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  1. Hey just want to say thanks 

    with help of the trophies guides you make i got some trophies and games done because of it 


    hope you make a trails of cold steel 4 guide 

    love see that 



  2. Just play nightmare but made sure you level 75+ for a easy end boss fight try and get a few of them free level up monsters the dlc is cheap
  3. So a dumb question will any trophies automatically pop if you transfer the save from PS3 to vita
  4. Ever since Sony headquarters moved form japan to America they update they’re censored content for games because of that a lot of J games don’t come to the west anymore because they don’t want to censor the work of there games anymore just for the western side
  5. With my backlog I rather work on that before I jump to a new console but don’t mind doing infamous second son if the studio makes a second game on it
  6. Finally got the meat wall trophy in rainbow six siege now on to try to get that gold in rank mode
  7. Trails of cold steel i love scarlet 10/10
  8. I pick Senran kagura burst i have that on my backlog list
  9. Am working my way to the trail of cold steel franchise and will play Tokyo Xanadu ex+ after it
  10. Trails of cold steel 1 work on 2 and on to 3 still waiting on 4
  11. On what console did you play because I got a trophy because she was link level 7
  12. What I hate about the dlc is that it add no new story to Krieg
  13. Yea back in the golden age when you buy a game it is just the game but then again I only go for the trophies of game I like i don’t play games just for the trophies