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  1. Added you
  2. ok cool 😀 if nothing shows up in the meantime i will be available
  3. Tell you what, i will create a session right now, join it and tell me if the times suits you
  4. Hey I only need shackles can only do it friday though. I was thinking on setting up a session to farm these.
  5. Didn't know that. Thanks! 🙂
  6. Worked like a charm! Thank you 🙂
  7. Hey guys this is my first post here 🙂, how do i change my profile background? Currently I am looking at this https://psnprofiles.com/Pudimflam, I am not sure what game is that. I have tried looking through the trophy cards option but when i try to change it it doesn't update. Thanks.
  8. Currently going for this too. Level 24 at the moment 🙂
  9. Batman Arkham City 😀
  10. Ok thanks good to know. 😁
  11. Guys i need you`re help. I know this might sound stupid but does the digital eu unharted 3 goty include the season pass? I was going to download, and besides the crap load of stuff i have to download I never saw the season pass listed. I was going for the co op buddy trophy, I`m not sure if this trophy requires the season pass or maybe it can be done via split-screen?
  12. Still waiting for the remaster announcement 😀
  13. I mean life of the black tiger exists 🙂
  14. Good to know
  15. Hey guys I just got the missable jordan shoes after not playing this for 6 months. I completely forgot about it. I reinstalled the game and was able to create a new character, did not need to use the workaround. I own the full version, i am not sure if that influenced the outcome of not, just wanted to share.