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  1. So i just start it up the game and is there a way to see the xp a wapen need for it to transform to the next level i had a giant lance(lvl1) it’s now Giant rapier(lvl3) + 5 Do need to train it to level 5 or or will I find a level 5 in later dungeons?
  2. Person who won Fame in the record of war plat #71 done with the grind
  3. Well we had some great game like red dead redemption 2 and we had some terrible game like anthem like with everything in life we have ups and downs you have to get tough the bad to fun the good
  4. They are try something new people hate it no mini map no prestige and like with black ops 4 if you don’t play this everyday you won’t get any of the new guns or whatever they planned to do with that tier system that resets every season ( update) you go from 1-55 and with new update back to 1 and like with fortnight you can buy a other tier loot thing you can buy with real money ( after 70 dollars/euro you spent on the game itself) and as for the trophies go compared to black ops 4 this list is a bit disappointing
  5. So just campaign trophies one survivalist trophy no multiplayer trophies it is a bit boring compared to what they asked you to do in black ops 4 even compared to the old MW cod the other 3 had a bit more to show for but I have not played it yet so there might be one of them trophy that is really hard to get but so far 4/10
  6. After I disconnected from my internet the game stopped crashing so i don’t know why it keeps crashing when I try a connection to the server
  7. Yea they need to fix the counter on it when i go to tannis and inspects the slab 6 time before my trophy popped
  8. So the game keep crashing on me offline or online i even redownload the game it this happens after the new update another people having this problems?
  9. So have people found a 100% way to go there
  10. Well I don’t think everting will be in their store i think only games that will be backwards are game that are not that old and still run on ps4 unless they have done a full test on it. am happy if every game of my backlog work or next gen but i don’t see that happening on day 1 of PlayStation 5
  11. I play the games I like i only go for platinum or 100% if i like the game no point in playing any other games if don’t feel I have fun with it
  12. Just wait will be back here In December i really don’t know why people are surprised july was the last one 3 months later we have the new one December will be the next one
  13. I doubt I have finished my backlog in 1 year don’t know about you people but I don’t see myself jumping on the next gen until I have least 85% done of my backlog so many games to go so little time left
  14. Round 395 now but I do have a few games hidden so it round 450 i keep adding more games then am finishing
  15. 27e birthday today 

    getting older the question is did I get some wisdom this year