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  1. I had no issues or bugs as well getting 100% - just left the online throphies as last and played everything solo.
  2. You need flawless summon stones for both the cactuar (mr.prickles) and the monster tonberry that will be placed next to the blacksmith tonberry. You can upload your save to the cloud to keep trying for these drops and to save you time grinding (the final ones need like 16 to 18 stones each) but from experience I found out you need to play at least a new rift before the drop changes. Otherwise you will always summon the same monster.
  3. I feel that glass builds are indeed the only option just because of the poor gear system in the game. For example a level 300 helmet has 74 defense and when you bring it too 500 it still only has 74 defense. The only thing that increases are the skills on the helmet but you have to pick ones that do damage..... . The ninja skill will probably help to mitigate some hits but you still have to be careful because of its limited uses. I did saw that a sage build might be great for this as well as you can spam spells from afar but I don't know about the mp management? Luck is unfortunately a big factor in this dlc. For my gilgamesh rift I tried the 90 enemies gauntlet but failed miserably at 33 monsters, failed a few bosses until I got lucky with a single Kraken fight. The fight was on the ship so I could hide behind the big ship masts from it to pop more mp items and the ninja skill.
  4. The first 5 to 10h are fun since you will just experiment with the classes and abilities but then the game just overstays its welcome. It feels like a low budget game due to the fact that there are limited levels and monster types. So you will be farming a lot of the same monsters over and over again. If I compare it with Nioh again, I minded the grind way less in those two games since they have better mechanics, plenty of different enemies and is generally better balanced. In Stranger I just wanted to have the grind over asap. If it wasn't for the fancy steelbook it came with at launch, I would probably have skipped this game
  5. Hmmm it kinda depends on how much you like grinding for the end game? Stranger feels like a very poor and unbalanced imitation of Nioh and while a playthrough on normal to experience the story and kick some ass to final fantasy monsters is actually pretty fun, the end game is horrible. Like MakoSoldier said the systems are badly explained in the game itself so you need to rely on some guides to make a brokenish build just to get through the latter difficulty spikes. And even then most of those builds are just gimmick builds to quickly clear monsters or bosses. While in Nioh, you could beat bosses by relying on learining patterns and just leveling your gear, this game is centered less on skill and more on gimmicks. I suggest maybe watching some vids of people playing dlc 1 or 2 so you can see if the grind is worth it?
  6. So after just finishing the dlc, I thought I share my build and some tips to minimalise grinding. I got my build from a youtuber before dlc 2 but mine is a bit watered down I think (or it has been nerfed). Still I was able to do between 30-40k damage and either 1-shot or two-shot normal enemies, and was able to beat bosses until floor 30. I played as barbarian since its skill "annihilating light" let me do damage with some distance from enemies. The warden does more damage but you need to be closer to enemies and it takes a longer time charging. Build. So the main is barbarian (upgraded version of breaker - evocation) and make sure you are level 150 on it. Spend your job points as follows: - Break + 50 (5points) - Strenght +40 (20pts) - Breaker job affinity + 300% (20pts) - Near death damage dealt + 12% (20pts) - Charge attack damage dealt +7,5% (15pts) - MP recharge with normal attacks + 10,5% (15pts) Job affinities: - At least 400% in breaker for extra strenght and the ability to increase damage after soul break (is really handy for mobs). More is also oké (I had 700% which might be to much) but 400% is minimum. - 400% in rune knight for decreased cost in using abilities. - At least 400% in dark knight for increased near death damage and to have this effect be always active regardless of health (this is crucial). - At least 160% in samurai for decreased cost in using abilities (however 250% is prefered for the extra stat boosts - I only had 163% so you should also be fine without it). - Extra affinities that give a lot of strenght to boost damage. I had 120% in Ronin and 160% in Cylic warrior but anything works if it just gives you extra strenght). Max your gear with the following abilities: - Strenght - Charge attack damage increase - Near death damage dealt For your secondary job you should pick a ninja. Ninja has the "utsusemi" ability which lets you survive 3 hits. This is very handy for bosses or just running though gateway missions. When a mission starts - switch to your secondary and pop this skill. Then switch to your main to deal damage and repeat if you get hit more then 3 time (an aura effect will wear off). Abilities: - Summon Taichi - Mighty Strikes - Seal of blood -Runic protection but only in extra mode Pop these when able but be careful with your mp since the "annihilating light" skill still needs 2 bars. You get your mp back when soulbursting and you can also use your items like Ether when fighting bosses. General tips for the dlc: - You can use "extra mode" until floor 22 but try to avoid it. With a variant of the build posted above, you should have no issue clearing normal monsters and chaos monsters. Fighting these monsters gets you more loot needed to complete certain throphies such as summon stones, arcanium or sealed weapons. You can use extra mode when your points are really low or to quickly finish a null rift (mandatory boss); - Fusing is handy to get the job affinities you need but its very resource draining. You need rat tails and crests of the specific job which means a lot of farming. I used it for 3 pieces of gear, most of it I got from the exchange shop. Farming crests can be done on any difficulty, even casual. Just switch to the jobs you want crests for and play the mission "Ebon warriors" at ??? which is a gauntlet of 50 enemies. Crest drop is random but usually between 15-20. - Don't forget the pets, they are really handy. They give passives when offering an item and general bonuses when you perform certain activities in their quest. I used the Harpy (for extra crit damage and when you give her an item it gives mp recovery