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  1. It's glitched, it took me 79 trophies to get it last night.
  2. Hello - I have been trying for months to get this trophy to pop but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? DId anyone else have any issues with this trophy before?
  3. I'll do 10 online. I have the trophy, but I am trying to get the Ubisoft challenges for 10 custom matches with friends and 10 wins in competitive play.

    1. DonConsolmagno


      Sure - I have about 3 online done so far. 

    2. Khaos004


      Awesome, thanks! I am away on a road trip most of this week, but we can connect and get it done.

  4. Does anyone know how to get the "express mode" trophy? I thought it would be quick play, but I was wrong.
  5. Let me know if anyone has time to go for 10 online matches.
  6. I would lift this as well. It's been two years and no other examples of violations on his account. There would have been another example of this imo if he was being malicious.
  7. My main PS3 is a launch 80 GB. It started working again. I have a SLIM as well, but it doesn't do Auto Updates because it's not a primary. Case in point, if synching was working on Slims or Super Sims then it could be an issue.
  8. Mine worked for the first time since Dec. 19 as well. Looks like we figured it out lol.
  9. I'm having the same exact issue, starting around Dec. 19. Support is telling me to rebuild my database... no thanks. Also, I added SSX to my purchases, but I never downloaded it. Trophies and data won't sync unless I do it manually.
  10. Add me: DonConsolmagno I need it too.
  11. Plan on booting this up tomorrow. Can help with the Play With A Friend trophy, if anyone wants to add me. Please send PSN message stating your interested. Thanks!