow the above instructions, you'll see a new icon when you stand on a beach. Pressing it will heal you and whatnot. Do this at each beach. edit: the screenshots are not there, but this guide has a list of each. They are pretty easy to find, just circle around the edges of the continents.. took about 5 minutes.
  13. This guide covers Movie Critic really great.. organized list with a small note on how to trigger each one if needed. Bonus it's a full guide for the rest of the trophies. Has info for achievements regarding the steam version that do not apply to the PS version as well, such as obtaining all support abilities. In combination with the cavesofnarshe guide, really good stuff. More on the topic.. don't feel this can come naturally, as I did grind Zidane to 99 very early on Grand Dragons, and got into random battles throughout the game, spending much time AP farming as I was trying to learn all abilities, basically did.. and have spent a few hours running in circles outside Dali, killing groups of up to 3 enemies.. honestly not feeling anywhere near the 10k needed.
  14. You can use Eiko if she is in your party.. I've only done it w/ no Vivi so if it doesn't work, remove him. Her character model is significantly easier to see, especially the hand.
  15. To win basically every match, farm grand dragons and use their cards. Seriously, with them my ratio is something 200 wins - 10 losses.. yes it is 100 different people and, from what I've read you can farm the 100 completely on Disk 4 if needed.