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  1. SPOILER there here is a mission where you drive boozer down south and the game wants you to be stealth and it gives me the rock tutorial, but ironically enough I can’t throw the rock to distract anyone. I am on patch 1.08, any help?
  2. Thanks, I have been doing it at night.
  3. How do you avoid the horde during this mission? Really annoying
  4. I tried it and it just reset my character 😐
  5. Anyone know how to get this trophy if I have the digital verison?
  6. Anyone else think this game is boring and slow? I played chapter 1 and it was super slowed paced and kinda lost interest a bit. Im in chapter two right now and hopefully the pace of the game picks up, so far it just seems like a boring horse simulator.
  7. Episode 2- Sept 25 Epsiode 3- Nov 6 Episode 4 Dec 18 i got this from telltale’s twitter
  8. It’s not really a spoiler, it shows what outcome you did in the last game
  9. If you chose to stay with Kenny at the end of season 2, you will have a scar on your face (Cuz you were in a car crash in season 3 ) if you chose Jane you will have no scar Thats cool how telltale added that.
  10. Why are there two trophy lists on twd season 4?
  11. Just wait till it’s on sale or rent at a family video.
  12. Maybe cuz u didn’t complete all mission on veteran and missed one, it isn’t glitched