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  1. It was the same with yorda in ICO, she would do whatever she felt like doing messing up your speedrun...Trico seems much easier to deal with. The only thing I dislike about the game is actually the absence of manual save; in ICO we actually had sofas while in SoTC there were save shrines. Now, I love Ueda's work but this particular thing messes with my head a lot...I'm loving the game anyway.
  2. You should have avoided the part when you spoil how to..............with U...., com'on man that's not something which should be said so lightly imho.
  3. I've waited for soo long this...this...part of who i am, i love TeamICO games more than one should probably do, I'm so hyped for the 7th Dec when I'll get mine.
  4. I'm currently sr for a shiny type:null. I'm at 78 sr so far
  5. I'd like to get Guilty Gear Revelator, it's 15€ on ps4 right now. Not bad at all imho. From what I understood there's an additional 10% discount if the purchase is done on friday the 25th (NA sales), does anyone know if there's something similar applying to the EU sales as well ?
  6. I don't even get plats anymore...whatever, I'll join anyway
  7. TLOU Outbreak Day Theme I bought it a couple of hours ago and I love it. The guitar plays very nice, only the key tone bothers me a bit. Its sound it's too loud and sharp imho
  8. Crossing Rebirth
  9. Journey Trials Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf My first time playing the game.
  10. Doodle Kingdom Witcher Kill 30 bosses in My Hero mode This was exhausting....I didn't know about this trophy when I started the game ( free on ps3 untill few days ago ), otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Today I wanted to play Journey and Bloodborne instead
  11. In the new added DLC trophies I see written "local co-op". Has the local co-op been implemented to the game ? Its absence is the main reason why I haven't bought the game at launch.
  12. I was hoping for LI Joe to win. Still, I'm very happy that he made it to Top 8
  13. Doodle Kingdom. I didn't know the minigame would have been so time consuming....damn it'll take forever to kill 30 bosses. I've only encountered 4 of them so far
  14. Catherine for 1,99.