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  1. Sure. Like I said, things have been crazy.
  2. Liberation was remastered for PS3, so it'd be a remaster of a remaster.
  3. Since you don't kill Kulve (you just beat the shit out of her until she escapes the area), I doubt there's a crown. However, there is research involved. I wonder if it'll count for the trophy. Since Kulve is currently an event monster and who knows how often they'll rotate it in, that would be a serious pain in the ass for those who don't have it yet. And yes, she. Was watching a stream on Twitch and the characters referred to Kulve as a female and a goddess.
  4. I just host...I won't this summer, but I will again in the fall.
  5. Added. Can't recall if we've ever had this many late signups.
  6. Git gud! In seriousness, just keep practicing. You'll get better.
  7. Capcom has released the details of update 3.0, which will add Kulve and a few tweaks The most notable one is that, when fighting tempered monsters, flash pods will become less and less effective the more you use them until they don't work at all. However, they're increasing the rewards from tempered monsters as well.
  8. Sure thing. Sorry.
  9. Does any one play Call of Duty for a compelling story anyway?
  10. This isn't much of a surprise.
  11. You can. Added. Sorry for the delay. Crazy weekend.
  12. Burger and fries from Five Guys. Yum!
  13. Yeah. You can influence your kid's future career, but it only is a small change to the ending and there's no trophy involved...they could've done more. Oh, well.
  14. Three things: However, I think you really have to be actively trying for the third one. The game gives you a wife at the end of the first chapter if you don't do it yourself (you can still say no, but game over). First one is funny to watch once.
  15. Same. I would also like a mini Dreamcast, but doubt that'd work very well.