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  1. Finally a release date
  2. Only items that count are the 1 under accessory You need all 3 difficulty of blank pages you get a few by getting the maze to floor 15 & get ars magical to 75 here is a list of all the raiments I have for the trophy bahamut mask surgical specs hunter’s helm butterfly pin dancers helm faceless cowl burlap sack noble crown avalon crown sancrum crown grim crown thorned mask cat mask winged mask skeleton mask steel mask bandana sorcerer rag blindfold headband witch’s hat mortarboard great Head Warp dwarven hat avalon hood grim hood sanctum hood windwarders boffin monocle smooth mask devil horns rabbit ears gentleman hat naif hat romalus helm subaltern hat unicorn helm+ warbeast hat+ toadess bonds+ drake helm+ tutors hat+ pirate hat pigtails robber mask iron mask iron helm hanpan slegfried mask alhazad mask asgard helm
  3. For me it’s a great game a lot of challenge and a nice difficulty
  4. Oke so i found a easy way to get the two trophies without any problems if anyone finds A better way let me know go in offline mode picks the following modifications difficulty rank 1/15 - ridden rank completed - horde rank 12/15 - player rank 10/15 now for the map it is RNG what map you can pick but the only 1 you want is act 3 missions T-5 (repeat it until you can pick this mission) all you have to do is bring 3 orange boxes to the vehicle in this mission and you are done but before you bring the last box look for mementos cups if the player modification is up to 12 the mission will spawn with memento cups you want pick up to boost your score after 3 different runs I found up 4-5 per game stay made a good few kill and made sure no one was death before ending the mission i end with 110+ on different runs hope this helps someone with the trophies
  5. Ultimate it is then the game is fun don’t know why it failed so hard
  6. So I got the base cd game from my friend now if want to play all the dlc what dlc pack do I need buy because it seems I can’t buy it separate
  7. I will say it now and I will say it with every call of duty I play on veteran difficulty 




    why in hell are the new cods with so many save point 


    i walk trough a door get shot in the face the game save as i get shot. fun loop 


    and so on and on 


    it kills my speed and fun for the campaign 



    1. SnowxSakura


      That's the one thing I liked about halo 2's games checkpoints. If you die too many times in a row at the current checkpoint, it'll send you back to a prior one before it

    2. Lonemankane


      I would say it is fine to have good save points as world at war makes you beg for them in vet mode along with cod classic

  8. Stray play like a cat looks fun
  9. 10/10 still not a lot of games but you got everything done
  10. Someone that like a good story and loves j-games
  11. They better not come with a no hope difficultly trophy again that shit was a pain
  12. Right now trying to get nightmare difficult done on trails of cold steel III get the plat on warriors orochi 4 so lil time and my backlog ever so getting bigger
  13. What glitch?
  14. Uncharted completely 100% and platinum a story driven performance to go nice with a platinum
  15. I just need to play infinity mode thanks for the reply i Will go back to the Some time soon