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  1. If you need an easy build to clear it go for an obsidian set. You will need to play until region 3 (shadow) so you farm the mission: a formal match. You can easily get divine gear in dream of the wise but if you want to go the extra mile you can keep farming for ethereal ( a full set just took me an evening of farming - you will also get a lot of amrita to invest in your stats). You will also need the acessory for -1 set bonus but you should have it if you cleared dream of the demon. Then you have the full set bonus with extra damage for stamina Put your stats in strenght and stamina and pick an odachi of choice. Remodel it so it scales with both strenght and stamina. Also temper it if you have some umbricites to spare. Just go for damage bonus strenght and melee ki stuff. The third region in dream of the wise already drops +20 gear so you can level your stuff easily. Best tip I can give when you start dream of the wise is just to focus on the side missions. The bosses are pretty tough when you first jump over from demon so just do side missions until you can get the obsidian set. Good luck!
  2. I just finished the dlc. I can definately recommend playing Dream of the Wise first to upgrade your gear as it will help to tank more hits (mine was +25 and it took me around 4 casual evenings of playing before the dlc came out). I used a very basic build: full obdidian with an odachi and cleared most missions with ease. If you use a heavy armour build and upgrade it into Dream of the Wise, you can easily tank all the monsters and bosses without much difficulty. There are two missions which have a boss rush setting but don't worry as they have checkpoints. So you basically kill 4-5 yokai and 1 boss and you get a checkpoint where if you die you don't have to do them again. You get one after each boss. The throphy for Way of the Vanquisher is quite okay since you have these checkpoint. Still the last wave might be a bit of a pain since you need to defeat 3 bosses in a row. This is the only wave where you need to defeat 3 bosses in a row, the others are always normal enemies + a boss. Make sure you set your kodama blessing to healer so each boss drops +4 elixir - otherwise you might run out at boss 3. These final wave bosses are:
  3. Ah right, that makes more sense. Thx for the clarification! Its a shame, I always hoped they would pull through with a fix someday
  4. I had a look at the JP version of the game and it looks like somebody on this site got two of the three glitched throphies Does anybody have some more info on this? Did the JP version get a different patch?
  5. The most success I had was to deplete its ki and then let the head go back in the wagon. Then it should trigger a core. If you keep hitting it while its ki is depleted then it will just regenerate its ki and no core will spawn. So always let the head go back in the wagon after ki depletion. Sometimes the core spawned without its ki being depleted and I have no clue how I triggered that, I just never interrupt it when its head goes back in the carriage. Still the method with depleting its ki worked 8/10 times so definately try it out! I used the ippon-dattara youkai ability, burst attacks and heavy attacks to deplete its ki. A good farming location is:
  6. Srry wrongly phrased, I meant the lay off of the staff.
  7. Seeing as Lab Zero shut down today, I guess we will never get the promised patch
  8. Just finished my runs. I did grounded and permadeath in two different runs and glad I did since there were some difficult sections on grounded. I never played on survivor before so I wasn't confortable with doing permadeath on grounded. For those wondering, my grounded run took me around 15h and the permadeath speedrun on very light difficulty was 6h 30min. Good luck everyone!
  9. Hmmm I think it might be possible to get both throphies in a single playthrough if the permadeath is an accessibility option. For example you play grounded the whole game and keep a save at the final encounter/checkpoint. Then finish the game on grounded. Afterwards revert your save and put permadeath on. As long as permadeath is not required as a starting option, then I think we can bypass an extra run. Grounded will probably need a full run from the start since your difficulty switches to "custom" once you change some stuff. Anyway lets try things out when it becomes available
  10. Great news! Thanks dertswa687o for reaching out to the devs ^^
  11. Thanks for trying, I really appreciate you took the time to test it out! Its a shame they didn't check this beforehand but lets hope they are still willing to fix it..... someday......
  12. Its a really big disappointment from them. Not sure if I have the energy to try them all again for something that may still be glitched in the end. Its not like these challenges were fun in the first place
  13. Nothing happend on my full plat save file I had a save ready as well with only challenge 5 and 40 left to do. After platting those no throphy unlocked :(.
  14. Sorry for spamming the thread but I found two more general hints that maybe can help out someone struggeling with the battle challenges. While comparing my runs with the examples of Dounew, it became clear that I was always doing a little less damage (like a 100 less) and in his animations there is a sickle attack. While it was still fine for most challenges, number 20 became impossible since I could not gather Iddi fast enough. To get to the point, I was missing a final weapon upgrade. If you go back to Tai Krung, then there is a blue flame on the map. You will get a new character and a new weapon upgrade. This made it a bit easier to complete them. In some case I didn't have a certain character for a challenge. Like in challenge 16 and 19, the game gives you a party with twin brothers but I never recruited this character so the game gave me others to complete the challenge with. In 16 you get the giant bird instead and it made the challenge a little bit easier since you can destroy its block and juggle it with a single triangle move (if the bird is flying). In challenge 19, I got Zebei instead but wasn't a big help nor a handicap. Hope this helps someone! Edit: Challenge 30 gives you the giant bird again instead of the twins, I found it very helpful to break the guard.
  15. Thanks a lot for making these! For challenge 12, I found it better to hold down the joystick when mashing your buttons. The bird will do a swooping attack and do a little more damage. I'm able to destroy the machine under a minute that way. Still its not as effective for the soldier guys and I usually end up around 00:02:03. Edit: got it with this method. Also for challenge 11, you don't need to use Ajna to break his defense. You can use the tringle up attack to break it and juggle him at the same time. For this one I just started with triangle up to get the bird flying and follow up with one triangle and a mash of all other buttons. Then keep doing is but keep one triangle attack unused so you can attack again - build up your super and use it after a triangle attack + follow up with button mash. If he target the bird just reset as she is vital to kill him in time and it can't block while flying.