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  1. Sorry for spamming the thread but I found two more general hints that maybe can help out someone struggeling with the battle challenges. While comparing my runs with the examples of Dounew, it became clear that I was always doing a little less damage (like a 100 less) and in his animations there is a sickle attack. While it was still fine for most challenges, number 20 became impossible since I could not gather Iddi fast enough. To get to the point, I was missing a final weapon upgrade. If you go back to Tai Krung, then there is a blue flame on the map. You will get a new character and a new weapon upgrade. This made it a bit easier to complete them. In some case I didn't have a certain character for a challenge. Like in challenge 16 and 19, the game gives you a party with twin brothers but I never recruited this character so the game gave me others to complete the challenge with. In 16 you get the giant bird instead and it made the challenge a little bit easier since you can destroy its block and juggle it with a single triangle move (if the bird is flying). In challenge 19, I got Zebei instead but wasn't a big help nor a handicap. Hope this helps someone! Edit: Challenge 30 gives you the giant bird again instead of the twins, I found it very helpful to break the guard.
  2. Thanks a lot for making these! For challenge 12, I found it better to hold down the joystick when mashing your buttons. The bird will do a swooping attack and do a little more damage. I'm able to destroy the machine under a minute that way. Still its not as effective for the soldier guys and I usually end up around 00:02:03. Edit: got it with this method. Also for challenge 11, you don't need to use Ajna to break his defense. You can use the tringle up attack to break it and juggle him at the same time. For this one I just started with triangle up to get the bird flying and follow up with one triangle and a mash of all other buttons. Then keep doing is but keep one triangle attack unused so you can attack again - build up your super and use it after a triangle attack + follow up with button mash. If he target the bird just reset as she is vital to kill him in time and it can't block while flying.
  3. After twisting my fingers in weird angles and shouting at the TV a lot, I finally got the plats for the platforming (without the glitched one of course). Thanks for posting all these tips guys, I would never been able to do this otherwise! Hardest one for me was challenge 37, man using the nature bow + doing spearjumps was brutal.
  4. Thanks a lot for making these video's! It really helps to see a certain strategy as I was always behind a few seconds then the ones posted here and I had no idea on how to improve. I subbed to your channel to show some support Time to practice this like hell ^^
  5. Wow, thats really fast! Kinda weird thats not a plat indeed. My best is 00:13:05 so I need to practice some more. Any chance you are willing to make more of these video's on how to beat the platforming? Knowing what to do is really helpful
  6. I got a plat on challenge 4 with 00:02.95 (I just spammed Dhar's attacks, mostly got me a three sec gold but ended up once under 3) Challenge 6 with 00:10.70. For this one you need to keep your super dash going at all time. So only press x once between each jump or you will cancel it. Maybe we can post tips on how to complete too?
  7. Definitely! I tried a few of those and was getting steamrolled. I think just completing the DLC will be hard but somewhat possible after a lot of trial and error but to get platinum (S-rank) on everything is kinda insane. You need to have this game completely mastered in both platforming and combat and well I don't see myself getting that good 😅 In terms of "funfactor", the DLC is pretty disappointing. They only added a few extra dialogue lines (non-voiced) and they repeat fairly quickly.
  8. So the new dlc is out, tried it a bit and my first impressions is that its really tough. I played 6 challenges so far and well you need a perfect run to get the highest score. There is no room for a small mistake on the platforming. The highest rank seems to be platinum (for the S ranks). I first thought it was gold since I got those after practicing a lot and doing a "perfect run" but I got a platinum al of a sudden after getting even 0.1 seconds off one. This will be a tough one to 100% guys!
  9. If you found them then Sam will radio the captain to tell him the news. There will also be a cassetteplayer telling you what happend to them. To find them: Thanks @Fr_0zt for finding a guide for the staches!
  10. Cool! That would be good to know since I didn't really encounter any other potential events. I did the same for the sniper guy, I don't think there is any "good" option here. Np for the tips on the harmonica sheet, wish I took some screenshots (number 7 is tricky to spot for example) and was more thorough in the beginning of the game since I thought it was more open to backtracking. I will go over the dlc again tonight after work for the trust throphy and do a detailed check of the caches (with notes this time). Hopefully I will find them since I am dreading a third run of this dlc - this dlc is not as fun as the first one.
  11. I didn't get captains trust as well and I did the following actions that gave me a white flickering on the screen: There are three encounters and all mandatory: For Harmonica sheets: I am still looking for the staches, found 6 so far. Good luck guys!
  12. Only deliveries to him :). You should get new emails after you do a few runs and sleep in the private room. Once you get a mail, keep doing more runs to him and the mail chain will continue. Good luck!
  13. Hi guys, I figured it out. I only focussed on lv the facility asap by doing large cargo run and due to that I was missing some messages from them. After doing more deliveries, they send new mails concerning the story and at the end the one for the chip. I didn't do enough deliveries to get to the end of their mails, the lv of the facility itself was irrelevant
  14. I really hope so, I will keep playing in this file anyway for the other remaining throphies but it just strikes me as odd since I leveled up the Paleontologist way before the First Prepper and Mountain Knot City who did send me the email for their memory chips. Also regarding chip 14, did I miss a step there since nothing showed up after reading the email. Were you able to pick that up immediately?
  15. Hi guys, Last night I tried to go for the throphy "Fount of Knowledge" which requires you to get all memory chips. I think I encountered two bugs regarding memory chip 14 and 30. For 14 - Stand By Me - you need to fully level the Waystation North of Mountain Knot and read the email titled " Something Glowing Down in the Crater…". I did both things but the memory chip still did not spawn at the Incinerator West of Lake Knot City. For 30 - Fused Silica - you need to fully level the Paleontologist who will send you the email “Much Respect to Porters Everywhere!”. I leveled the facility but haven't received any email so the chip would not spawn. I tried doing extra deliveries and sleeping in the private rooms but still no dice in getting these chips. The only thing I can think of that I did differently then the recommended steps in the throphy guide is leveling up all facilities before finishing the story. Did anybody else experience these glitches?