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  1. Eats, sleep, and plays final fantasy
  2. Homefront: the Revolution
  3. Finally platinum Homefront: the revolution # 65 


    only dlc left for the 100% and then it on to the next game 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Blood-Stalker1


      Small update

      dlc 1 complete 

      Dlc 2 on trophy left 

      and tomorrow I will finish it of with dlc 3 


      ps thanks guys 


  4. If you host the co op game and don’t change the difficulty then yes
  5. Joel fom the last of us and Nathan from uncharted 4
  6. Fortnite. I wasted 6 months on it the game was fun in the beginning but by the end I was burned out
  7. Close to getting Homefront: the revolution done 



    story is oke 

    but trophy hunting the game is broken 

    1. Shinobi


      The game is an absolute glitch-fest, both game-wise and trophy-wise.


      Congrats on almost being done it!

    2. Blood-Stalker1


      Yea thanks 


      just hope the dlc is not the same 

  8. I like to see if we have any games in common your general time you get yourself the 100 and if you stacked any games
  9. Yea I know it is a rip-off
  10. Selling my Gameboy games for 5 euro per pop ( 25 games ) now try to get it back some of the games are now rare and costs me 50 - 75 euro to get back
  11. Well am going to wait a bit more because my back log is to big I love doom played rage 1 on a other account years back i. Hear it will get dlc in the future so we will see
  12. So am asking if this game a day one game or not is it a big game? and not a to easy trophy list did not have any good luck with day 1 games of late so yes or no on the day 1 buy I like to get a opinion from people what they thinking about Rage 2
  13. If it became 1 list I play on the vita 1&2 on ps4 will be a long time before they drop in price
  14. So part 2 have been announced to come to PlayStation 4 So it won’t be long before cold steel 3 is here so I still have 1&2 on my ps vita if platinum it on vita will that be the same for the PlayStation 4 and if so is it better to play it on PlayStation 4
  15. Uncharted: lost legacy after 1 year and 8 months i finally finished was really lazy with it