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  1. How is the player base in 2022? What times are the servers active?
  2. I understand GIFs can be included in trophy guides but are there any restrictions on their size/length? Do trophy guides support the inclusion of interactive maps ? I want to create an image with various point that once clicked/hovered over show a text , or even a smaller image, depicting an exact location of an item.
  3. Each level in this game has in-game challenges (can be checked pre-game in the mission briefing menu and also during the mission by pressing the "Select" button). When you complete a challenge a pop up will appear on the top right of the screen stating it has been complete. You can exit the mission as soon as said challenge popup appears; you don't need to complete the level or wait for a save icon/cutscene to happen. The game will remember you completed the challenge and will reflect the completion in the various aforementioned menus. You only need to complete the "Tactical Challenges" , no need to complete the weapon challenges. You can get 1000 kills in guerilla mode by playing in small increments if you want to. Personally, I got to wave 50 with a friend on the "Office map" (which is required for a trophy). Upon further sessions the game lets you choose at which round you want to launch the match. I spread my 1000 kills to multiple "Wave 50" matches. If you die the kills still count toward the 1000 kills trophy. You can choose "Restart from checkpoint".upon death if you want to get a few more kills. You can then quit the game and continue in another session,
  4. Games and Books are different in that regard (though just so you know: There ARE people who crave buying and re-reading books when special editions come out). It is also worth mentioning that I think physical books are obsolete; once you own a digital copy, that's it; it is only a matter of device choice once you go digital with books. In other word, I'd like the same to happen to books as to video games. It could be argued that PSNp also nudges players in the direction of series completion , since games of the same IP are now also categorized into "Stages".
  5. Please quote where I said I don't complete duplicate trophy lists. Not wanting this trend to keep on existing does not preclude me from completing duplicate lists myself. All trophies that have existed -even duplicate ones- should be eligible for digital/real life rewards. It's just that what I want going forward is to have one trophy lists for every game regardless of region/console. It will also make everything much more streamlined for when/if Microsoft Achievements and Trophies become combined. True. No one is "forced" to do anything, but how can I achieve full series completion in a time-respecting manner, other than by only playing the downgraded version? I discuss this very thing in this God of War Ragnarok topic
  6. How about no new trophy list at all? Just release a patch with better graphics for free to breath-in a little wind in sales and awareness in anticipation of upcoming projects. I do wonder what some of you guys are going to demand when PS6 comes out? a PS6 trophy list for a PS4/PS5 games that'll get patched? A separate trophy list for The Last Of Us Part 1 Remastered? What about PS7? This nonsensical practice of separate identical trophy lists only serves to dilute the meta-game. Can't wait for Persona -which is a series with only 10 ,arguably 9, actual games on Playstation- to have over 50 trophy lists by 2023.
  7. I can confirm - at least in Alcatraz - you can kill the same person twice with the Wrathe/Acid grenade.
  8. For those going for Reznov on the "Hot and Heavy" mode: I can confirm you need the Ushanka hat in your inventory when you get the 200m kill (meaning: you cannot pick it up, die, get your 200m kill and then win the game). It is fine if you pick up the Ushanka , get the 200m kill and then die (minded your team gets to the required placement, which varies according the mode of play). In "Hot and Heavy", which is a 4-player mode you need to get to 2nd place after getting the 200m kill with the Ushanka. Thanks to @seyhano and @Nothin_butJord4n.
  9. - Can I create a gaming session /post a topic and/or comment where I boast about using hardware/software such as XIM , XIM Link abd Easy-Transfer cables? - Can I post a Trophy Guide which relies and explains the reader how to use said equipment to achieve the trophies more easily?
  10. Here are a few insights. -Matchmaking to different teams in Blackout works pretty well, even if you and your friends are half-a-world apart. @theoghambone_2 have been matched pretty consistently, even though he's in North America and I'm in the Middle-East. No need to use invites, just coordinate the moment you search ("Deploy") via voice chat. We played at ~23PM GMT , for those asking. -The best way to confirm whether you're in the same game after being matched, is if the first player to drop in the lobby announces the amount of players currently in-match (the number will be displayed at the top right corner, when you drop into the map after the loading screen). If the number on your screen is about the same , then you are probably in the same match. - In general, I don't recommend attempting Woods with other players who play with the advent of getting trophies, but rather with randoms/casuals in the "Quads" Blackout mode (4-player) . That way, you might get help from player who are more - and better - focused on actually winning. - I've seen/heard players rage quit after failing the chopper part for Woods' bandana. I besiege you: fret not. Flying the chopper for 1 minute is very easy (granted the chopper spawn in the first place, of course). Simply, once you get the bandana get immediately in driver seat of the chopper and fly to either 1) North-East behind the dam, or 2)North-West behind the furthest half-Island protruding from the mainland. Both of these locations are good, because no one rarely goes there due to absence of loot. Just hover low above the water with the chopper. Again this is NOT a 100% sure way, but as long as you make you way as quickly as possible to the chopper; not doddle getting loot; fly low towards the destination. -Don't lose faith if you get to the bandana location and other players are already there. You'd be surprised how many casuals just loot the area and leave the bandana the helicopter alone in their wake. There's a light-brown crop of rock overlooking the bandana. You may lie prone there and wait for the enemies to leave before scrambling down , grabbing the bandana and flying away. - Don't feel bad for your teammates, after you spend your 60 seconds flying the helicopter you're going to rendezvous with them. -Infact, don't be afraid to leave your chopper's cover before getting to 60 seconds - the fly back to your teammates would probably overlap with some of the time requirement. Don't feel bad, ditching the helicopter mid-flight on your way back. "Strength in Numbers" is part and parcel of Blackout. The sooner you get to your teammates after completing the 60-seconds objective, the better. -A lot of player don't seem to know this , but you can get to pretty much everywhere on the map upon first paradropping if you just gain enough momentum by first straight-down air diving and then gradually tilting yourself a bit more horizontally.. -Actual winning is all a matter of group tactics. I'd recommend sticking to the fringes , scavang/hunker down in buildings/behind or on top of hills as a GROUP.
