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  1. What I'm trying to ask is whether there's any guarantee I'll be tied to first by that time ? The challenge auto-end for everyone on 415.98m. There's no score higher than that.
  2. Hello I just got to 415.98 meters and the character seems to auto die . Does this mean I'm going to get a diamond Cup after the week ends? Currently, there has been no trophy pop, is that how it's supposed to work? When I finished the run the game said "you're on your way to Diamond Cup", but when I look at the leaderboards chart I'm at the furthest right with a Silver Icon. How do I pop the trophy?
  3. Chrome Killzone Franchise
  4. i think it has physical releases as well
  5. can you get the Platinum on AS and JP versions as well as the EU/NA version on the same account? Vita has access only to one version of the store per account (and content is account locked), so can I get the online trophies in ad-hoc if I have 2 VITA/PSTV's and 2 same-region copies even without downloading the free online pass?
  6. @SnowxSakura do you know if it's against Sony's TOS ?
  7. is this flaggable? Also , does it work on GE edition as well?
  8. - if playing in a 2-player / 4-player arrangement and missing a specific game-mode related trophies (in this case: a game mode that is always first on the default playlist order), both parties/individuals leave the match and regroup via 1) public search;if 2v2 , or 2)join same party , if aiming for free-for-all modes. - if playing in a 2-player arrangement and missing a specific game-mode related trophies (a game mode that is always second on the default playlist order), one player quits > the game auto-ends > the player rejoins via public search while the stranded player is stuck in intermission lobby.
  9. what's the resolution?
  10. I went here: I see the prices at the bottom of every item's pictures, but there are no links to purchase/online stores. When I go to "shopfinder" option there are numerous locations on a map (mainly EU and NA), but even if I visit some of the stores webpages, none show results in their search engines the match "Hideo Kojima", "Capsule collection"... etc.
  11. what exactly should I be seraching for? Also , is there a physical copy?
  12. How do you get this game? It's not on the Israeli PS Store.
  13. Has the season pass ever gone on sale for this? I only see the Digital Delux Edition going on sale every now and then.
  14. Hi, am I right in remembering the PS4 systems having a "record the last x seconds" capture option? If so, will the system include PS4 hud elements such as Trophy notifications, or will these be censored ? I ask because I want to create Trophy Clips like on PS5 (WITH trophy notifications) , but only have a PS4 Pro.
  15. If I download native PS4 games to an external SSD VIA PS4/Pro, would I be able to reconnect the SSD to a PS5 and have the games work? (I'd assume I need to sign in with my ID on PS5 first, just to authenticate the license).