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  1. Among lots of people in the BF community, this is apparently the last great BF game. The player count was not that far behind BF1 (before BFV released) so its still pretty active on conquest at least. Might have to boost the game mode trophies though.
  2. Play Albion, and camp at the riverbank near flag C, D, and B. People swim across to get between the two islands. I usually get around 4-5 kills per game, and I could probably have gotten more if I didn't play the objective from time to time too.
  3. Im pretty sure you can join missions that you havent unlocked yet. When I started coop, there was an option if I wanted spoilers, which Im assuming is joining story missions that I had not personally reached yet.
  4. You dont actually have to kill people with the lance for the trophy. If you run people over with the horse while having the lance equipped, itll count towards the trophy despite the kill feed saying "Horse". Im pretty sure I only got 10 people with the lance itself, but I killed a whole bunch of people by running them over with the horse WITH the lance equipped. That or I got a lucky glitch.
  5. Might finally try out Shadow of mordor.
  6. Mass Effect series.
  7. Yeah, once you get the infinite bandana and stealth camo, mission tasks are super easy.
  8. I would say he achieved it at the same time more or less since it was only five seconds later. The only question is does Sound of the Battlefield pop up before the credits or after the credits like Stealth Camo.
  9. Are you sure? Im seeing that Daime unlocked Bronze in August 2011 while Silver was unlocked on October 2011.
  10. I think what he's saying is that if you play split screen coop with someone that already has the trophies, the trophies will also start popping for you too, similar to Rocket League, LBP2 etc. Whether this is true or not, I dont know.
  11. The explanation for UC3 makes sense. That should be lifted. Batman, on the other hand, is a complete mess.
  12. Just checked the [email protected] list, and I think you guys missed something. Two of the story related trophies are achieved out of order. Stormed Peleliu was achieved after The Last Stand.
  13. I checked your MW2 list and it looks fine, so I dont know why you would be reported. Maybe the missing timestamps threw whoever reported you off. You should dispute the flag. Im pretty sure itll be lifted if you do.