  11. Does it matter if I search the stashes located throughout the map by default, or the ones that fall from the sky? I've tried the H&H mode for many hours - sometimes opening 6 crates or more per game - and I've never seen it.
  12. Post/Share pics, GIFs and stories how how you failed to unlock Woods despite have fulfilled the Bandan+Chopper requirements. My noteworthy stories: 1. My first ever attempt. We're still a full squad; hunkering down in the North-Eastern building of Estates. It's the 4 of us against an assortment of other 4 players. I'm -being a noob who plays for the advent of getting trophies - fill more of a support/medic/camping/defensive role. We start to fidget a little bit; move rooms. We go out to the rooftop. We KNOW they're coming up the stairs. We fight, my teammate goes down. I need him, so I make a run for him. Next thing you know there's a guy on the even higher rooftop above us (probably had grappled there). He kills me while I revive. Other two teammates go down eventually too, so no win either. 2.Another good attempt. We work well as a team; stick to fringes with already good gear. We hide where no one least expects: outdoors in the open, under tree shadows. It's time to move westward , across an asphalt road, but there's an optional precast cabin on the closest side to me. My teammates pass the road and hunker down on a shadowed hill. I ,for good measure, go through the precast cabin first. We're not far from Array and I also have the Mason T-shirt. The cabin is clear. I go out and BAM! i find myself in last stand , good gear and all. T'ill this day I don't know what downed me. My teammates' arrows change direction toward me. I know they're tempted. Alas, shooting starts from North-East of were we just came for. I get kill-confirmed from afar. I stay to spectate. @Cpl-2face wins a 1v1 and we actually win the match. 3.I get matched with @thesting27. I don't know if he's a good player or not but one thing I know is that he got Woods unlocked , since he's playing as him. The match starts and unfortunately for us we are a 3-player squad , so we're in a disadvantage to begin with, He turns on his mic - which is welcome; voice communication as an option is always good - and starts giving useful tips. We move fairly in unison under his direction, The second teammate falls a little bit behind and gets himself killed while we're scavenging, To me it becomes an instant "run-for-your-life", but not so for @thesting27. He stays tucked on the second floor of one of those white-board county houses like he can take on a whole squad with barely any good equipment, I - being weak of faith as I am - continue my flight unabated. @thesting27 goes down like a butter on a hot toast. To his credit, he stays to spectate. I do some interesting stuff that match: parking with my chopper on a turbine amongst other thing. Unfortunately, I'm at greater disadvantage the I had been to begin with, since now I'm the last man standing AND I've had bad luck finding 5.56 ammo for my Galil. I've known this to be become a problem, but had no choice due to paranoia and time constraints but to continue towards the circle. Anyway, I'm on the Turbine toward the end. Popping shots into unsuspecting players from afar, knowing that each hit can tip the balance toward one squad or another. Some of the remaining players detect me eventually. Luckily, the turbine is wide enough so I could crawl backward and them not have a shooting angle on me. Time to move to the new circle, I wingsuit down to behind a rock. A shootout between me an another player starts. The usual left-to-right probing with intermittent healing ensues, I am killed and lose. 4.I land the chopper next to my teammates and my own teammates down me. They get on the chopper and leave. Yep, some players are just weird, 5.Success. Highjacked. There's Godly levels of coordination here. Some "whole-team-camp-swimming-behind-a-rock" kinda coordination, I thought I was in 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday' for a sec as we group-dived toward the action. One of my teammates forays onto the cliff. He goes down so fast I don't even notice when he dies. We clamber around to the cliff. It's us 3 vs 1. We exchange shots. My teammate to the right decides to investigate in a scorpion-like curve, although he will be in a height disadvantage. He end up being right: the dude has started circumventing us. They shoot at each other - I even pop a few shots into him. My teammate is downed, I - after an heroic act of bravery - am downed as well. My final teammate , previously on my left - is now behind me and sees this whole unfolds. I can see his muzzle flashes as he shoots at our enemy and throws a smoke screen. During the carnage the downed teammate gets kill-confirmed by the enemy, I'm being attempt-revived by my teammate. All of the sudden shots begin being fired through the smoke screen. I can see my teammate sponging the shots. He ceases the revive. One final fire exchange and he comes out top. We win. I unlock Woods while I'm down.
  13. For a guy who named this thread Blackout Characters Guide ,at least as of the time of this writing, you sure are forthcoming with regards to actually guiding people. (Also, I've played for 4-6 hours , so I know the game a bit).
  14. Isn't it like searching for a needle in a haystack? As someon'es whose on the user's (and new to the game, besides), I don't know how many Blackout session are onging at any given moment, I'm not privy to those things.
  15. Can't you just answer these simple questions? Trying these things myself can take hours of my life , especially -as you said- that the frag grenade spawns completely randomly. If I know these things me and other people don't need to err and repeat other's mistakes. Just tell me how i can coordinate with my friends, does it need to be as part of a friendly party, or we supposed to find each other on the map when we're enemies? Is there a sub-category of modes where you can play as Duos/Solos on Alcatraz? Cause "Blackout" on the game's main menu only has: 1)Solos 2)Duos , 3)Quads ( All in the base map I presume) and 4)Alcatraz Quads.