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  1. Platinum #93 call of duty Cold War 



    man what I pain in the ass was this game 


    with the amount of game crashes 

    death ops arcade, in campaign and zombie 


    and the crash every damm time I need it a squad wipe in dirty bomb 


    6/10 fun this game gave me 


    just hope the zombie dlc next week will be better 

  2. Anyone have a idea as to when duos will be back ?
  3. I played it on vita and I did not get the glitch i save make 2 different saves and see if just pops normally if do transfer it
  4. A master of RPG with a taste of blood and death
  5. So I know you can get the metal without the dlc (am on ps vita) but I still have not gotten any green case with him anyone know what chapter he is available and what is the best setting on the farm to get his
  6. Great love it will us this
  7. For anyone else In the future point the camera on a flat table make sure the room is well lighted and the trophy will pop
  8. So it keeps loading the character but nothing else is working anyone have a idea how get it to work and get the trophy
  9. #90 Senran kagura estival versus ps vita
  10. First of am not 1 of them but if it is a option to made the game better why not and don’t think it is a hard trophy but a trophy that requires a lot of time and luck with item drops and good communication with your team if the trophy was kill mamaback but without going all the way to level 64 then it be no problematic in the first place
  11. Will any trophies unlock if play with 2 vitas against myself in online or in Ad Hoc mode
  12. Can’t we make a petition to treyarch that they update the game to have a check point every 15 levels
  13. Hey just want to say thanks 

    with help of the trophies guides you make i got some trophies and games done because of it 


    hope you make a trails of cold steel 4 guide 

    love see that