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  1. Black ops 4 now 100% 


    now to to wait for the last dlc 

  2. Death end re;Quest platinum 



  3. I like your RPG collection

    1. MMX20


      Thanks! ^_^

  4. Death end re;Quest #67 the game was great just a bit off a strange ending
  5. So what is the best ending in you opinion The endings in my opinion are strange they don’t really fix what is broken I mean he is back before Shina is gone ( Shina’s end ) so will he use the pen to destroy the company so they can’t kidnap people And with lydia’s End what is on the paper that drops from the book ? i really like the game but the true endings are not that ( am I overthinking it ) great
  6. Just make a session and see if people will join you can play the game solo try joining a community on ps4
  7. Why do you guys complain every 3 months they make a new dlc look it up last year every 3 months this year last update was 3 months back we will be back here in the next 3 months
  8. Anthem #66
  9. Looks like a your everyday compile hart trophy list If you played one you play the next one so looks easy to do
  10. So will this void any trophies because am on first play trough and I can’t turn this mission in after I join a friends game now it stuck on my character i try buy a new one or remove it from my bag still it there
  11. Well I now have played (2 hours) 


    Code vein Network test Edition 


    game plays good was level 21


    this will be a day one for me



    1. hugglebunn-e


      I am going to try to play some today. I also need to try out Granblue.

  12. Persona 3 dancing moon
  13. Tales of bearia ( back log ) i like the the Tales of series
  14. Eats, sleep, and plays final fantasy