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  1. 2 hours ago, Ampki said:

    What summon stone did you use to get tonberry ? It won’t let me use the basic ones anymore just flawless and greater. I have about 100 blue stones I can’t use :(


    You need flawless summon stones for both the cactuar (mr.prickles) and the monster tonberry that will be placed next to the blacksmith tonberry. 


    You can upload your save to the cloud to keep trying for these drops and to save you time grinding (the final ones need like 16 to 18 stones each) but from experience I found out you need to play at least a new rift before the drop changes. Otherwise you will always summon the same monster. 


  2. 4 hours ago, Xillynoc said:

    Still working on the guide for all this with xTOTHORO...not encouraging that a lot of the strategy/advice I've seen is "find a better player to co-op with" 1f605.png according to Tentativeuser, even the most optimal builds (like Laozuli's above) are basically one-shot by every monster you have to deal with after floor 21, regardless of strats like maintaining a constant Protect and Shell barrier combo, so it seems like it comes down to luck and/or skill...don't suppose anyone's found something more effective since? We do have a couple 100%ers already, so clearly it can be done.


    I feel that glass builds are indeed the only option just because of the poor gear system in the game.

    For example a level 300 helmet has 74 defense and when you bring it too 500 it still only has 74 defense. The only thing that increases are the skills on the helmet but you have to pick ones that do damage..... . The ninja skill will probably help to mitigate some hits but you still have to be careful because of its limited uses. 


    I did saw that a sage build might be great for this as well as you can spam spells from afar but I don't know about the mp management? 


    Luck is unfortunately a big factor in this dlc. For my gilgamesh rift I tried the 90 enemies gauntlet but failed miserably at 33 monsters, failed a few bosses until I got lucky with a single Kraken fight. The fight was on the ship so I could hide behind the big ship masts from it to pop more mp items and the ninja skill. 


  3. 45 minutes ago, Sunnyburrito said:

    I mean I've been playing JRPGs my entire life so I'm no stranger to obnoxious grind, was the classes and what not fun to play? The battle system I mean, on videos and trailers it looked pretty sweet.


    The first 5 to 10h are fun since you will just experiment with the classes and abilities but then the game just overstays its welcome. It feels like a low budget game due to the fact that there are limited levels and monster types. So you will be farming a lot of the same monsters over and over again.


    If I compare it with Nioh again, I minded the grind way less in those two games since they have better mechanics, plenty of different enemies and is generally better balanced. In Stranger I just wanted to have the grind over asap. 


    If it wasn't for the fancy steelbook it came with at launch, I would probably have skipped this game :D



  4. 24 minutes ago, Sunnyburrito said:

    So the season pass isn't worth it? ...damn I literally just put the game and the season pass in my cart, gonna wait and see then.


    Hmmm it kinda depends on how much you like grinding for the end game? Stranger feels like a very poor and unbalanced imitation of Nioh and while a playthrough on normal to experience the story and kick some ass to final fantasy monsters is actually pretty fun, the end game is horrible. 


    Like MakoSoldier said the systems are badly explained in the game itself so you need to rely on some guides to make a brokenish build just to get through the latter difficulty spikes. And even then most of those builds are just gimmick builds to quickly clear monsters or bosses. While in Nioh, you could beat bosses by relying on learining patterns and just leveling your gear, this game is centered less on skill and more on gimmicks. 


    I suggest maybe watching some vids of people playing dlc 1 or 2 so you can see if the grind is worth it?


  5. 9 minutes ago, tobaldou said:

    no problem,
    As for the magic pot, it appears in the lobby when you come back from the portal, for me it appeared 2 times at the bottom left when you return from the portals. You just have to buy an elixir from astos, and give it to him he will give you resources. no need for a particular monster it seems to me, it appears randomly. On the other hand I don't know if it appears from a particular floor, I got it at lvl 25 but I never really looked before if it appeared, because I didn't know what this trophy meant, I also thought that it was a monster that you summon ^^


    Aaaah cool, then its just a matter of grinding some floors. Thx! :D


    Edit: I found him like 2 runs after posting on floor 24 woooot! 




  6. 1 hour ago, tobaldou said:

    Hello trophy hunters, as I get a lot of PM's for this trophy I will try to say what I did here, as this trophy will not come alone when going upstairs.


      Reveal hidden contents

    First of all you need the tonberry monster in your lobby, and talk to him as many times as he wants each time he comes back from a mission (he has to pay back the money to his grandfather who is the blacksmith if I understood correctly what he was telling me), it seems to me that you have to give him 12 000 gils in total, but he takes 300 each time he wants money, so you might as well say that it's a long time...


