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  1. Honestly I just want the ability to sort my trophy list by name like in the ps3 days, but new features are always welcome!
  2. Love the animated show! Looking forward to play this
  3. Happy to see that crash has the spotlight again! Now bring back the sly cooper series already πŸ˜…
  4. Any fix for this? Currently sitting at 1500000 chaos and no luck πŸ˜…
  5. Quick question, Currently sitting at 90% completion in yakuza 0 and I completely forgot that I had to level up some of the shops in the last district. Is there an efficient way of doing this? I am basically only using miracle johnson and alternating managers (using mostly spinning and nugget). For instance Miracle has a triangle in some of these shops is it worth to switch to someone who has a circle or even a double circle or should I just stick with him?
  6. Persona 5 looks tempting 😁
  7. I hope you don't mind, but I am using your post to ask a specific question regarding the mp. For example, when I reach a day with a specific mission (100% for example) do the mission objectives always start at tier 1? Say that I start the multiplayer and I use the revolver alot (for example I accumulated 25 kills), when I reach the first mission in Week 1 do I only need 3 kills (tier 1) or do I need 35 kills (tier 7) to achieve the mission objetive? The mission objective have to be fulfilled in one match? Cheers!
  8. Thanks for the giveaway! I am picking Bloodborne one of my favourite games of this generation. Good luck to everyone involved in this giveaway πŸ˜†
  9. I checked their twitter the ps4 version of TLOU, Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy will not shutdown 😁
  10. Does it still work? Only relic I am missing =/
  11. Just a quick update Managed to beat MF at level 45 with Terra, but this fight is complete ass. I only managed to do it because for some reason the MF never went invisible. I have no idea what causes it but I am glad that this is over. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  12. Thanks for the tips guys! I will beat him eventually πŸ˜…
  13. This was thought but here goes: 1. Bloodborne (PS4) 2. The Witcher 3 (PS4) 3. Borderlands 2 (PS3/PS4) 4. God of War 3 (PS3/PS4) 5. Pokemon Emerald (GBA) 6. Okami HD (PS3) 7. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (PS4) 8. Batman Arkham City (PS3/PS4) 9. Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (PS1) 10. Super Mario Galaxy (WII)
  14. I have a couple of questions: 1) How the hell do you deal with him when he is invisible? Does this phase trigger automatically when he reaches a certain amount of health or is it timed? 2) Do second chance and once more not work when I am in the air? 3) Is there a viable way to avoid is laser attack? (the one where he summons orbs) 4) Does leveling up actually help? (Currently level 45 and this fight is the only thing stopping me from getting this platinum) 5) Is thunder surge still the best approach to this fight? I was thinking on throwing some daisy sorbets to trigger rhythm mixer need to test if this helps. Thanks and happy hunting!