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  1. Yeah I changed the ID of one of them that change nothing. as I said I tried with 5 account one was created 3 month ago. I tried one us account 3 eu and one jp the stats won't work on any of them.
  2. Even new account could experience that. I tried 5 account all new to the game and all of them are back to rank 1 each time I leave the online. The only thing I could think about is a connexion compatibility.
  3. I tried the online with 2 accounts both new to the game and sadly the stats don't work for them. I played 2 games with one leave the online then reconnect without even quit the game I was back at level 1 with 0 to every stats same problem on an other account. So be careful before launching this.
  4. Yes they are just join your friend on a public session. Invitation doesn't work for an unknow reason.
  5. No it's from a jailbreak ps4 for sure
  6. I'm not a huge fan of electro but i admite i like most of the songs because of the gameplay. I know that sound strange but i tried to listen to aviici songs after finishing the game and i can't listen them more than 1min. Aanyway rip aviici you will miss to a lot of people Ps english (as you probably guess when reading that post ^^) is not my native language so lyrics did'nt disturb me cause i did'nt take the time to listen and translate them lucky me πŸ˜‡
  7. No that don't count your stats say you win a game but the trophies require you to actually play it i tryed it ^^ i'm the first one to plat the game so i tryed a lot of stupid thing trust me ^^
  8. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment too long for a trophy hunter like me ^^ if only i wasn't dumb and didn't fall in trophy hunting.πŸ˜…
  9. Thanks for the infoπŸ˜‰ just tour de france 2014 is going to be long and boring good luck for this one ^^
  10. chapter 4 the 2nd one is just under the roof of the right house from the last area. Before entering this house look above the entrance you will see you can climb the wall. Sorry but i don't remember where is the one you miss on the chapter 2 Perhaps under the roof of the house where the guy who hold the key is.