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  1. Well after I start it up the game I waited 20 min and now it finally works thanks people for the quality and fast answers
  2. Every update it installed It says version 1.02 67.48 GB I restarted ps4 and removed the game still the same problem I can’t play part 2 and 3
  3. So i have a CD version physical version now i download the update 1.02 and start it up Now if I press X on ripto rage or 3 it keep saying install it won’t start up am I missing something here why can’t I start up 2 and 3 ?
  4. I when’d an der restarted my game and when’d back to it I have the trophy now
  5. Nothing ever that easy will come with out a price we will get some bullshit dlc trophy’s (Tom Clancy’s the devision ) ( survival mode ) battlefield hardline
  6. So here I am trying to get all collectibles am in midgard Lookout tower just need kill the raven but this guy just won’t die I hit it him like 6 time and nothing happening any one have some tips?
  7. Nice
  8. Thanks for the information
  9. Anyone know how to unlock the other 2 skill from illustrious ( is that how you spell her name) girl in the with dress gold I have her 6 stars now
  10. Did you prestige all 25 guns ?
  11. For me the trophy unlocks when the game explains how to use it chapter 1 mission 2 I think it is strange that it blocked for you Sorry i don’t have anything good to say on how to get it
  12. I will wait for a price drop
  13. That is nice to hear but am already buying warriors orochi 4
  14. To bad i will still buy the games but why censoring can anyone tell what they are altering i know it intimacy mode that they are removing but is it that bad ?
  15. Nice I like Japanese game