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  1. It is know to be glitched i when I was doing it I need 3 extra on everyone
  2. So what you saying is i can boost myself all the online trophies with 2 vita with the same account
  3. Anno: mutationem i think you Will like it
  4. So as the title says I am looking for references i already finished the following: the Witcher books 8 of them the metro books all 3 of them currently book 11 of overlord light novel Book 9 of that time I got reincarnated as a slime light novel if anyone have a few good recommendations
  5. I think it had to do with glitches not sure myself
  6. Kena bridge of spirits
  7. Are you talking about the ps vita version or the 1 ps4
  8. After 6 year I got dmc: devil may cry Definition Edition
  9. Going for 100% great diverse of different games many triple A and a good amount of J- games
  10. Football and gta a Person that played the serie of games since 2010
  11. Do you know what mission will give the gold hairpin ?
  12. Anyone have any good tips on how to maximis the Slayer pointes online is shutdown soon other then the maze run how do it get the rumor boost on sp
  13. Hella i got the game digital via the psn store on the vita but i can’t find the online pas for delta