    On the other hand it seems to me that there is another method, because personally I didn't need to make him pay everything back. You have to add the Pampa (French name, its the cactus monster) as a friend in the room as well and make his friendship rise in the same way as the tonberry. 
    Once the friendship is well established with the pampa he will offer you a knife which is the knife that the tonberry lost, once the knife is obtained the tonberry will want to talk to you and will explain that it is his knife and you will have to give it back to him (you have choices to make, personally I always made the first choice) you will have the tonberry who will become an adult and tell you his real name. ... at that point you just have to make a portal again, and when you come back the tonberry blacksmith will want to talk to you and thank you etc, he will tell you his real name, which is the name on the trophy and the trophy will appear.


    PS: It is possible that other monster is needeed, I have a lot up the friendship of monsters, but I think it is the only 2 for the trophy. I advise you to put your savegame on the cloud, if you die you lose your monsters and so the friendship that goes with it I think and so the trophy will reset...



    Personally I got the trophy at stairs 40, I think this trophy is achievable as soon as you have the pampa and the tonberry in monster (it seems to me that if you put your save before using your summoning stones, you can summon, and if it is not the tonberry or the pampa you have to recover your save and try again, This will allow you to get the trophy early in the stages, I remind you that the EXTRA mode is only available until stage 22, after that there is no more EXTRA mode, so you have to make a build or open your lobby, and hope to have randoms with a big stuff, the dlc is recent so you'll meet a lot of them, I doubt it will still be the case in a few weeks.


    I tried to detail as much as possible, I hope it helps, and I hope I haven't forgotten anything, if you find another trick, 
    do not hesitate to indicate it.



    Thanks for the tip! I finally got the cactus so its time to lvl him ^^. 


    Would you also be willing to share how to give an elixir to a magic pot? Is it one of the summon monsters or did I miss something? (The wolf talks about the pot but I have his quest maxed?)


  7. Hi everyone,


    I haven't seen any mention about this glitch so I thought I share it for anybody struggling to finish their first run.


    The game isn't overly difficult but you need a half-decent build to finish a run and this requires you to get a bit lucky on finding the right relics.


    However you can bypass the RNG and just start with your preferred build from the beginning.

    Normally you can only start the trial with one relic but the glitch allows you to start with multiple relics (a full inventory if you want) of your choice.


    To activate it, use the following steps:


    Step 1: Go to your room and talk to the mirror to replay the tutorial;

    Step 2: Replay the tutorial until you get teleported back into your room (you will see that all the furniture is surrounding you to introduce themselves);

    Step 3: Go to your inventory (with L2) and drop your current relic with square (or skip step 3 if you don't have a relic already equiped);

    Step 4: Go to the chest and pick a new relic of choice;

    Step 5: Go to your inventory (with L2) and drop the relic with square somewhere;

    Step 6: Repeat the process of picking a new relic and dropping it somewhere in your room;

    Step 7: Pick up all the relics you dropped (max 12) and go out of your room to the trials.


    This should give you an edge to complete you (first) run since you can start with an OP build.




  8. Unfortunately it doesn't work in private matches, you need to get it in a public match.


    Its really tricky to get it as a lot of people don't use the tranq gun. I remember getting lucky in an interrogation match since they use the tranq gun more in that mode. Not sure if people are still online now.....


    Edit: you can still boost but it needs to be a public match so you will need a lot of players to fill the lobby


  9. Hi guys, 


    Just a heads-up that there a 3 new throphies for an update called the bank. 


    They look simple enough: 

    - Reach the bank;

    - Complete the game with maximum debt (according to the wiki you can borrow money to 20 000 and when you don't pay it back, you get a curse);

    - Kill a mimic vendor (according to the wiki, there is one mimic vendor in the bank level. Just buy something and the vendor will turn to attack you). 


    The update is live. I'm going to check it out right now :)


    Edit: all trophies work and are very easy to get


  10. Kaito Rocket 2.0 is on Suppon street in front of the place called Amour (all the way at the end of the street). 


    I'm kinda stuck on the crests (19/20) and I went all over the map multiple times. Anybody remembers where they found a particular tricky one? Like hidden away off the minimap?


    Nvm: I found it. I was missing the one on shichifuku street across from the old disco place from Y0. Its was on the welcome mat. Man how did I miss that one for hours......


  11. Hey guys, just a heads-up that the people at Neoseeker had an early review code for the dlc and already updated their walktrough.

    They also included the new collectibles for the dlc: link


    Not sure if the glitch mentioned in the other thread will also apply for these collectibles but it might best to take the approach mentioned in that thread: if you want to play on assist mode, leave the first collectible alone and focus on the other collectibles. Then pick that one up with level select on classic mode.


    Happy hunting tonight!


  12. I saw on the twitter that the devs made a bug report form seperately from the discord due to the high number of bugs being reported right now


    twitter link:


    form link:


    I already made a submission for the broken throphies with a video file attached but feel free to do the same so we can hopefully get it fixed soon :)


  13. 13 minutes ago, Jaxelrod said:

    How do I get "Beware the Step!"? I am in undying shores, but it didn't give me this trophy.


    Many of these dlc throphies are tricky to trigger, especially if you already played the dlc's before the throphies were added.

