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  1. I found Whack-A-Cactuar the most frustrating cos how many points you get is basically completely down to RNGesus... That and also the left stick on my vita is dodgy so the number of times I'd aim diagonally and she would hit straight was infuriating. The sandstorm d isn't too bad cos its basically just find a setup that works for you and go with it til the trophy pops. I set up like this... x x x x x M x x S x x x x x x x L x x x x x x x x That way I could cover the entire board by moving L right two or S down two depening if one of them got hit first, but I found more enemies towards that L area but I guess that might come down a bit to RNG. In the Nova one I found that by continually walking forward my reaction time was too slow but, cos they always spawn in the same spots, by stopping just before each one I could listen for the sound and quickly get it right and get going again and completed it in 58 seconds. As for the blitzball one there is a pattern, I just learned where they were gonna come from in what order. The most difficult thing in this one was getting the power bar in the right spot but once I got that down it was easy enough. Also I'm kind of glad they did trophies for each individual minigame cos it gave me an incentive to get them done right. The problem is that there's no reason to play them again afterwards. Unlike the collosseum and the interventions where you can stock up some useful items, once the minigames are finished, thats it, done. If you compare it to blitzball say in FFX, it wasn't just about a trophy, it was Wakka's ultimate weapon and plenty of useful items along the way.
  2. Cool, thanks.
  3. So I played this back when it first came out and, not gonna lie, I hated it - In particular, I hated the combat. That said, I've been looking for some single player stuff to play and its occurred to me that I should give it another chance, even if its just for the sake of another platinum and clearing an E rank off my profile. With that, my question is this - Does any of the DLC (pressen packs) actually benefit the gameplay in any way? Or is it all just extra junk you can do without?
  4. Really? How much was it? I emailed the folks at playstation at the time and they even told me just to take the game back to the store and get a refund.
  5. I bought a hard copy a few months back not realising I'd have to buy the digital version in order to get the online pass... Currently playing multiplayer on the digital version with no issues, not even too long wait time to find a game.
  6. I originally wanted one so I could play something on the bus that wasn't the DS, mainly the ps1 classics, but now i'm back to using the DS again. It is good for messaging though - on Destiny I raid with people who don't have a mic and it's great for that. Other than that the only thing I really use it for now is interweb, cos its quicker than firing the laptop up.
  7. Yeah, I kinda assumed you could figure no boosting from the no kids, no idiots bit. Apparently not. And damn skippy I will platinum this game.
  8. Looking for people to play regular MP with. Add me. 18+ only. Seriously, no kids, no idiots, nobody who just wants to take/crash a helicopter in order to try and snipe from the top of an otherwise inaccessible rooftop. Looking for teamwork,objectives and all that jazz. psn ajbridgwater
  9. I didn't know they all share the same servers. I think I'll get back into it next week then and get a head start for when I go next gen. I'll be noobing up a new character so if anyone wants to add me feel free
  10. I'm looking at getting back into this on ps3, but if nobody plays anymore then I'll wait til I get a ps4. Cheers
  11. Getting my clan to 40's not an issue. Its surviving for 12 weeks, and knowing which missions i should be relying on for the 100% risk missions. I'll give the support class a go and see what happens. Was playing the other day and this guy just kept going sick at everyone on the team and calling us all noobs, I wound up turning it off.
  12. Anyone playing factions for the firefly/hunter journey trophies? Not necessarily boosting, more of a 'factions for noobs' kinda thing? Yes, I suck at online. I'm a solo player, but I really want this platinum... PS3 btw sorry.