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  1. Well trophies look good just need to see some gameplay
  2. So can anyone find a game i have been in the matchmaking for 30 min while I play the story still cant find anything today
  3. Found the items a disappointment because they are level 1
  4. I can’t find them when I go to social
  5. Just like god eater i think the multiple endings will be a bit of grind other then that if have a good or solo it will be a fun game dont think that people think this will be like dark souls will be having a lot of fun because of anime style goth
  6. Looks like it will be easy comparing to the other you don’t have to do 1st of every challenge hope in the future we get a but more difficult dlc
  7. Looks oke similar to the previous games and I think when multiplayer is fully functional the 20 won’t be that long if they have a XP multiple like the old ones but yea round 80 plus hour
  8. Why not make a session join up with people that need it one person trains all the zombies in the spawn area the other 3 ( if you’re full team ) do the space ship step team work if in my opinion the best way because everyone can do a different step for the Easter egg and that will save you time
  9. The game looks good but super short from what I heard and the trophy icon’s are not what I hoped it to be will wait for a price drop
  10. Your best bet is to play it offline
  11. Je trofeeën lijst ziet er goed 


    veel RPG 

    1. Isilith


      Hee, dank je wel! Wat leuk om te zien dat ik niet de enige Nederlandse fan van RPGs ben. :)

    2. Blood-Stalker1


      Ja zeker weten.


  12. Played the demo gameplay is fun and the story is interesting but dont i will buy it full price
  13. Naruto ultimate ninja 2 #68 grinding the last 50 title in vs mode was a pain even with 2 controllers
  14. Tales of xilia 1 opening song battlefield 1 aria of the soul every persona game