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  1. Are these still possible to earn by just finding a multiplayer game, or is it more likely to need a boosting partner now?
  2. Congrats on the plat! I'm hoping to get there myself soon. Is the exploit when you're in free roam you basically hop on the train at the last stop and it counts as completed service if you close the passenger doors?
  3. I've gone into multiple levels, with numerous emotes, with numerous outfits on and for what ever reason this trophy will not pop. Am I missing something, or am I just stupid? Or both? 😂
  4. It can indeed change, I tested this out myself when going for this trophy, I took a picture on my phone of where I was on the tier bar, a few hours later I checked and it had moved me up a good inch on the screen. Of course this means you can also move down if people are posting faster times. So just try your best and good luck!
  5. Both events still seem to have an online leader board, so you are still competing with real people. I personally didn't think it would work, but the day after I logged in the trophy popped for me
  6. So ignore my last, I tried to retire from the last event I was on, won the championship but no trophy popped. So it's safe to say you have to finish every single stage even if you are winning for the trophies to pop
  7. Yeah I think if you had started the final stage and "retired" it would have worked, but because you abandoned the championship it basically deletes all the stats
  8. So I can can confirm a daily challenge in the special events section also counts for this trophy as long as it is the group b rwd and you do it in the audi quattro of course. I've logged in just now and the trophy popped for me, so it does not have to be in the community events tab like the trophy states. This means you will get more chances to do this trophy, rather than having to wait 3-4 days for a refresh, it might only take 1-2 days
  9. Specifically for the group b 4wd, I believe daily community challenges can be a few days inbetween and you have to reach tier 1 in the audi quotro What are delta time events? I'm assuming you're still fighting an online leader board to get as high as you can?
  10. I don't expect it does, but does anyone know if reaching tier 1 in a special event daily challenge will also unlock the trophy? I know the description itself says a community challenge, but I didn't know if anyone else knew? I just got short of tier 1 yesterday and I know now I'd have to wait another 4 days or so to try again
  11. At least you got that far, I still can't even begin career mode, and with a good chunk of trophies locked behind it, it's pretty annoying we can't even access it
  12. Anyone else having the issue of not being able to even start career mode due to the servers not working?
  13. Any idea when your guide will be live? Started playing last night and enjoying it a lot. I haven't really played rally games in years, and as a newcomer I'm pretty much playing on easiest difficulty, but even then the ai are not far behind. I feel like I should be pushing harder when racing, but the slipiness of the cars and being too heavy on the brakes just causes me to wreck. I feel like I'm driving around at 70% throttle, 30% brake power. Maybe that is realistic to rally cars and you need to drive kind of cautious in these machines? But damn, if I was to go on very hard difficulty, I think I would literally be 10 minutes behind 😂
  14. Tried getting this a bunch of times, also tried switching profiles as people have suggested but no luck, anybody else having this issue? The platinum is now obtainable so I don't get why this won't unlock?
  15. Hi all This is pretty much my first sim style game, started playing yesterday and really enjoying it so far. Does anyone have a rough estimate on how long the platinum can take? I can tell the service trophies will be the longest/grindiest of the bunch, I thought maybe 100 - 200 hours? But I could be way off lol. Personally ill be treating this game as my "relaxing game" throughout the year, and I'd also like to go for all the dlc eventually, I don't know if anyone else is thinking the same? Thanks for your input