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  1. I think there might indeed be different locations which are all valid for the throphy. I can confirm I just got it and I only picked up the sun toy near the water truck mission
  2. Hey guys, anyone willing to share some tips on how to measure a Teostra? (Mini and Giant) Been at it for a few days and slayed 45 so far but I can't seem to find a good way to distinguish them from regular sizes
  3. Mini Anjanath was also my last crown for this quest and I had to farm it like crazy until it dropped. Best advice I can give you is to do the quest solo, kill the jargas, go to camp and open your map until it spawns. To see it its a small one I found that it helped to place your character next to it and check the size with your character. If the legs are longer then your character, it is not a small one. For my small one the head of my character reached the stomach. I first killed every Anja but that took too long (because it takes time to spawn it) until I did the size measurement. If you return from a quest, you get to keep everything and also the crowns, this is the fastest way to farm a single monster in that quest. Capturing or slaying does not matter as I got crowns from both. Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. Hi all! I like to share a new one: Giant Nergigante at 2291.67. Rank 8 2 silver/1 gold Faint 3, 50min, no special bonus. Also I did the quest 4 times and got 1 silver crown before the gold
  5. You can fix this by changing your language on the PS4 to English (USA). It was mentioned by the developpers on their forum :
  6. Does anybody else have a blurry main character/pet while playing the vita version of the game? The video's online show that this should not be the case and I'm wondering if this is a minor bug or I fucked up my copy of the game someway.
  7. Thanks this news made my day ^^ ....(goes back into lurking )