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  1. All the levels do is unlock perks and wapens you have to do challenges to upgrade the perks and the perks will upgrade your characters hp, stamina and so on and you have to upgrade wapens for more damage
  2. A person that likes to race & fights for a platinum trophy
  3. Small update i finally got rainbow six siege platinum now am try try to get the following done Zombie army 4 trails of cold steel III sly 3 pumpkin jack get the multiplayer done ( red death 2 online ) and after that I hope to go back to 1 of my old games if don’t start anything new up again
  4. 2023 that is a damm long time
  5. I will try and pop a trophy then Thank the list is now showing
  6. Start it the game up to look at the trophies but the list is not showing up anyone have a idea as to why the trophy list is not on my ps4 i restarted my ps4 and internet started the up again list still not showing on my ps4
  7. Good luck
  8. So anyone have a prediction on when we can play it in the west
  9. You better of playing anthem
  10. Game looks fun trophy list looks oke i will wait for a price drop
  11. Ragnarok odyssey ace # 97 ps vita version
  12. Well the price will be at least 25 bucks dont see it going cheaper then 20 bucks but the trailer of this game it looks so bad that might be fun to play will put it on my wish list
  13. Is 3 and sequel and will it have multiplayer like 2
  14. I say persona 5 i need to get back to it
  15. rainbow six siege finally got it platinum 

    after 1 year and 4 days