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  1. They replied to me that they'll fix it but no date
  2. Does anyone know if developers are notified? Edit: never mind, I just did I'll let you know if I get a reply.
  3. I tried but not all locations can be accessed as indeed it's gliched. i did report it to developers so we'll see. example of glich, can't enter the cave but you'll need it..
  4. you don't need all DLC buildings for the "I want it all trophy" as I got the trophy but not all snowfall buildings while having it installed.
  5. note that there is a 2nd DLC out by now, which doesn't have trophies but might impact the well informed trophy
  6. 2 lvl 6 trophies popped on gainging level 7. i got the citter kill trophy after killing 10 undeads at random. I got the citter journal trophy when i started the game... Still don't have the settlement trophy & both quest related trophies in Reikland, anyone fixed this yet?
  7. almost all trophies in this game are bugged, i did not heal any warrior in many quests, never got that throphy so far, I saw another guy finished the hardcore game 3! times before that trophy popped for him.
  8. Changing any setting while on "county", "Federal" and "Supermax" will change your settings to Costum. and will NOT give you any trophies except for the gangs related one (as gangs are not part of any of the standard difficulties)
  9. I'm looking into writing a gudie for it, started off with noting what to do with all missions in details, I'll be happy to recieve your input for it! I'll send you a msg in this regards.
  10. I wrote a guide for it, here you go;