upon slain enemies), Wolf (Ronin and Samurai affinity + and break damage), Sagahin (strenght and physical damage +), Tonberry (dark knight and breaker affinity +) and the iron giant (cyclic warrior affinity up). But just check what works with your build; - For the "blessing of the summoned" throphy, you just need to have 12 weapons or gear with each of the different summons. So just keep track of which ones you already have. This is also why you should avoid "extra mode" as you need arcanium and it drop even from regular enemies. - When you got arcanium to spare or already have the blessing thropy, pick some arcanium chests in the hall for extra healing items and summon stones. For throphies you need at least the tonberry and cactuar (see the post of Tobaldou) and they both come from the flawless summoning stone. You can save scum these monsters however after testing I found out you need to complete at least a new rift to change the monster that is being summoned. Otherwise you always get the same; - For the "extra dimentional gift" throphy you need to clear a rift given by Gilgamesh and these can be tough. However sometimes he gives a single boss rift instead of multiple. Try to get one of these and use all your healing items to take down this boss. - Use your gil and healing items. The phoenix downs are life savers as are all items that give mp. Also you can use mp items before entering a rift so you can start with max mp. This is handy for boss rifts. -When your points are dangerously low, just do gateway runs to get them back up. You can ignore every enemy and with the ninja skill even tank some hits when you open chests. - You can exit the labyrinth without losing progres by picking "return to world map" at the cube. You can return to the same floor with all your progress by picking the main mission rift labyrint. - You can skip most of the boss fights in this dlc if you don't feel comfortable doing them. At certain points you need to clear a null void which is a mandatory boss fight. You can use extra mode until floor 22 to clear these if you are struggeling or want to save gil in the early stages (for example I used it in the beginning to save gil so that I didn't need to farm that especially). After floor 22, you need to clear 2 more null voids to get past 30. These bosses are random so if your are struggeling with one, just give up and try another one. (Just keep an eye on your point and do gateways to keep the number up). Pick the more easier bosses that give you room to use your ability (I had Chaos Advent and the Chimera - and for the Gilgamesh rift the Kraken) I hope this info help somebody in tackling this dlc.
  7. Aaaah cool, then its just a matter of grinding some floors. Thx! Edit: I found him like 2 runs after posting on floor 24 woooot!
  8. Thanks for the tip! I finally got the cactus so its time to lvl him ^^. Would you also be willing to share how to give an elixir to a magic pot? Is it one of the summon monsters or did I miss something? (The wolf talks about the pot but I have his quest maxed?)
  9. Hi everyone, I haven't seen any mention about this glitch so I thought I share it for anybody struggling to finish their first run. The game isn't overly difficult but you need a half-decent build to finish a run and this requires you to get a bit lucky on finding the right relics. However you can bypass the RNG and just start with your preferred build from the beginning. Normally you can only start the trial with one relic but the glitch allows you to start with multiple relics (a full inventory if you want) of your choice. To activate it, use the following steps: Step 1: Go to your room and talk to the mirror to replay the tutorial; Step 2: Replay the tutorial until you get teleported back into your room (you will see that all the furniture is surrounding you to introduce themselves); Step 3: Go to your inventory (with L2) and drop your current relic with square (or skip step 3 if you don't have a relic already equiped); Step 4: Go to the chest and pick a new relic of choice; Step 5: Go to your inventory (with L2) and drop the relic with square somewhere; Step 6: Repeat the process of picking a new relic and dropping it somewhere in your room; Step 7: Pick up all the relics you dropped (max 12) and go out of your room to the trials. This should give you an edge to complete you (first) run since you can start with an OP build.
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't work in private matches, you need to get it in a public match. Its really tricky to get it as a lot of people don't use the tranq gun. I remember getting lucky in an interrogation match since they use the tranq gun more in that mode. Not sure if people are still online now..... Edit: you can still boost but it needs to be a public match so you will need a lot of players to fill the lobby
  11. Anybody experiencing crashes when booting up their save file(s) as well? None of my saves work and I just get an error message on the ps5....
  12. Hi guys, Just a heads-up that there a 3 new throphies for an update called the bank. They look simple enough: - Reach the bank; - Complete the game with maximum debt (according to the wiki you can borrow money to 20 000 and when you don't pay it back, you get a curse); - Kill a mimic vendor (according to the wiki, there is one mimic vendor in the bank level. Just buy something and the vendor will turn to attack you). The update is live. I'm going to check it out right now Edit: all trophies work and are very easy to get
  13. Kaito Rocket 2.0 is on Suppon street in front of the place called Amour (all the way at the end of the street). I'm kinda stuck on the crests (19/20) and I went all over the map multiple times. Anybody remembers where they found a particular tricky one? Like hidden away off the minimap? Nvm: I found it. I was missing the one on shichifuku street across from the old disco place from Y0. Its was on the welcome mat. Man how did I miss that one for hours......
  14. Hey guys, just a heads-up that the people at Neoseeker had an early review code for the dlc and already updated their walktrough. They also included the new collectibles for the dlc: link Not sure if the glitch mentioned in the other thread will also apply for these collectibles but it might best to take the approach mentioned in that thread: if you want to play on assist mode, leave the first collectible alone and focus on the other collectibles. Then pick that one up with level select on classic mode. Happy hunting tonight!
  15. Awesome, time to get that sweet 100% again! ^^