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  1. Hi PSNPROFILES !! Once again I'm asking for help As the title above says I haven't been able to delete the patch 1.02 of Surgeon Simulator on PS4. At first I've downloaded the game normally and I've played it for a bit (with my second account), then I've seen on the trophy guide that a particular trophy which recuires to get A++ on every operation was glitched "in a good way" in the 1.01 version of the game. Now, I've deleted the game and reinstalled it but the patch 1.02 is already downloaded....I also turned off auto-downloading in the settings. I should say that there is not a second download for the patch that I can stop. I've never seen this happening before. Do you guys have any notion that could help me ? Anyway the game is fun and addictive. The maximum I've got is A on the first surgery...this "previous patch" exploit would really help in the trophy hunting.
  2. It was the same with yorda in ICO, she would do whatever she felt like doing messing up your speedrun...Trico seems much easier to deal with. The only thing I dislike about the game is actually the absence of manual save; in ICO we actually had sofas while in SoTC there were save shrines. Now, I love Ueda's work but this particular thing messes with my head a lot...I'm loving the game anyway.
  3. You should have avoided the part when you spoil how to..............with U...., com'on man that's not something which should be said so lightly imho.
  4. I've waited for soo long this...this...part of who i am, i love TeamICO games more than one should probably do, I'm so hyped for the 7th Dec when I'll get mine.
  5. I'm currently sr for a shiny type:null. I'm at 78 sr so far
  6. I'd like to get Guilty Gear Revelator, it's 15€ on ps4 right now. Not bad at all imho. From what I understood there's an additional 10% discount if the purchase is done on friday the 25th (NA sales), does anyone know if there's something similar applying to the EU sales as well ?
  7. I don't even get plats anymore...whatever, I'll join anyway
  8. TLOU Outbreak Day Theme I bought it a couple of hours ago and I love it. The guitar plays very nice, only the key tone bothers me a bit. Its sound it's too loud and sharp imho
  9. Crossing Rebirth
  10. Journey Trials Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf My first time playing the game.
  11. Doodle Kingdom Witcher Kill 30 bosses in My Hero mode This was exhausting....I didn't know about this trophy when I started the game ( free on ps3 untill few days ago ), otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Today I wanted to play Journey and Bloodborne instead
  12. In the new added DLC trophies I see written "local co-op". Has the local co-op been implemented to the game ? Its absence is the main reason why I haven't bought the game at launch.
  13. I was hoping for LI Joe to win. Still, I'm very happy that he made it to Top 8
  14. Doodle Kingdom. I didn't know the minigame would have been so time consuming....damn it'll take forever to kill 30 bosses. I've only encountered 4 of them so far
  15. Catherine for 1,99.
  16. Building the Imagisphere Spend 24 active hours in Create mode My PS3 was about to explode because of the heat, now that every annoying online trophy is out of the way this will sit in my backlog for a looong time without a platinum.
  17. The trophy popped for me an hour ago just fine. You should consult the trophy guide, Follow what it says and you'll get the trophy without any doubt. BTW Il tuo inglese è pessimo, sfrutta questi momenti per approfondirlo.
  18. Online Champ Place 1st in 25 different online levels with other human players 3.49% ULTRA RARE
  19. I finally got Online Champ; this trophy has been my arch nemesis for way too long, I'm finally done with it. Naturally @A1rPun and @MrSwagtwiceover will always have my thanks for their tips and the guide itself. Thank you to my boosting partner as well, I'm sure you'll find someone who helps you, I'm too full of LBPK right now.
  20. LBPK I just finished with the online trophies Yakuza 5 My first Yakuza game, I love it I'm about to start Journey on ps4 as well
  21. In my experience trading-in items doensn't always give ultra rare items. While looking for a painted item I've got a ton of uncommon items, some rare, one ultra rare rocket trail and 4 certified items. Still no painted item....but I've got it with my second account I've traded 4 times so far, using both uncommon and certified items and I've got a junkish kind of thing (I've no idea of what it is seriously...), one uncommon item, one rare and and another ultra rare rocket trail. No painted item here either
  22. ようこそ永洲街へ 便利な新機能  永洲街に初めて訪れた Tipsが出た際にはじめて詳細をチェックし My very first trophies of any yakuza game, I'm excited. I've always wanted to start this series but never had the chance....untill now. I don't know why the trophies are in japanese, but I like it. I'd really like to learn it.
  23. Nice Yakuza 5 and now this little collection.
  24. I started my journey this very morning with a fellow trainer (a friend of mine...). I've chosen Bulbasaur