    If this one doesn't pop on your main file, then I think its best to just go for it on a new file like totakos1 mentioned. Reaching the shores can be done in a hour or so its not too bad.


  14. 1 hour ago, Arcesius said:


    Nah, I'm playing on a PS5 as well... I also tried to get "Me, Jealous?" using the Leghugger as the second pet but that won't do the trick either. 



    P.S. Btw how did you get the Queen to drop? I tried with Hayabusa boots but I can't get her to drop and die... 


    Aaah damn, then I don't have a clue why it works differently.... 


    Yeah same, I tried with every pet and that one is still bugged. 


    Hmmm I haven't done that one yet, I'm planning to do it this afternoon with the spartan sandals. I got a savefile from last night just after the lighthouse and the blueprint waiting for me at the collector. Will update this post if it works ;)


    I did get the throphy for killing her with the killing deck (dropped by the leghuggers) and also found a servant outfit (the last servant you kill drops a weapon at the end of the lighthouse but when you kill the same one, in a second run you get the outfit). 


    Edit: Spartan Sandals did the trick! Keep damaging her normally until like 5 to 10% of her health is left and then head to one of the ledges. Wait until she charges, dodge into her and do a full kick combo. The final attack of the combo knocks her back quite far and she will drop down. She can warp back up if she still has health left so you can just keep repeating the process until you kill her. If done succesfully, you immediately skip forward to the cutscene 




  15. 2 hours ago, Arcesius said:


    Hmm I got this trophy np in custom mode. Then again, you got the two Destillary ones and I can't get them to pop, so there must be something different between our saves 1f605.png


    Hahaha thats really weird! ^^ 

    I thought for sure that was the issue


    The only thing I can think if is that I'm playing on the ps5? Its the ps4 eu version but maybe there are some small differences due to the console? 


  16. Anybody having issues with unwavering loyalty (lighthouse no damage)? 


    I did it 3 times so far and no throphy. I do use ice armour but I don't think that counts as damage?



    Edit: figured it out after a lot of trial and error. You can only get the unwavering loyalty throphy in normal mode. I started the dlc in custom mode for my preferred build and with an item pool of 25+ weapons so throphies should not be locked. All throphies popped in my custom mode except this one. 1 playthrough in normal mode and it worked so beware of this bug!


  17. 2 minutes ago, DarkGermanGamer said:

    I have asked about that earler in the stream but they haven't given me much information either. They said that someone is currently working on the achievements and they'd let him know.

    Awesome! Best we can do is keep reporting it as bugged on the discord (they mentioned its the best way to attract attention).


  18. 1 hour ago, maisie666 said:

    I wonder if it matters that im using a save file with the plat in Oct 2018.  Don t think thats it, but i see the other 2 people to pop it both got the plat in 2021.   I have no memory of the distillery, but i did play rise of the giant and its possible i did both requirements back when it came out.


    Yeah I don't think that would be an issue. A new file would only be necessary for "the cowl does not make the monk" if you did that previously before the throphy's like I did. 


    Update on Me jealous? : tried it on 4BC and 5BC by using Serenade with both the owl or the mushroom boi and nothing worked. Tried everything but that one is completely bugged


  19. 43 minutes ago, maisie666 said:

    awesome, i was hoping someone would report a victory.   The person on NA version to get 'return to sender' was not on 4bc.  And the other person on the EU version with both has not achieved the perfect extraction yet.  Did you have the barrel launcher unlocked when you entered the distillery from previous runs?  Anything else ?  Did you use the homologous rune or the barrel teleporter guy to get the key?  Did you have a barrel Launcher in your inventory when you gained the key and left?   

    Hmmm I don't have the blueprint for the launcher and I only used it once on my "main" savefile way back before the dlc throphies were available. I lost my platinum savefile so I replayed the game a bit last summer until 2BC to check the new content. On a sidenote the monk throphy is missible (and the caverns one probably too) since I already openend the doors on my main file. I had to do it again on a new file to get those throphies. 


    During this run, I never touched the launcher. Didn't pick it up or even hovered over it. Just left it were it is and ignored it.


    Got the key by breaking the wall with one of the barrels that spawn from above it, you only need to break 3 walls I think. The one in the beginning, before the key and the one before the door to the throne room. This one needs to be destroyed using a barrel from the worker standing before it. 


    I played the level in the same way on 2BC and 3BC, yet it only popped on 4BC after beating the giant and getting the final boss cell.......



  20. Hey guys,


    I just got born sapper and return to sender! I got them on 4BC right after taking the 5th boss cell of the giant.

    The throphies are finicky since I they didn't pop when I played on 2BC or 3BC so my best advice is to keep playing the level on 4 or 5BC - I think they maybe require you to have at least the 5BC unlocked?


    Pic of return to sender


    Pic of born sapper


    I'm going check if the higher BC's are also the solution for the me jealous? throphy, since I only tried that one on 3BC.