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  1. Doom 2016
  2. Yes buy it make a session here and learn the Easter egg and how know you make new friends
  3. I hope not have you try looking up the update nots
  4. Glitch still works they stop the free give away
  5. It is one of the rarest daily challenge you can get but I have not gotten it in a while in my version (Europe) i still help people from time to time but can’t really help you here have you tryout contacting the dev and ask if they removed it sorry that this is not really helpful
  6. Yea when that 5 mil was given away I just use money glitch and bam 10 min later I had the 20 mil trophy
  7. You can spend it
  8. Buddy just save yourself a headache and use the money glitch get the 20 million Zeni and then buy all the items you need
  9. Yea am stuck on the boss fighting on nightmare and the RNG is killing me what level was you Rean when fighting against boss ? Level 69 myself but I can’t beat him some people say you have better statistics if you are level 72+
  10. If follow the guide then don’t need the dlc The dlc just give you a metal if you miss it but if follow the guide as you go then you still get it done
  11. The option to talk with vita in a ps4 lobby Dont work anymore the software on the ps4 won’t work on ps vita so you can’t talk with a vita vita party chat only work on vita and ps4 won’t let you join vita chats
  12. So anyone know if rank mode is region locked my friend Who is American and me who is European ( Dutch) we tried to try and find one and other in the rank lobby’s but the game never showed us that we are in the other persons lobby so anyone know anything think? Because now I don’t know if can get the trophies in rank mode the game is death where I am
  13. Yes hits will make it count
  14. This looks good but sounds to good to be true