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  1. Modern warfare 2 It 10 years old but how many times I played it great game great story
  2. Senran kagura
  3. All ready pre order it myself cant wait
  4. Platinum black ops 4
  5. For me I think battlefield 3 or Akiba beat I can plat 6 different games it just 4 trophies on any of the list
  6. So guys’ with what game are you starting to platinum in 2019
  7. You need to go to zombie locations try boxing gym that is where I seen it spawn a few times in the zombie box but it is luck if you get Bruno or not i know Shaw, Diego and Scarlett spawn in boxing gym zombie box in the end it is luck on getting the item you need and even more luck on getting it done many people camp when they have a item yea good luck
  8. Well after I start it up the game I waited 20 min and now it finally works thanks people for the quality and fast answers
  9. Every update it installed It says version 1.02 67.48 GB I restarted ps4 and removed the game still the same problem I can’t play part 2 and 3
  10. So i have a CD version physical version now i download the update 1.02 and start it up Now if I press X on ripto rage or 3 it keep saying install it won’t start up am I missing something here why can’t I start up 2 and 3 ?
  11. I when’d an der restarted my game and when’d back to it I have the trophy now
  12. Nothing ever that easy will come with out a price we will get some bullshit dlc trophy’s (Tom Clancy’s the devision ) ( survival mode ) battlefield hardline
  13. So here I am trying to get all collectibles am in midgard Lookout tower just need kill the raven but this guy just won’t die I hit it him like 6 time and nothing happening any one have some tips?
  14. Nice
  15. Thanks for the information