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  1. Because of the many glitches in the game and not many people play worms now days there’s better games out then you playing as a worm
  2. @FLiiXxSz i say scarlet nexus
  3. What guide you have a link ?
  4. @Sunnyburrito i will Rate your main account Burritoprime 200 plus platinum we have 23 games common i see a lot of great game you done but i feel like some of the game can go back to and get the platinum/100% other then that 8-10
  5. Not really mostly the games I played where always censored to begin with having the Dutch German version of the game and now that am older I care less about censoring if the games core is still the same when it comes to gameplay, story and central looks the same I don’t care and with how everything is nowadays everything is being censored because someone complained about it and they remove it via a update
  6. I hope they update the game and make the master difficulty a bit easier
  7. I had to lower my difficulty just to continue with the game if was not for the glitches on the ps4 they fix that bit still how dam hard the game gets with you can only you your special move if you do damage i can do hardly any damage if spent most of my time dodge a attacking enemy With how it is I don’t even feel like play master difficulty if they don’t update game a bit more ps I love your Tanya of evil profile pic
  8. To bad because they need work on the game and make it more user friendly i keep getting hit in a blind spot every time I dodge it is already hard as is not the mention the boss fights playing it on master be a slow and long grind to go through That I rather not do with how the game is right now
  9. Update 1.06 is out on ps4 anyone if it still works on ps4
  10. Same development team
  11. Hope they fix it soon because it really helps finding my lil rot buddy’s
  12. Oke maybe it me only anyone else having problems when they enter taro mask and when want to leave it you are stuck I will have to keep restarting my auto save to get fix
  13. For me it runs good I have a PS4 from 2014 and the game looks good even if it is locked on 30 FPS great game
  14. What do you mean with without quality to back it up ?? call of duty game are round 6-8 difficulty depends what cod game you playing other then that thanks
  15. Looks good looks very basic trophies of the neptunium game amd Senran