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  1. I say persona 5 i need to get back to it
  2. rainbow six siege finally got it platinum 

    after 1 year and 4 days 



  3. Platinum #97 Rainbow six siege after 1 year and 4 days Happy I finally got it done
  4. That is why want just make a party on the vita a start a party match
  5. Just got multiplayer trophies but to find 3 other people on the game is like looking at paint to dry if you need help just friend request me we make a ps vita party and make a 2 man game
  6. So it is region locked i can only play people with people of the eu and not Americans I am eu myself
  7. So with shut down of ps vita store i end up buy this game so any know if the vita online still works and can the PS3 and vita play together
  8. Well the ps5 is till in it early start so if they’re no update to fix it now try and only have your ps5 connected to the router to give yourself a stable connection
  9. That is a common error code for bad connection of stream or ps now Restart your router and let ps 5 reconnecting
  10. someone also Stuck between the eternal battle choosing to continue with a grind or start a new game ( project) again 


    and get stuck on that grind 

    1. HaserPL


      Grind is love. Grind is life.

  11. The thing I did was play it until the battery dies wait a few minutes fully charged it after that it fix it self
  12. Be it hit man or assassin you go for the bronze
  13. Platinum #93 call of duty Cold War 



    man what I pain in the ass was this game 


    with the amount of game crashes 

    death ops arcade, in campaign and zombie 


    and the crash every damm time I need it a squad wipe in dirty bomb 


    6/10 fun this game gave me 


    just hope the zombie dlc next week will be better 

  14. Anyone have a idea as to when duos will be back ?
  15. I played it on vita and I did not get the glitch i save make 2 different saves and see if just pops normally if do transfer it